HP Laptops are Lemons

HP Sucks...But We Can Learn From Them

HP has poor customer service. HP laptops stink. I will never buy from HP again. But enough about me. What can we entrepreneurs learn from HP's mistakes about the importance of not having terrible customer service? Plenty.

HP sucks. They really don't get it, and, as entrepreneurs, all we can do is learn from their mistakes.

If you are doing business these days, you have to recognize that the world has changed. As consumers, we expect good customer service. If we don't get it, we don't just forgive and forget. We never buy from you again. We tell our friends not to buy from you. We tell the world not to buy from you.

That's right. In the days of blogs and search engines, customers have the final word. That's why you need to bend over backward to keep them happy. Because the happy customers stay quiet. It's the angry customers who speak up, and deter others from doing business with you.

Take me for example. I just posted this message at a website:

HP is the worst. Only an idiot would buy from them.

They just burned me badly. It's too long of a story to tell but I will never buy from them again.

If you buy an HP Compaq Presario 2100, you are buying a complete lemon. If there were computer lemon laws, HP would be in big trouble.

If you are looking for reviews on HP laptops or, specifically, an HP Compaq Presario 2100 laptop notebook review, here it is. They suck. They break. Their service is terrible. They rip you off and don't apologize. They break all their promises.

Want to buy the best laptop? DO NOT BUY FROM HP.

In the months to come, I intend to post it everywhere, again and again and again. Call it a new hobby. (Feel free to post it yourself if you like, and link to this page using the instructions at the bottom of this page. The people united will never be defeated!)

As you can tell, I'm angry. I'm not irrationally angry. Anybody who hears my story agrees that HP mistreated me and that mine was a case study in poor customer service. The reality is that my HP laptop was a lemon and I not only had to pay for a lemon, I paid a lot of extra fees to fix the lemon, and what I got back from HP was, you guessed it, still a lemon. At a certain point, you just give up and say "I will never do business with HP again" and you move on to Dell and others that are better. I've only done that once before - with Citibank. I was screwed by Citibank, swore I'd never do business with them, and I never have. It's been twenty years now.

Small businesses can learn from my having been screwed by Hewlett Packard. Treat your customers right. Don't abuse them. Don't break your promises. Recognize that a single dissatisfied customer might equate to tons of lost future business. By my calculations, I can shift over $500,000 in sales away from HP simply by not buying their computers myself for my organizations and by deterring others from buying.

Someday, maybe in March 2007, some idiot at HP corporate will be wondering why they aren't hitting their numbers. Well, it's because they screwed me back in August 2005. Me and probably hundreds (maybe thousands) of other dissatisfied HP customers. Cause and effect. It's that simple.

So don't make the HP mistakes. Do whatever it takes, within reason, to keep your customers happy. If you do, you'll be hitting your numbers in March 2007 and for years to come.

p.s. you can link to this article from your website and support this cause by copying the following code and adding it to a page on your website:

p.s.s. I didn't start this. HP started this.

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  • JT posted on 3/26/2007
    I agree 100 percent. I bought an HP zx5000 about 3 years ago, and so far i've replaced 2 batteries, the processor, the hard drive, the motherboard, 2 fans and a heat sink. Basically the whole computer has been replaced. Lucky for me I bought the 3 year warranty with the laptop so all expenses were covered, but damn do they give you a hard time with customer service and try everything to get out of fixing the laptop. I know two other people with the same model as mine who have also had numerous problems and a hell of a time with tech support. They even replaced a screen on my friend's laptop with a cheaper screen with a lower resolution and had the balls to ask why he needed the better one when questioned. HP's products are ridiculously unreliable and their customer service reeks. Do yourself a favor and avoid them at all costs.
  • sean posted on 4/6/2007
    With past experiences I've learned that HP is to be considered a disposable brand. Never expect any kind of quality. This goes for there tech support as well. Recently I was attempting to repair a coworkers computer, all he needed was sound card drivers. The sound card was onboard and I assumed that I could go over to HP's site and just download them. Nope!!! Not there. So I contact tec support and tell them that I need sound card drivers. The first teck forwards me to the hardware ordering division before I can say but... The second tech tells me that I have to pay for the drivers. After demanding to speak to his manager he places me on hold and hangs up. The 3rd tech is the same as the 2nd but actually puts me through to the manager who tells me the same thing. Since when do we have to pay for drivers. (simple windows XP Sound card drivers that XP probably should pick up on a fresh install anyway, but thats another story)
  • Johnny D. posted on 4/7/2007
    Johnny D.
    I tried to purchase an HP laptop (pavilion DV 9000t) online with a bank card that didn't have a large enough daily limit and my order was rejected. Fine, Okey Dokey. I'll use another, and this time by phone to get it right! Well, I did so and the chap in New Delhi (Or wherever) couldn't tell me on the spot if THIS card went through. "Check your e-mail the following day before 10 P.M. and see if it went through," he tells me. It didn't. Ok. I called my bank; "Yes, they said, HP put a hold on your account for (unspecified amount"). No problems here. Right-o. Rang back HP. Stuffy woman on line: "WE did try to contact you you know!" She said in extremely officious tones dripping with scathing contempt for my stupidity. "We left two e-mails AND called you twice!" Left unsaid but implied in her tone; I was being told that naturally I was to stay at home for two days so they could call to see if I indeed ordered what I, well, quite obviouosly, ordered. SO! It was MY fault! I did actually receive one e-mail at 9:49 P.M. telling me that my order was processed but unconfirmed and was to call them back to confirm, but by the time I received this e-mail the service department was closed and HP killed my order themselves! I rang my bank next day, told my story, and was informed that HP had my credit amount under hostage and to call them to get my money released. (The bank did say that the amount would be available immediately after being released by HP.) Miracle of miracles!, the money was released the SAME DAY! Well, I thought, I guess I set a fire under their bums! So! Armed with truth and justice, I reordered: over the internet, mind you, no fool I! It worked! Next day dawned with a nice new e-mail; everything was hunky-dory and right in this world. I will get my stuff in two shipments, wrote my saviour. One which I received today. Yeah! Good deal! Right? WRONG! In this shipment were a backpack, car adapter and two year warranty. The bad part is, I must send in the warranty within ten days WITH THE SERIAL NUMBER OF THE LAPTOP WRITTEN ON IT! Here's the problem; I won't receive the laptop itself in less than seventeen days. Do the math. This warranty cost $267.49 and WILL BE VOID. I rang New Delhi again and was told that all I had to do was ring when I get my laptop and they will override this stupidity. I think I will go lie down now. I don't believe them anymore, and a nervous breakdown is entirely possible. God help us all. I know ordering a custom machine is an arduous task, but, being a computer tech I thought I could handle it. But I can't, and neither can you until service people are hired that can handle the tasks given them.
  • Bri posted on 4/12/2007
    Wish I had read this a year and a half ago.
  • David N posted on 4/16/2007
    David N
    Bro U have no IDEAR now I have been dealing with HP for 2 yr and 5 months regarding a Laptop it is a NX9500 aka the SHAQPAQ it is a boat anchor for the big well anyways i have gone THRU 6 HDD / 3 motherboards / then they put in a DV7000 motherboard that one is today 2007/16/04 Jason from India told me i dont have a contract " valid warranty" but they been willingly ready to fix it,,,,, lol i have it here right in front of me Elizabeth from India Jason's boss who doesnt speak any English trying to tell please ship laptop back umm DUDE ship it where???? and arent u folks suppose to supply that info,,,, Hp doesnt care all they care about is the sales numbers and the stock owners screw the costumer ..... shame on U and see u on the NEWS FU HP :)
  • Frank M posted on 4/23/2007
    Frank M
    You're wrong, it's April 2007 and nothing has changed. Presario lemon, ineffective tech support in India and a rude little Napoleon at the case management office. I'm looking for highly viewed websites to post my story. E-mail me if you know of any.
  • Anand posted on 4/25/2007
    Never buy an HP Product. As soon as the warranty period is over, the machine conks off. I purchased an CLJ 2840 for my Office and it always gave me the Scanner Problem. Even after the Scanning Unit was replaced, we still faced the same problem. But HP will admit their products fault. After Sales Service is most pathetic. I had actually worked in HP before, and recommended the product to be purchased. Guess, I was totally wrong. My Dad bought an AIO and once when he went to get it serviced, he was asked to pay nearly the cost of the AIO. Again, when he went went to buy a set of cartridges, he found that he could acually buy a brand new AIO with just a few extra bucks and the new AIO would come with a set of cartridges. Definately a sad story. Never buy an HP Product again.
  • GW posted on 5/6/2007
    I agree. HP doesn't have any customer service. You cannot contact anyone who can help you and HP blames all the issues with the computer on YOU! I too just got burned and will NEVER puchase an HP again
  • Katherine posted on 5/10/2007
    I strongly agree with you. HP SUCKS so MUCH!! this is the second notebook I have to throw away, to make matters worse HP even charges about 100 euro just to check your pc and tell you how much the reparature will cost. You know, that stuff ain't cost nothing, therefore I think this is just offering a BAD product with great marketing buzz but nothing behind it. it sucks! cheers
  • Jam Jar posted on 6/21/2007
    Jam Jar
    Totally, HP sucks so bad. I gave it back to tech and support in Fry's. Except... they tricked me by not fixing it at all. Fry's sucks and HP sucks.
  • sonic posted on 6/21/2007
    I totally agree with you, I didnt buy an lap top but i did buy a hp media center. First the motherboard burned, i had to look all over for the exacly same motherboard, it turned out that it was oem and not sold on any market. i didnt give up cauz i had all my data on my hard drive and i coulnt afford to lose all of it. i started visiting computer shops and by luck the first computer shop i went in had 2, not 1 but 2 same pc broken(the guy at the shop actually told me that the parts used my HP are purely crap)... they sold me the motherboard. I installed the motherboard and luckly i didnt have to format and reinstall windows. then the stupid keyboard and mouse stopped working, i looked in hp's site and there were no drivers. the worse part is windows keeps asking me to install some program called documentviewer and im missing a file. now every like 10 seconds i have to click cancel on on windows installer windows. I won't even talk about the costumer support i had. the first guy on the phone and an awful dialect and it sounded almost like if he was speaking another language, the second guy was a total noob at computers, im just a amature but somehow i know more than a guy who was supposed to help me. the guy or sould i say thing i was chatting with on the hp site was a total idiot, i wasnt even sure if it was a person or a program. its funny how many web pages u get when u google hp suck.anyways my first hp product is worse than anything i ever bought. PS just by typing this message i had to close the installer like aprox 80 time?
  • Tony posted on 6/26/2007
    Guess what? My story is very much the same. However I will let you guys decided. My story: I bought an HP TV. It went out 4 weeks later. I exchanged it for a new one(sameone). My fault. It went out exactly 4 weeks later, again. I contacted HP Service. They sent out a repair man. He was un able to get it going. They said we would do a mail exchange and it will ship out within 3 days. It did not. After exchanging emails for over a month, I got a case manager. She told me to wait for a couple more weeks and I would receive my new TV. It didn't happen. At this point in the story it is over four and a half months since the purchase. After waiting for those couple of weeks, I got my case manager on the phone. I had to initiate all contact. They never once called. She had told me that they would give me a full refund. Alright, we got something moving on this! Wrong! I was told to wait 7-10 days for the exchange and a few more days for the check. Guess what it has been 4 weeks since that promise and the TV is still sitting in my garage. In a couple more weeks this will have been an open ticket for them for almost 6 months. I got screwed! Luckly I have posted my story on many lawyers' web sites and have gotten many replies. I am not too worried. But I have come to a conclusion. HP sucks!
  • eddie posted on 7/10/2007
    HP camera is one big piece of shet ... i bought a r818 and in 2 month it's broke
  • tom c posted on 8/8/2007
    tom c
    the laptop presario m2010us sucks big time. all the usb ports, microphone, headphone jacks or contacts have problems, they are crappy parts. don't buy from hp again.
  • Pierre posted on 8/10/2007
    I understand you. See my experiences on www.iwontbuyhp.com
  • Monte Chan posted on 8/13/2007
    Monte Chan
    I absolutely agree. But not only their laptop sucks, their desktop PC sucks too. I just bought an HP Pavillion m8100e two weeks ago. I got the PC last Saturday. As soon as I hooked it up, it didn't display anything on my monitor. I called HP customer service. They told me to open my PC to unplug those memory cards and replug them back in, which took me almost an hour because all the wires got in the way. Of course, it didn't work. So, they sent me a box to send my PC to them. I sent my PC to them four days ago. I just got my PC back today less than 1 hour ago. Supposed, according to them, it was fixed. But now, not only that the monitor does not display anything, my PC keeps on beeping. They want me to send my PC back again for them to fix it. I am frustrated. Can HP do a better job on quality control?? SO, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING (ANYTHING AT ALL) from HP!!! Of course, if you have too much money to waste and if you want to find some ways to get angry and frustrated, HP would be the best product to get.
  • Wendy Strugo posted on 9/5/2007
    Wendy Strugo
    I have a new HP. I bought the most expensive one I could find. It has a 17 inch screen and seemed to work well, but I lost the hard drives last week. A friend bought the same laptop the same month as I, and his hard drives crashed last week, too. I called the 800 number and talked to someone in India, who was hard to understand, and she said I should ship it to HP. I am still trying to recover any data I can. I didn't realize that this laptop has 2 hard drives. I am now hearing nothing but bad reports about HP. I won't every buy an HP computer again!!!!!!
  • Dawn posted on 9/7/2007
    Its September 2007 and they're still screwing people over!
  • Harry Smith posted on 9/23/2007
    Harry Smith
    I too have an HP Pavilion (a1483w) and out of nowhere, it just wouldn't boot to the operating system. Great. Since Win XP came pre-installed as OEM, you have NO way of recovering from this one. Couldn't they have just simply included a damn boot disk so you could at LEAST boot to DOS and gain access to some helpful utilities??? I mean WTF. Nothing like having a working PC one day and the very next day it's a worthless 20-pound paperweight and not much you can do about it because you can't even run basic utilities like CHKDSK /f So, I started out calling Microsoft because it's WinXP and HP doesn't make the software to boot and run the PC. I reported the error codes when I ran System Recovery with the F10 command. Microsoft tells me I have a hardware failure, a bad UDMA controller. OK...my PC is ONLY 11 months old and I have a hardware failure ALREADY??? So he did a conference call with HP and explained this to them. He left the call and I stayed on with the tech to evaluate my options. I ended up running SmartTest (or something like that) in my Bios to test my hard drive. Since the test would take over an hour, I hungup and said I'd call back to report the results. The hard drive passed the test and when I called back, they told me there is NO problem with my UDMA controller. Ok...now "somebody" is full of crap. Is it Microsoft or HP? Who do I trust? I look at it like this, when MS gets a problem report, they DOCUMENT the issue, research it and post an article in their knowledgebase. HP, on the other hand, has you run some worthless troubleshooting tools that don't resolve anything, in fact, you often end up in a complete circle when you are done -- accomplishing nothing. They also told me my PC was out of warranty even though I ONLY owned it for 11 months and I had to fax my receipt to them before they would give me support. Now, to resolve this, I had to take my PC to my friend who is MCSE certified and he ran an XP SP2 setup disk to reload some basic drivers and then had to remove and install my hard drive into another test PC to verify whether I had a hardware failure. My hard drive now booted but he was unable to install ANY Anti-virus or Anti-Spyware programs. Yes, right now I am running this PC with only a router firewall and Windows firewall and NO other protection and I DON'T like it! So I took my PC back home and I STILL CANNOT load AV or Spyware programs but I was able to run CHKDSK/ f and cleanup alot of bad sectors on my hard drive, something I COULD'VE done with a basic boot CD. Now my CD/DVD drive mysteriously stopped working and I ran some HP troubleshooting tool to try to re-install the CD/DVD drivers and when I clicked the "Run" button, nothing happened. In "system" the CD/DVD drive says the drive is functioning "normally". It's NOT. When I called HP the last time, they ONLY wanted to assist me in doing a FULL system "recovery" to put my PC back to the state it was when I first bought it!! NO GOOD... What about all my DATA files????? This operation would've TOTALLY wiped out EVERYTHING on my drive, ALL photos, ALL emails, ALL installed programs... I mean is the best support they have to offer????? They could care less about my data. Also when I got home with my PC, I started getting error messages that my Windows installation was not genuine because my friend had to use his XP SP2 setup CD to re-install the basic drivers to get it to boot again. This was easily resolved by going to www.microsoft.com/genuine and validating my Win XP software. After doing this I was able to run Windows Update (I couldn't do this before UNTIL I validated my Windows XP). I am dreading making another call to HP because I have a really hard time understanding their english accent. I spent alot of time asking them to please repeat what they just said.
  • Pissed posted on 9/29/2007
    I am sending this compoaq back to the company once again for the third time in 4 months. I cannot understand the "support" when they talk and one day spent 4 hours on the phone with one who had not clue how to advise me of anything. They them mailed me recovery discs which did not work and tried to tell me they were the wrong discs! I have had this pc for 10 months and 3 months of that have been mailing it back and forth to them for non-repair. I will never buy another piece of their gasrbage and have told them and anyone else who will listen. I am irate!! I got it back yesterday and it worked about a minute and a half and went back to the same thing it was doing from day one which was nothing. I am demanding a my money back and have told them I will go to the media since it is obiously true that HP do not back their warrenty. As of right now the size of my font is a pin dot and my icons are huge. They say "this is normal on all computers." Does that beat all or what? Nice thing I own 5 web forums so I can warn as many people as possible.
  • Michael W posted on 10/18/2007
    Michael W
    My company is a large user of HP laptops and desktops, unfortunately. I've been trying to get the screen replaced on a laptop for one month. There is a vertical line that appears. I placed the call on September 21, 2007 and was given the case number and was also told the part would be shipped out immediately. After two weeks, when the part had not arrived for the Compaq 6910p, I called back and was told they can't find the part and it was back-ordered and would call me back in 48 hours. I asked them what am I supposed to do in this company with a defective laptop and an end-user without a laptop? They could have cared less but said to call their status team on 888-886-3292, option 1 if I didn't get a call. I called back October 18th, today, to find out what happened and, again they told me it was on back-order, didn't know what to tell me and when I requested a new laptop as a replacement, they transferred me to their customer service department. David told me they would call in 24 hours to advise status. Even though this was allegedly escalated, they treat all their customers like crap! I've always worked in a Dell shop and with "Premier Access," was never treated this poorly. It's too bad this company hasn't seen the light and switched to Dell since doing business with HP, Compaq or whatever they call themselves will be the worst decision you could ever make.
  • Annie posted on 10/19/2007
    I agree - HP totally sucks. 'Built To Last'? Ha - Our laptop bit the dust 2 weeks after the warrenty ran out and all I get are idiots in India telling me to do a defrag.
  • forest posted on 10/25/2007
    I bought an hp laptop and was happy with it until the wireless card failed. I returned the laptop still under warranty to an outsourced HP repair facility. The facility LOST the laptop. How the hell do you LOOSE a laptop in a repair facility. after round and round with their useless offshore support I finally got to a US based "Customer Care" division. I put customer care in quotes as that is a joke when it comes to Hp. Patrick Fletcher is my senior customer support manager. He does not return phone calls, He ignores my requests for information my situation. He did finally7 call me back 3 weeks ago to say they lost the machine and would be sending me a new upgraded model as well as paying for the rental i had to use for over TWO MONTHS so far. Once again Patrick Fletcher refuses to return my calls. Never answers his phone. As a matter of fact NO ONE at Senior Customer Support answers their phones. I have sent 2 sets of certified letters to HP senior execs and NOTHING has been done to date. This is UNBELIEVABLE LACK of customer service from a major corporation. If I ran my business like this I would expect to be closed within a week. $500.00 spent on rental laptop $22.95 spent on phone calls to HP $82.75 spent on certified Letter to Senior management at HP Getting screwed by HP PRICELESS!
  • mark posted on 10/30/2007
    I sent HP a pavillion laptop to be repaired one month ago. They asy they are waiting for parts. I don't think they'll ever send it back. Do I have any recourse?
  • Hilary posted on 11/22/2007
    HP does suck, I totally agree with you. I bought an HP desk top computer in 2005, I started having problems with it 7 months after I got it. I had to call HP support when it crashed. They sent me 24 discs to fix it. Ever since the CD and burner drives have gone completely, the USD card slot won't work at all, my monitor went out on me about a yr ago. I don't have an extended warranty or anything. I don't know what to do but keep fixing it. There's got to be something I can do or somewhere I can take it to. Wish there were lemon laws for PCs in Pennsylvania.
  • GimpDaddy posted on 11/26/2007
    HP does suck... here it is Nov 2007 and their customer service is still lousy. And to make matters worse all the support calls go through freakin India now!!
  • Vijay K. Bhimani posted on 12/5/2007
    Vijay K. Bhimani
    Yes, HP sucks. They do not want to honor one year warranty for the laptop I bought from them. They are really bad people. They come up with all kind of nonsense excuses. Never buy HP.
  • Glen posted on 12/18/2007
    I have a HP Compaq Presario SR2010NX and as soon as the warranty ran out the computer power supply burned out. I replaced it used it once and it burnt out again.
  • Steve posted on 12/22/2007
    I must say that doing business and traveling a lot I need to have a reliable laptop. I have just got a new HP pavilion Nice looking machine but it is really the worst experience in my life of business. The last laptop I had was a IBM think pad which I got in the year 2000 and it is working better still now than my new HP. I have been to HP service centers all around asia while Im on Business and it has just cost me 4 days this week to find out that even I got my laptop from an HP dealer the so called world wide service they told me Is ALL BULLSHIT. and to top it off they say that there is no records of my computer at HP. Right Now we are about to purchase our company staff members laptops. about 250 needed. SO DO you THINK I SHOULD BUT HP FOR THEM ???? I think the cheapest Chinese brand is better than my Heap of shit 5 month old HP. That cant get After Service.Buy the way HP .. MADE IN CHINA.. ( HP Computers ... Worlds Worst Work . Heap of POOH . Com (Con) www.hp.com = Crap
  • william charschan posted on 12/27/2007
    william charschan
    They did the same thing for to me. I purchased a laptop, 1 1/2 years later it stopped working. Geek squad said it would be best to send it to hp. Called hp, they told me to buy an extended warrantee. When I paid for it, I was given to tech support and told it takes a month to go in effect (sure, that makes sense). They sent a box and I sent it out. 1 1/2 weeks later I got it back without a hard drive. I called 3x and was told someone would call me back and finally I got someone with a brain who ordered a hard drive. I had to call twice because it did not get sent out with the first attempt. Got the hard drive, installed it and no os. Went to install the os and the dvd would partially open only. called hp furious and demanded a new drive. While on the phone I forced open the drive and reinstalled the os. My battery refused to hold a charge. Then the lock on the batter compartment fell off. I was told by hp the battery was bad, buy another. the other did not charge either. Returned it as defective. Got another last week. Still no charge. Today I spent 2 hours calling HP demanding a supervisor and asking for immediate help. The saga continues... I will never buy another HP laptop. They should be ashamed of themselves
  • Heather posted on 1/10/2008
    OH MY GOSH - I new it couldn't be just me! I knew they had to be screwing over others as well. HP SUCKS!!! In my case the laptop was only the initial problem, it was fixed and is great, but the fallout, aftermath and other related issues were unbeleiveable. This has been going on for 4 1/2 months. Their customer service is the worst I've ever encountered - ever. They never follow through on their promises and they don't care at all if their customers are satidfied or not. I HATE HP!
  • Wallace posted on 1/11/2008
    Yeah it! I have a HP Pavilion DV2210US that only work for 7 months and now I have been waiting for a replacement for more than three months because HP say that the DV2210US came factory damage. I guess that the Department of Justice in the Financial Fraud Division must take a look to this practices of selling damage equipment and later running to hide. NO MORE HP FOR ME!
  • M&M posted on 1/12/2008
    So true. Same thing happened with me with my Pavillion dv9575. HP screwed me over.
  • Bruce posted on 1/15/2008
    I just got burned by HP, also. I was stupid enough to buy not one, but two HP Pavilions (a6130n). Amazingly, the LAN adapters on both of them have quit. HP had one of them back for checkout/repair and said everything is okay! I got the computer back today and it still doesn't work. I've given up with HP customer support. And like you, I'll *NEVER* buy an HP computer, printer, or other peripheral again. p.s.: I had a similar customer support nightmare with AT&T twenty years ago and still refuse to have anything to do with AT&T.
  • craig posted on 1/31/2008
    Bought an HP. Bought the $89.99 2 year house call. The HP did not work. Out of the box it did not work. One hour on the phone with tech support did not fix it. The hot fix soft ware did not work. Another TWO hours on the phone with HP tech could not fix it. The $89.99 2 year house call plan does not apply "because it is not a hardware problem". This is with a HP that is less than 1 week old. If I ever buy another HP product again someone please shoot me because I do not want to live being so stupid.
  • John posted on 2/3/2008
    Totally agree my friend bought a hp and has had nothing but problems i would never personally own one anyways called up customer service his warranty expired they want 100 bucks just to tell me why i cannot burn another set of backup discs after he lost the 1st copy what a joke long gone are the days when they send you a hard copy of your os with your new computer
  • Will posted on 2/20/2008
    I also will never buy from HP again. I purchased a brand new TC4200 a year ago. The first time I turned it on the screen would go blank, the touch pad would randomly turn off, the bluetooth would not work, and there was a weird bulge in the palm rest above the bluetooth unit that extended through the keyboard. I spent hours on the phone with HP. My three year warranty boiled down to them telling me to take a screw driver and open my tablet PC myself. After reseating the bluetooth unit myself it still did not work and all of my previous issues were not even addressed. Finally HP allowed me to send my TC4200 in for repair. It took them three tries to mail a shipping box to the correct address. Finally, I was able to send my tablet PC away to their repair facility in TN. It was only suppose to take five business days. Two months later I still did not have my laptop. I called them repeatedly during this time. After the first month they informed me that they had lost my laptop. They had no idea where it was. It was finally located when a customer service agent from FedEx called me to say they had my laptop in CA. Considering I live in KY and have never even been to CA I was understandably confused. Since my name and address were not on the package I could not have it sent back to my home in KY. (FedEx also lost my laptop which is another story.) So I called HP to tell them where my lost laptop was. Because the CA address came out of nowhere I had to prove that it was my laptop and I was not someone trying to steal it. This took hours of phone calls over several days. Next my HP table pc was rerouted to TN where it was "fixed." Two months after sending it in, my laptop was returned with all the original errors. My second repair attempt was not any better. Again they wanted me to try to fix things myself. I refused and HP had me send my TC4200 in again for repair. This time it returned in time for me to take it on an international trip. Unfortunately all the old errors (screen, touchpad, bluetooth, and weird bulge) were still there. In addition the menus and buttons on the tablet's screen now did not work. My laptop was returned with more problems than when I sent it in. I suffered with a broken laptop for three weeks as I was traveling away from home. For my third repair I was given the option of taking my HP Tablet PC to a local repair center. I did, figuring that was the better decision considering my previous two failed repairs. The guy who examined my PC commented that he wished "HP would not do things like that" referring to my sad customer service story. He said, in his opinion my laptop had too many problems to be fixed and should just be replaced. This local repair was to take no more than five days according to HP. After a week, the local guy gave up and sent it back to HP. He said he tried to talk them into replacing it. This time HP decided to use five day shipping for my repair. The repair center that handled my laptop this time was in NJ. (NOTE: This is now the fourth time someone has tried to repair my HP TC4200 and almost a year after I purchased a brand new tablet with the reasonable expectation that it should just work.) This final time HP replaced the entire screen. Previously they had replaced my system board twice, my bluetooth, and an "LCD component." They simply ignored the other problems. Finally, I called and lost my patience with some poor guy from HP. It wasn't his fault. It was a year long string of HP's failures that made me lose it. I had to argue with the guy from HP to have my laptop returned to the correct address and to have it mailed overnight and not through the slow five day mail. He kept telling me that it was not their policy to return a laptop from that repair center overnight. I told him I didn't care what their policy was, that they could pay someone to drive across town and FedEx my laptop for all I cared. After 45 minutes of giving the guy a hard time my laptop was finally returned we
  • John S posted on 3/10/2008
    John S
    I purchased a Compaq Presario in February. I have had so many problems trying to uninstall all the crapware that HP installs. Then I had problems with Vongo. It just won't go away! What trashware does HP put on its computers? Finally I gave up and bought a different copy of Vista to be able to do a clean install. Unfortunately HP supplies a restore partition but it will not install the OS only! Plus the restore disc's I ordered from HP will do the same thing. Actually, I also ordered a Dell Inspiron and it actually had much less crap to uninstall!? Imagine that?
  • unhappyHPCustomer posted on 3/17/2008
    Unfortunately I didn't see your website until it was too late. I purchased an HP laptop,dv2000, custom ordered from HPShopping.com in late May '07. Multiple problems from the start, with one that resulted in a hard drive/DVD-CD failure in eary Jan '08. It is now late March '08 and HP still has not resolved this problem. I've spoken to 20+ HP people, emailed execs, received parts from HP, mailed my computer to HP repair and still have a PC that doesn't work and they are fully aware of this problem. I keep asking how long must I suffer and not have a PC, under warranty, that I can use? I'm tired of borrowing PCs or going to the library. HP keeps saying they'll call me back, but they never do. Needless to say I'll not only never buy another HP PC I'll never buy another HP product again, and I'll do all I can to share my story to prevent others from ending up in this painful experience.
  • Chris Co posted on 3/19/2008
    Chris Co
    I completely agree with you. HP sucks! Their product sucks, their customer sucks! Everything sucks! Why, HP unit I bought was a lemon as well. After having it serviced, it still is a lemon. I demanded for a solution, it has been 4 months now and still nothing. HP really sucks!!!
  • Jenna posted on 5/9/2008
    I feel your pain. For the last five months or so, I have been locked in battle with HP and their incompetent, incomprehensible CSR staff. My laptop had trouble booting too. So far since 12.31.2007 HP has been in possession of my laptop twice as much as I have. I guess there really IS a lesson to this: tell the world HP likes to screw people over. Because it seems that they do....
  • Matt posted on 6/24/2008
    http://www.hpnotebookssuck.com/ HP Laptops suck so bad, we got a web site dedicated to it!
  • Steve posted on 8/8/2008
    I also had a very bad experience with HP. they have the worst customer service i have ever seen in my 50 years of living!I had a printer that i could not get a cable for that printer through HP so they talked me into an upgrade exchange for my old printer. i chargeed the 200.00 for the new printer.They sent me the printer with no lable to sent the old one back.I called them numerous times and finaly had a lable emailed to me. I sent the printer back. A month later i had a second charge on my charge card bill for 480.00 After hours and hours of talking to there poor customer service reps, including the superviser, They told me everything was taking care of. Next bill comes in with 480.00 still on it.Again hours of calling and being transfered a dozen times,they say there is nothing they can do, so it cost me 680.00 for a printer that sells everywhere for less than 200.00.I will never in my life, ever by another HP product. P.S. And it all started with them not having the upgrade cable to go from ther'ye printer to a new computer's usb port. I would have been very happy keeping the old printer.
  • snickertits posted on 8/11/2008
    If you ever purchase a product from hp you will be forever screwed. The whole idea behind hp is to saturate your computer with enough software that you cannot delete it in the control panel ( not there ) so as to keep tabs on everything you are doing. Why do some programs exist on my computer that cannot be found in the control // programs menu to delete ? Brcause hp has made it that way for their own benefit, expecting that the computer illiterate will never notice - WRONG ! HP sucks .... It fkn sucks bad !
  • romeotv posted on 8/18/2008
    zd7000 is a piece of @(*S(hit. Hope HP case managers suck ballsack everynight in california!!
  • Jim posted on 8/30/2008
    To true, to true. DEATH to the corperation known as HP. I'll never buy from them again. >;[
  • Jackson posted on 9/17/2008
    Compaq laptop Sucks My name is jackson, Studying in a Business school in Kerala India... Now 2nd year... Laptops were compulsory for all who are joining the college for PG... Most of us(95 out of 210 students) had bought the Compaq or HP laptop from in and around Cochin, reason being more public opinion and comparatively lesser cost. But it's hard to say that most of the HP or Compaq laptop were now facing worst problems than any other laptop, so that many have to buy the entire new one now... Chipset problems, monitor problems, Lan not working, Dvd writer problems and going on... About 77% of Hp/compaq laptops are having the battery backup problem. Whatever the cost by which it was bought. For me it was 2 minutes,for my close friends it varies from .5 to 10 minutes... Many laptops were having the chip set problem so that HP people since it's after 1year, no service... Due to the high cost of components many have to discard the laptops entirely... We can take the one more year service warranty by giving higher cost when compared to acer ..but battery and many parts which are not under the service scheme.. Whose who took the same also sucks really badly... My computer is also compaq v3225au. .. Installed windows Xp now... Bought my laptop before 15 months.. so company servicing period is over... Now the battery backup is 2minutes... earlier it was 25 minutes.... My laps problem is that cannot even see anything after turning on the Laptop... Black screen only after turning it on.nothing turining up, not even the boot screen... The power and other blue lights on the laps are showing up...don't know what to do with it now... During the time when i was taking the laptop ACER although being very complaint's brand now has changed drastically... ACER laptops which is lesser in cost is good showing lesser complaints compared to the Compaq/Hp laptops now... Dell and Lenova systems have very little Complaint from my experience... Now from my experience after 15 months of laptop usage, will recommends that never ever go for laptops unless necessary and mandatory... Go for the desktops... at least we will be able to replace the faulty desktop components after the service period than to discard the same completely...
  • Mario posted on 10/2/2008
    I totally agree with the message above. I didn't read this message before and I did the mistake to by one of their laptop. My god is terrible. They changed it twice and still didn't find me a good one. Now I have it under repair and will send it back to me after 15 days when initially told me that in 7 days I will have it back. This is crazy. PLEASE DON'T BUY FROM HP AGAIN! We should do more postings about this.
  • vaxxx posted on 10/17/2008
    lol I never get a better customer service ! Hp is better than Toshiba , dell , asser , gatteway etc ! Fast services , fast repair center ! WOW amazing ! I return my laptop 2 times and Iv always get the best customer service in the world ! Fast , quick and HELPFUL what are you talking about ?
  • Dan posted on 10/19/2008
    I called technical support a few times to get a recovery cd that would be a backup for my operating system that I bought with my computer. They told me that the application was not working and to call back several hours later. It was not what I expected during my day off, to get more complication involving my os but because I need the disk in order to have a working computer I called back. I finally was told that the order could be placed and was informed that it would cost 15-30 dollars to ship it to me. I spoke with the supervisor who identified himself as brad. The supervisor brad sarcastically blamed me for the situation that I was in and I was basically an idiot for not making a recovery disk. The supervisor brad was belittling and arrogant and continued to be insulting. It was the worst customer service that I have ever seen. The supervisor brad informed me that I would need to purchase the cd and if I got one from the store it would cost me 300 dollars so I was actually getting a deal. The supervisor brad then accused me of trying to get something for free but wait didn't I pay for the computer that includes the os. That's what the documentation says that it includes the os. I tried to comprehend why I was being charged for something that I purchased already and asked for his manager. The supervisor brad said that his manager's name was Shelly. The supervisor brad said that she is never available and doesn't take calls. All I want is a back up disk that contains the os that I purchased with my computer. I have a warrantee why does it not cover the os. If the shipping price was realistic I wouldn't have a problem even though I shouldn't really have to pay for shipping but 15 bucks to ship through regular mail. That doesn't make sense. I'm sure not going to give good reviews on every blog I see and every person I speak with and I'm in the technical field so that could be a lot of coverage when I comes to bringing awareness and caution to those that consider hp products and services.
  • Gil Gettes posted on 10/26/2008
    Gil Gettes
    Mucho agreeo, My Friend, The dorks at HP only offered me a lousy coupon,for another of their crap printers after my 1210 AIO printer started eating paper in the 6th month of their warranty. I wouldn't buy a HP product ever again, do not even give me one,I wouldn't have it after the sorry spiel that they gave me. It scans ok, but it will only take one page at a time. Manually, nice. What a piece of shit!
  • tom posted on 10/26/2008
    I have purchased a scanner from HP and the customer support was ugly..not to say the scanner is bulky and noisy (BTW, Cannon has much better offers out there). And HP presumes they have a top customer service... as a matter of fact, HP customer service sucks
  • Pissed Customer posted on 11/12/2008
    Pissed Customer
    I purchase an Hp dv6707 and the computer crash on me on Nov 6, 2008. I took it to the original place that I purchased it and they did a system restore. Two days later the system crashed again, I call Hp to tell them about the problem because it is still under warranty. The stupid customer service rep told me that I needed to send the computer in. I stated to him that I needed a replacement he told me tough luck. Then I asked them to replace the computer all together he told me hp dont do that either. So, I decide I would ask for the number to corportate this dumb rep told me he cant give that out either. By this time I was very pissed and had spent over four hours on the phone speaking with different people telling me how they could not help. I finally go a hold of a customer relation and they hung up the phone. I called corporate and filed a complaint, filed a complaint with the bbb, and I report them too Clark Howard, and channel 46 news. I strongly suggest that any other customer who is having trouble with this company that you take extreme measure to get your problem resolved. We spend to much money to recieve poor customer service. They need to go out of business, because they truly SUCK. I'm still awaiting some type of resolution to getting my computer repaired.
  • fatbuckel posted on 11/23/2008
    first,my nx7000 video card went south. by south i mean if you punch the keyboard,the laptop will boot.next,my dvd burner stopped burning.i sent it back,they sent me a refurb,it lasted a year and a week(no kidding). then my dv8000 suondcard,which sounded like crap from the get-go stopped working.no solution on the website ,hundreds of forum entries with the same problem,then lo and behold....a fix for those HP customers running Vista. i guess after the warrentee you aren`t a customer anymore.now my dv8000 battery won`t go thirty minutes before dying(ironicly,the battery in the nx7000 works fine) on top of the spyware littered printer drivers and that CEO getting in trouble for spying on employees i know i`m done with HP and any other brand in bed with HP. i`ve debranded all my HP products i haven`t replaced yet so as not to help their corporate bumblage and will tell my story to all who will listen.
  • Jim posted on 12/14/2008
    HP needs to be held accountable for their lack of service and support. I spent $1200 dollars 4 months ago and my replacement computer is now waiting to go back to the factory. That's 2 in a row and still counting. Where is the justice? where is the Better Business Bureau? Where is my computer? Help!!!
  • Jim posted on 12/14/2008
    Bought a Pavillion Elite m9340f in July 08. 4 weeks Later it started sounding like a coffee grinder so I took it back to the Geek Squad at Best Buy(mistake!) and they informed me they would have to send it back to the factory for repairs and it would take about 5 business days. 3 weeks later the Geek Squad calls me and tells me that HP scrapped my computer and to come and pick up a replacement. So back to the Best Buy store and upon arrival they tell me they dont have my model and there are none to be found in the state of Oregon(so why did they tell me to come down and pick up another one?)Well they told me if I didnt want to wait for the factory to send a replacement I could spend another $110.00 on top of the $1100.00 I originaly paid, for the closest comparable system. so I did(2nd mistake) figuring what are the chances of two lemons in a row. So here I am 8 weeks after bringing home my 2nd HP Pavillion desk top PC writing this letter from my Dell laptop because I am still waiting for my Fed-Ex shipper to bring my second day delivery box that wont be here for another 3 days so that I can send my 2nd HP pavillion back to the factory for repairs or the scrap yard or whatever.Do we have any recourse other than to just bend over and smile or what?Help us somebody Please!!!!
  • joe posted on 12/16/2008
    HP is all about money.HP outsourced their service center to south Asia, just call and ask where they are, it's either in the Philippines or India. The most important thing about customer service is clarity of communication, how the heck are they going to do that when their workers can't speak fluent English. I will never buy another HP computer or products, and I strongly recommend all of you do the same. Another thing I hate about people in India or Philippines speaking broken English is that they speak it fast. I mean if your English is no good, speak it slowly so people can understand you. First get the pronunciation right before adding speed to it; a person have to learn how to walk before he or she can run. Anyway, just had to let out my frustration, and once again, HP sucks, and I hope HP will be one of company go bankrupt during this time of recession.
  • George posted on 1/14/2009
    I have a HP Pavilion N5190 Laptop and My daughter put a password on bios and has since forgotten it! so now i can not get in it! called Hp support and told me that they would have to change security chip in it at my expense!!!I believe once i pay for something! I have the right to do what i please in it on it with it!!!! what right do they have putting a security chip in it!! I will never buy another HP product and I warn everyone I know or anyone that will listen not to buy any hp product!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • gdusca posted on 1/22/2009
    Do not buy HP Any product Compaq Presario ("build to last") only 2 days after the warranty expires. Costumer services options, pay $400 to repair or buy a new one So please I can't say it enough Do not buy Hp computers
  • HPtechsupport posted on 1/29/2009
    It is hysterical to read all of these complaints that people write about how they got screwed over somehow by Hewlett Packard. I may work for HP, I may not. But I will tell you this, you are all complete fools for purchasing a product that so many have come to hate. I suppose it's true, even idiots like shiny things and if you polish a turd long enough, somebody will buy it.
  • Sandy posted on 2/25/2009
    Saying that HP Sucks is a huge understatement. I own a company and we are buying new computers this year, guess what they won't be? They are holding my computer hostage. The run around they give you is unbelievable. I don't know what to do short of calling my attorney.
  • Susan posted on 2/28/2009
    Bought our daughter an HP laptop for college. It started over-heating in less than a year and then started shutting down, etc. She got a "notice" that this particular model had a defect, so I called HP only to be told that even though we bought a defective computer, the warrenty to fix it had already expired. How convenient for HP. We will never, EVER by another computer from HP.
  • randee posted on 3/14/2009
    I bought an HP DV7000 3 months ago and already won't boot up.
  • Ernest posted on 3/31/2009
    My $900 notebook is 1 year and 25 days old. They will not replace my failed hard drive ! 25 days ???? GHEEZUS H. CHRIST !!! :-(
  • Marcian posted on 4/23/2009
    i had a HP DV7000 series and after 6 months wont turn on and i send it for warranty and the notebook deseapear this what they told me and now after 3 months im still waiting for a new one what they promise me and nothing i call so many times that for those many from the telephone bil i could buy another one..NOT HP OBVIOSLY it REALY REALY SUCKS
  • James posted on 5/5/2009
    HP Customer service is absolutely horrible. They have technicians that do not understand the problem and they are simply trying to get people to extend warranty. Once you sign up, their technicians are so incompetent it is ridiculous. Part of the problem is that you can barely understand them. When you ask to speak to another technician in hopes of speaking to someone who speaks clearly, they transfer you to someone who has the same issue. I wish I never bought an HP and have to deal with their customer service.

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