How To Make Money When You Are A Kid

Make Money With A Bake Sale

Written by Madi Gaebler for Gaebler Ventures

Want to make money from a bake sale? It can be fun and profitable if you follow these tips. You'll make enough money for that iPod in no time!

Running a bake sale is one of the many fun ways for kids to make money.


Not only do you get to enjoy the pleasure of baking the items (and occasionally snacking on them), you can make good money. Here are some ways to make your experience more profitable as well as more fun.

Make or Buy Items?

Making the baking items can be fun. Making them yourself, however, can be time consuming and needs commitment. Another option is buying the food items, which can make everything go quicker, however it loses the homemade touch.  Take time to consider both the options and chose which one is better for you. If you are not a good cook or making a mess would result in punishment by your parents, buying the items would be more realistic. If you are good at cooking and enjoy it, it would make more sense for you to bake the items.   When trying to make money with a bake sale, always consider the cost of buying the items versus the cost of the ingredients that will go into baking something.

Focus on Fun!

When you are trying to make money with a bake sale, don't forget to have some fun! You might want to call up your friends and make the bake sale a group project. With more hands, you’ll be able to make more bake items and have some quality time with your friends as well. The only problem is that your friends will probably want some of the profit too. Now, how much you want to give them is entirely up to you. Whatever you end up doing, be sure to be polite. You wouldn’t want to lose a friend over a business disagreement.

Location, Location, Location

Location is important. When you want to make money with a bake sell you need lots of customers! If you live on a street where customers would be scarce, you might want to take your bake sale to a busier location. Some examples of a place where there would be lots of customers would we parks with sports games going on, train or bus stations, or a busy street. If you chose to have your sale on a busy street, it is important for you to make safe choices. Be especially careful with customers who pull up in their cars. You might even want to not go up to cars at all. Making a sign saying that you will not be serving people in a car is a polite way to explain.


A great way to advertise that you are selling baked goods would be to make signs. Making signs can be used for two different reasons depending how you use the signs. One purpose of making a sign would be if you were going to put them on or near your stand. This is good for catching people’s eye as well as making your stand look more professional. It also shows that you put a lot of work into your bake sale. 

Another way signs can be used is to direct cars and walkers towards your stand. In this case, you would put the sign at the end of the block stating the direction of the stand and the address. This can be very helpful for creating more customers. 

No matter what you use your signs for you need to make them colorful and large if possible. They need to catch peoples eye, and if they’re not noticeable than there is no use of having them in the first place.

Tip Jar

Tip jars are very helpful as well. From my experience making money from a bake sale, tip jars generate more money than the stand itself. However, the amount of money you get from the tip jar depends on the generosity of the customer. And sometimes the generosity is great. On occasion you will run into someone who is willing to give larger amounts of money. These donations can increase your profits by a lot.

With hard work and determination, these tips will make your bake sale profitable as well as enjoyable.

Madi Gaebler is an expert on kids and money. In her spare time, she enjoys playing soccer and spending time with her friends.

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