Droid Keyboard Problem Troubleshooting

Motorola Verizon Droid Physical Keyboard Repeating Letters Problems

The fix for the Motorola Verizon Droid physical keyboard repeating letters problem is here.

Since I solved the Verizon Droid double letters problem for myself, I figured I would post it for others as well.

Let me test my psychic abilities.

You've had your Motorola Verizon Droid for a while and it's been great.

All of a sudden, much to your dismay, you are starting to get repeat letters whenever you type on the physical keyboard. In other words, you type a letter expecting to see it appear once and the letter appears twice instead. In addition, when you type a space, you often get a period instead.

When you type, for example, "I used to like my Motorola Droid cell phone but now it is driving me crazy," you instead get something like this (repeated letters will vary from phone to phone):

I useed to.likemy Motorola Droiid cell phoonee but noow iit iis driiviing mee crazy.

Don't bother with a Droid mobile phone soft reset or a Motorola Droid hard reset or anything like that. There's a quick fix to the Motorola Droid duplicate letters problem, and it goes like this.

Go to Settings. Now, scroll down to Language and Keyboard and go there.

Where it says Android keyboard, you will see a green checkmark in the checkbox.

Touch the check to disable Android keyboard.

Hit the back button and now go to Messaging or some other app where you can test typing on the physical keyboard.

Voila. Your problem is solved.

Hope this helped you out with the dreaded "Motorola Verizon Droid repeating letters when typing" problem.

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Did this fix the duplicate letter problem when you type with the Droid keyboard? Let us know if it helped. Thanks.

  • STX21 posted on 6/12/2010
    You are the man! Everyone else having issues, definitely do this. Thanks A TON!!
  • Droidaholic posted on 6/12/2010
    Worked like a charm. So simple. This was driving me nuts. THANKS!!
  • Wow posted on 6/12/2010
    That was too easy! thank you
  • Nope posted on 6/15/2010
    Nope...all the Android Keyboard option does is disable the software keyboard. I followed the instructions and my hardware keyboard still repeats. (Grrrrr....). Oh well, I bought the "everything but the kitchen sink" warranty when I got my droid, so I'm going to contact Verizon and I'll post here if they have a fix.
  • Grateful posted on 6/17/2010
    Thank you SO much!! Worked for me too (had to repower my droid after changing the setting to get it to work):
  • Close, but no cigar posted on 6/18/2010
    Close, but no cigar
    Seemed to work for a second, but it's still doing it. Tried messing with other physical keyboard settings. No luck.
  • Mike posted on 6/21/2010
    Tried the fix, but it took several additional steps for it to work. It seems alright now. I went through the settings under "Device keyboard" and unchecked most of the options, such as punctations, auto, capital letters, things like that. Now it seems to be working properly.
  • Spencer posted on 6/27/2010
    Wish there was a more permanent fix.. it re-enables itself after a few minutes, and the problem persists.
  • Jon posted on 6/29/2010
    Turning off a feature to get another feature to work when they're both supposed to work is not a viable solution. This seems like a weak fix.
  • Jack posted on 7/14/2010
    Disable "Auto Punctuation" works on my Milestone. Now I am in love with my keyboard again. :-)
  • Andy posted on 7/21/2010
    Works, but Android keyboard automatically re-enables on Motorola Droid after a few minutes. Any way to permanently disable?
  • Hana posted on 7/22/2010
    It worked! My Droid keyboard is no longer broken. Thank you for posting this.
  • MikeR posted on 8/12/2010
    Thanks for the great tip. I love my Droid but for the past few months the sliding keyboard keeps 'sliding' out in my pants pocket. Frequently when this happens it invokes the emergency call app. This is very concerning both for the potential call issues as well as using up battery. The local Verizon store had no solution. Do you have any advice?
  • Cowboy posted on 9/18/2010
    I've seen this before when I am typing while plugged in to a charger that has a different voltage. If your phone is plugged in while this happens, it could be an issue as well.
  • Apryle posted on 4/10/2011
    i need some help with my motorola droid. i have noticed when i type on the physical keyboard (slide out keyboard) each button i press has a clicky noise when i press the button it is driving me CRAZY and i can't figure out how to turn it off can someone please tell me how ? thanks -Apryle

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