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GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions


GPS Fleet Tracking Solution Vendors

Even though a GPS fleet tracking solution is a relatively straightforward business purchase, it's still important to evaluate potential vendors and dealers to make sure they can provide the service and cost savings you expect in a first-rate tracking system.

The process of selecting a GPS fleet tracking vendor is a fairly simple process.

However, some vendors like to dazzle prospective customers with features, even though the vendor lacks the capacity and track record to provide consistent coverage.

To separate the sizzle from the steak, you'll need to stay on top of your game – and remember our tips for selecting a vehicle tracking system dealer.

  • Passive vs. real-time. Fleet tracking system vendors often specialize in one type of tracking solution. That means you'll need to know whether you're looking for a passive tracking or a real-time tracking system before you enter the marketplace. Avoid dealers who specialize in one system and offer the other as an afterthought.
  • Quality & integrity. It's a fact of life in today's B2B marketplace that some dealers who offer technology-based solutions have no real experience in the industry. Ideally, you're looking for a vendor with a proven track record in both GPS tracking systems and your specific industry. If you aren't sure how to find them, conduct a quick survey of the solutions used by your peers.
  • Hardware/software compatibility. Fleet tracking functionality is frequently the result of a seamless integration between the system's hardware and software components. If the dealer is primarily a software vendor that relies on a different manufacturer for hardware, you could face compatibility issues that could have been avoided with another system.
  • Comprehensive support. Fleet tracking devices have a reputation for durability and reliability. However, should something go wrong with your system's hardware or software components, it's good to know that your dealer will be available to provide fast and comprehensive support services. Over-the-air programming sometimes streamlines the process because it gives the dealer the ability to resolve issues remotely.
  • Employee training. GPS fleet tracking systems are not overly complex. Staff members who monitor the system should be able to easily navigate the application and drivers usually have no additional responsibilities apart from an awareness that their actions are being monitored. Still, it's helpful to have a dealer rep train your staff on the new system. As the business owner, it can also be helpful to have an industry professional field questions and concerns from drivers who are finding it difficult to adjust to the idea of fleet tracking.

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