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Remote Mac Access


GoToMyPC for Mac - Finally!

I've been waiting for GoToMyPC for Macs for a while. Finally, there's a solution that offers remote access to Macs.

At long last, there's a software solution that allows you to remotely access a Mac at the office from home.
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I really expected remote Mac access to come from GoToMyPC a couple of years ago.

There were rumors ages ago about a GoToMyPC for Mac version.

Once GoToMyPC was acquired by Citrix, I thought they'd certainly put the pedal to the metal on the Mac version of GoToMyPC.

It tool them a while to roll out remote access for Macs, but it's finally here:

Here's the link to learn more, get a free trial and check it out:

Presumably, this is a rock solid solution for remote Mac access. After all, Citrix GoToMyPC is an excellent product.

This new version of GoToMyPC for Apple computers enables access to any computer from a remote PC, Mac, or even from a mobile phone, such as the iPhone. You have to have Internet access. That's it. If you have a Web connection, you can access all your programs, files, emails and network resources on your Mac remotely.

For us, we are mostly a PC office but we also have Macs for designers.

I like GoToMyPC to access our PCs from home or while I am on the road (although my friends tell me there are better, cheaper alternatives.)

For years, GoToMyPC has been great for accessing the PCs, but we've never had a good solution for the Macs.

With this GoToMyPC for Mac software, we can connect to any PC or Mac from a remote PC, Mac, or mobile phone.

If you don't have it for your office, you should know that remote PC access and remote Apple access is great, for many reasons.

The main advantages are screen sharing and remote support. You can invite a guest to view or control your desktop for anytime collaboration or demonstrations. You can invite a guest to remotely assist you with troubleshooting or tech support. You also can share files, presentations, and training sessions over the web.

Products like WebEx PCNow (they also have a Mac version by the way), Citrix GoToMyPC, Citrix GoToMeeting and the like make it easy to telecommute and they allow a ton of business to get done in a much more efficient manner.

Need remote Mac access and/or remote PC access? Check it out for yourself!

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Conversation Board

Had you too been longing for GoToMyPC for Macs? We welcome all comments and questions regarding remote Mac access and remote PC Access.

RJ 8/19/2008

You can also use LogMeIn for remote Mac access.

W. S. 8/19/2008

I have a G4 Powerbook (PPC) and have tried PCNOW. It is really slow and the screen resolution is marginal. I would try before buying.

dey 9/3/2009

The free version of LogMeIn does everything I need for remote admin of my step-dad's mac. The better the connection speed at both ends the better resolution and low lag you get.

geekoman 2/26/2010

GoToMyPC for Mac is now available. I tried PCNow for Mac from WebEx, but I had nothing but problems with it. It was constantly taking computers offline for no apparent reason, access was spotty at best and painfully slow, and when I emailed Tech Support for help I received no response. I finally cancelled after two months of sheer frustration. GoToMyPC for Mac has worked flawlessly for over a month now. Zero problems. The only downside at this point is that the Mac version is lacking all of the features of the PC version, and it costs $20 per month per computer, which seems pricey. I'm going to look into LogMeIn for Mac as a free alternative.

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