August 12, 2020  
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A loyalty customer is a customer that remains loyal to a product, brand or company. We discuss how to build customer loyalty through customer loyalty programs, how to measure customer loyalty satisfaction, and why it's important to have loyal customers.

Loyalty Customers

  • Loyalty Program Advice - Looking for loyalty program advice? Several things about a loyalty program can make it better than others. This article goes over some of the common facets of successful loyalty programs.
  • Customer Loyalty Myths - Loyalty has always been assumed to be analogous with profit. This is not always the case. The link between loyalty and profits has been shown to be weaker than first thought. We discuss some other myths about loyalty that have recently been revealed.
  • Mistakes to Avoid When Building Customer Loyalty Programs - When implementing loyalty programs, avoid these common mistakes. Otherwise, your customer loyalty program will not achieve your business objectives.
  • Customer Loyalty - Boosting customer loyalty just got a little easier. We offer a number of helpful tips on improving customer loyalty and encouraging repeat business.
  • Why Have a Loyalty Program - There are several things that a loyalty program can do for your firm. Knowing these things when you initiate a loyalty program is imperative to the success of any customer loyalty program.
  • How To Keep Your Customers Happy - It is not enough to keep your customers complaint-free. If you expect them to come back again or bring in new customers, you have to constantly keep them happy.

  • Customer Loyalty Programs - How are your customer loyalty programs doing? Customer loyalty is key to business growth. After all, keeping an existing customer costs far less than acquiring a new one.
  • Creating a Loyal Brand - How do companies, both new and old create products with such loyal customers? Nike, Apple, the North Face and more have created some of the most loyal brands with very loyal customers and you can too.
  • How to Improve Customer Loyalty - Returning and loyal customers are a small businesses most profitable customers as acquiring new customers is often expensive and difficult, yet small businesses often have no means of tracking the true loyalty and profitability of their customer base. Some methods below will help you and your firm analyze the true loyalty of your customer base.
  • Attracting Repeat Customers - You love getting new customers, but you should also love receiving repeat customers. Believe it or not, a majority of your business is going to be received by repeat customers, but how is it that you can keep attracting them over and over again?
  • Focus on People, Not Profit - It can be difficult to turn a regular customer into a loyal customer. Sometimes you just need to know what you can do to win their heart over. Read on for some tricks gain your customer's trust.
  • Three Rules of Customer Retention - It is far easier to sell to existing customers than to constantly seek out new ones. Unless of course, they have forgotten that you even exist.
  • Customer Acquisition and Retention - Customer acquisition is the most important yet often the most difficult phase for a company. At this phase you have your product developed and ready to sell, but how do you get customers to notice your product? The acronym E-I-E-I-O will help you remember the 5 keys to acquiring and retaining your customers.




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