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Small Business Security Systems


Installing Office Security Cameras

Security cameras prevent theft and other crimes in a small business. Although you could hire an outside firm to install office security cameras for you, you can probably handle the job yourself. Here's how . . .

Security cameras are an affordable way to protect your merchandise and office equipment.
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If you're looking at a security camera system with advanced capabilities, you'll need to outsource the installation to a professional. But for most small business owners, a basic security camera installation is something that can be handled in-house.

  • Have a Video Surveillance Plan. Before start installing cameras, you will need to think about what you want your video surveillance system to accomplish. For example, if your primary security goal is preventing business burglaries, which entrances will need to be monitored? There is a big difference between a camera system that covers every corner of your establishment and one that keeps watch over one or two high risk areas.
  • Find the Best Angles for Your Security Cameras. Angle selection is a critical factor in your camera's ability to detect unusual or unwanted activity. Consider positioning the camera in various locations to achieve the best perspective keeping in mind that a hidden camera will significantly complicate the task of angle selection. If you aren't sure where to locate cameras, a good rule of thumb is to physical position yourself near the place where you intend to mount the camera and compare the view with other possibilities.
  • Research Security Camera Hardware. Research equipment options based on your security needs and desired camera angles. The most inexpensive security cameras can be purchased for as little as a few hundred dollars, but picture quality and other features (e.g. recording capability) may fall short of your expectations at the low end of the spectrum. Also, make sure the camera purchase comes with mounting hardware. If it doesn't, your installation effort could come to a grinding halt.
  • Test & Mount Security Cameras. Don't begin drilling holes in the wall until you have tested the camera to make sure it is capable of delivering the angles and surveillance quality you need. To cover your surveillance area, it might be necessary to install multiple cameras or upgrade to a model with a wider viewing angle.
  • Reassess Periodically. Business owners usually fail to consider the security ramifications when they rearrange displays and other interior design elements. Get in the habit of periodically looking at your security videos to make sure your cameras continue to have a clear view of your target area.

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