August 2, 2020  
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Many entrepreneurs start their ventures with an invention. These articles are geared for entrepreneurs who have created inventions.

Starting a Business With An Invention

  • Making Money from Your Invention - So, you have invented a product…now what? This article contains some great ideas to help you turn your new invention into cash in your pocket.
  • Invention Evaluation Services - Invention evaluation services will evaluate your ideas. But how should you evaluate invention evalation services? Here's how.
  • Your Most Important Product Development Partner - The most important aspect of your product or service development won't be your product engineers, your R&D team, or even you. Rather, it is your potential and target customers who will be your best product and service development partner, yet too often when entrepreneurs develop and try to launch their new product, they do so with out ever consulting their product development partners.
  • Launching Your Product - No matter how your concept or product is, it does not sell among people unless you launch it at the right time in the right manner. Here are some tips to a successful launch.
  • How Many Prototypes Should You Build? - If companies build so many prototypes, how come they ever need to update their products? Does that mean it wasn't perfect in the first place?
  • Smart Product Development - Developing a new product as a first-time entrepreneur is a rush like no other. However, entrepreneurs can often get tangled up in the product features and the "what if" of their product. This causes their relatively easy and simple product to blow into an inflated monster that gets delayed. These smart product development tips can help you avoid the pitfalls.

  • The Developer's Dilemma - Building your company’s first product can be an exciting venture that provides entrepreneurs the greatest creative freedom to design, create, and build great products. However, many entrepreneurs fall into what I call the developers dilemma, the all too often trap of developing too many features for your product or service. Avoiding the Developer’s Dilemma will help you achieve quicker success with your product.
  • New Product Image - The successful product is commonly one who's planning and development process was well-rounded from the outset. What are the desirable attributes that must be incorporated into this process to ensure that the end product has a winning image?
  • New Product Development Steps - Before something can be sold there must be something to sell. This remains true regardless of whether this 'something' is a product, a service or a concept. New product development does not happen overnight; it is a stage-wise process.
  • Product Innovation - To ensure that its operations in the market remain relevant, a small enterprise must have the perpetual ability to satisfy its customers' needs. This can only be achieved if the business' products/services are what the customers require. What then are the reasons that make product innovation so important an issue for small businesses?




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