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How to Start a Christ Centered Church

It's time to open a Christ Centered church. Now what? It's not easy, but getting started is easier than you might think.

Thinking about opening a Christ Centered church? We tell you what you need to know to get started.

Christ-Centered Churches

If you look at a directory of churches in your area, you'll probably find one or more churches that describe themselves as "Christ-centered". But wait a minute . . . Aren't all Christian churches supposed to be centered on Christ?

Yes -- but some churches use the term Christ-centered to distinguish themselves from other churches and to communicate a high-level of commitment to the teachings of Christ. In the same way that Bible churches emphasize Scripture, Christ-centered churches emphasize the passionate pursuit of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as a key facet of their identity.

Most (but not all) churches that describe themselves as Christ-centered are independent congregations of a broadly evangelical ilk. Not surprisingly, church planters in the Christ-centered tradition are highly entrepreneurial and full of creative ideas for growing their churches and ministries.

Direct Mail Marketing for Christ-Centered Churches

Direct mail is one of the strategies Christ-centered church planters use to draw attention to their churches and drive new attenders through the front door. Despite some obvious differences, religious direct mail campaigns share several characteristics with business direct mail campaigns, including the crafting of strong messaging and cost-efficient mailing solutions.

As a Christ-centered church planter, it's important to recognize that a single direct mail campaign will have limited results. For the best results, you'll need to consistently engage in direct mail marketing to promote your church's sermon series, programming and special events.

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