Business Security

Installing Security Cameras

Installing security cameras is a great way for business owners to get peace of mind, knowing that their business premises are secure. We discuss surveillance camera solutions and how much security cameras cost so you can be a smart purchaser of business security solutions.

Security is an issue that's on the agenda of every small business owner.

Installing Security Cameras

No matter how airtight you think your business is, there's always something else that can be done to make your company more secure. Security cameras might just provide the edge you need to sleep a little better at night.

The installation of a security camera systemscan be as complex or as simple as you make it. The important thing is to find a system that works for your company and addresses your most critical security needs. With a minimal amount of effort, the right security system can increase your efficiency, reduce theft losses, and enhance the safety of your customers and staff.

Benefits of Installing Security Cameras

Before you decide on a security camera system, it's important to understand the potential benefits a decent system can provide. The most widely used application of cameras is to monitor the store for theft and other forms of criminal activity. Depending on the kind of business you own, the savings you realize from theft reduction alone can more than pay for system hardware and monitoring costs.

However, the benefits of security cameras go way beyond keeping track of shoplifters. Interior cameras can be positioned on the cash registers to keep an eye on employee performance or root out suspected employee fraud. Exterior cameras can monitor the parking lot and provide evidence for accident claims. Sometimes, the installation of a security camera system can even reduce your insurance premiums.

Surveillance Camera Solutions

There is a wide range of complexity in security camera systems, so you have a lot of options to choose from in selecting the right system for your business. The most basic system includes a single stationary camera, a monitor, and a recording device. But most small businesses will require something more advanced than a single camera system. To adequately cover all your bases, you'll probably need to employ multiple cameras capable of being live monitored and recorded to a digital storage unit. Depending on the size of the space being monitored, you might also want to consider a moveable camera with remote scanning capabilities.

Like most high-tech gadgets, security camera systems can be equipped with numerous bells and whistles. For example, cameras can be equipped with motion detectors that turn the system on when there is activity, but lie dormant when there is no activity worth filming. Similarly, cameras can be disguised to blend in with your business environment or upgraded to record in low light conditions.

Security Camera Costs

The costs of individual security cameras range from around $100 per unit for a basic black and white model to $200 or more for color models with additional features. Multi-channel, digital recorders run approximately $1,000 each and a high-quality monitor can cost around $1,000 more. Excluding the expense of a computer, cables, and installation, a dependable five camera system will cost you about $3,000 - not a bad deal considering the potential dollar savings and peace of mind you will get in return.

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  • Jason posted on 6/23/2010
    A 4 camera security system with 500 GB DVR player with all cables and software should cost you no more than $300 - $500 for the hardware. This includes 4 cameras 1 DVR player software and cables The installation should cost you another $500 unless it's a complicated installation. I have a 1500 ft space for my business and to spend $3000 today is way to much.
  • Nick @ ADT Security posted on 7/21/2010
    Nick @ ADT Security
    A entry level 4 camera system with a 500 GB dvr and monitor should be around $2,000 installed. This includes everything you need.

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