August 9, 2020  
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Need productivity tips to boost productivity? We offer some great advice on boosting personal productivity, as well as on improving organizational productivity.

Productivity Tips

  • 5 Tricks to Maintain Work-Life Balance - Have a tough time leaving your office on time? More often than not, do you find that you can't keep up with social & family engagements because you have too much work to do? Well, let's face it, we have only 12 productive hours in a day, and that is never going to change. So how do you make more time? Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your time.
  • Running Good Meetings - Running good meetings is an essential contributor to organizational success. We offer some advice on how to run a good meeting.
  • Productive Meetings - Meetings are a necessary part of business, but if run inefficiently they can be a hindrance. Make sure you're managing meetings properly and create a culture that gets organized prior to meetings.
  • Investing in Productivity Tools - Wondering how to increase productivity at your small business? Investing in productivity tools is a smart move. You'll find you get more production out of your workers and the result will be a stronger bottomline.
  • Key to Success - Organizing the Office - How to achieve success? Every startup or small business wants to achieve success. There is no one right answer to that question. Otherwise, all startups and businesses wouldn't have to worry about not being profitable. Some startups employ complex business strategies. However, sometimes it simply involves organizing the office so that your company is functioning efficiently.
  • Productivity Point Systems - Productivity improvements don't happen without a good productivity system. We discuss productivity points as a way to boost productivity.

  • Procrastination Is Healthy - Procrastination is healthy? It's a heretical statement to many, but I think it's true. A little procrastination now and then is a good thing.
  • How to Be More Efficient - If you're falling behind in your work, maybe your productivity needs to improve. Here are ten proven productivity improvement tips that can help you get more done in less time.
  • Setting and Achieving Goals - Sadly, many entrepreneurs don't achieve their goals. In large part, that's because they have not learned the art of effective goal setting. Here's what you need to know to set goals and achieve them!
  • Wearing Too Many Hats - Wearing multiple hats in business is a common phenomenon. Let's say that a CEO at a company is working on product development, sales and raising capital. Is he doing the right thing or is he stretching himself too thin?
  • Listening to Music at Work - If you find that you can't focus at work and aren't getting anything done, studies show that listening to music at work can make you more productive.
  • Productivity Tools for Employees - If your employees do not have the proper tools to complete their jobs, quality and productivity will suffer. A small investment in the appropriate tools can lead to major savings.
  • Napping at Work - Everyone has been tempted with a midday snooze on the job. Now, America has started to embrace naptime at work. Studies have shown that taking a nap can make you more alert and and more productive.
  • Productivity Management - Productivity improvement can not happen without a strong productivity management system. Learn how to improve productivity within your organization.
  • Office Distractions - Distractions can be nuisances that slow our productivity and hinder our quality. Aim to reduce employee distractions while still keeping a positive working environment.
  • Workplace Design - Winning workplaces know the value of workplace design. We look at some best practices in designing an effective workplace.
  • Motorola Verizon Droid Physical Keyboard Repeating Letters Problems - The fix for the Motorola Verizon Droid physical keyboard repeating letters problem is here.
  • Impact of Office Temperature on Productivity - The impact of office temperature on productivity is much debated. It's too hot! It's too cold! In fact, the biggest productivity loss may be the discussion itself. Fortunately, some research on office temperatures that defines the perfect office temperature may quell the office temperature wars.
  • Tips For Entrepreneurs On Getting Organized - Small business owners have a myriad of daily tasks needing completion. By using checklists the small business owner can stay on top of their work and easily track their progress.
  • How to Make SQL Like Case Sensitive - Want to learn the simplest way to make SQL Like searches case sensitive? Here's the fastest way we found to do case sensitive SQL searches using WHERE and LIKE.
  • Tips on Time Management - Successful people are very ruthless with how they use their time. As a new business owner and entrepreneur or a veteran business owner, time management will either be your biggest asset or largest liability. This article will highlight some of the keys to managing your time effectively in business.
  • Making Decisions at Work - Making decisions at work is agony for many individuals. That's because they were never trained on effective decision-making techniques. If you struggle with making decisions, these decision-making tips will make you a pro in short order.
  • Renaming Multiple Files At Once - Need help on how to rename multiple files quickly and easily? We show you how to rename many files with a new name without having to manually rename each file one at a time.
  • Productivity and Vacation Comparisons by Country - Working too hard? Need a vacation? If you live in the United States, forget about it. We take a look at productivity levels by country.
  • The Importance of Stress Management - Stress is necessary to keep one going, but overstress kills. We discuss a few tips for entrepreneurs to reduce stress in everyday life.
  • Problem Solving Advice - Entrepreneurs are driven individuals who set out to solve a host of problems that create economic value for themselves and their firms, however many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of trying to solve too many problems. Learn valuable problem solving tips here.
  • 7 Internet Tools That Every Business Should Use - Are you constantly looking for your desk calculator, or referring to the papers for the latest USD -- UK sterling exchange rates? Internet tools can come in useful when you need information fast.
  • Manage Time with a Time Budget - Building success as an entrepreneur requires managing time. Developing a time budget will help you know how to use the limited time that you have each day.
  • When to Outsource Tasks - Many entrepreneurs starting out have limited capital to get their business up and running and take the proper shortcuts where they can to avoid any unnecessary up-front costs. However, there comes a point, where an entrepreneur is better off outsourcing a task or project rather than try to tackle it themselves.
  • Goal-Setting for Success - Goal-setting is one of the most valuable tools for productivity. No task is too small or too large to set as a goal on your daily to-do list. The secret is in learning how to set goals for success.
  • Combine Multiple Word Documents into One Document - Wondering how to combine multiple Word documents into a single Microsoft Word document? Here's a simple way to merge Word documents in a folder.
  • Small Business Time Management - Managing a small business is much easier once you learn how to manage your time.
  • Art of Delegation - Being an entrepreneur is very tough. A solo entrepreneur cannot handle all responsibilities. Therefore, he must know how to delegate the other tasks that are needed.
  • Twitter Applications - Want to be productive with your business with Twitter while working at the same time? Twitter Applications allow you to navigate and update your Twitter without opening your web browser. These applications contain features that will make your experience on Twitter more exciting by connecting you to various media.
  • Staying Organized as an Entrepreneur - Starting a business and running a small business can be a hectic time for entrepreneurs, but if you want to succeed, youíll need to ensure you know how to stay organized and stay on track.
  • Don't Solve a Problem You Don't Have - Entrepreneurs have multiple problems that they must juggle each day to get them through to the next task, but some entrepreneurs get bogged down by problems that they donít have and distract them from focusing on alleviating current problems.
  • 5 Tools That Can Change the Way You Do Business - Small businesses of today are at an advantage when compared to conventional businesses in that they are in a position to leverage technology. From running an e- commerce site to using communication technology, it is cost savings all the way. Here are a few tools you may find improves the way you do business.
  • New Online Meeting Scheduler - A new online meeting scheduler,, makes scheduling meetings a pleasure, rather than a pain. We take a look at the online meeting scheduling software from It's free, web-based and incredibly easy to use.
  • Avoiding Jet Lag - For many entrepreneurs, life lots of means travel. This means countless hours spent at airports and on airline flights -- which could lead to jet lag. Here are some tips for avoiding jet lag during business travel.
  • Organizational Tools for Business Owners - A successful business is centered on organization. Without organization, it is difficult to succeed because it is difficult to focus. Organization allows you to ensure that all tasks are complete, but it is just a matter of having the right tools to do that.
  • Get Organized with Microsoft Outlook - Microsoft Outlook is more than just an e-mail management tool. By exploring its many features, you can customize Outlook for your individual needs and turn it into a powerful tool to increase your productivity.
  • Does Your Voicemail Make Callers Hang Up? Part 1 - Many people don't like reaching a voicemail message and fail to leave messages in response. Here's how to make sure your voicemail message doesn't drive people away.
  • Does Your Voicemail Make Callers Hang Up? Part 2 - Many people don't like reaching a voicemail message and fail to leave messages in response. In part two of this two part article, Jay share more tips to make your voicemail message work for your business.
  • Tips to Avoid Spambots - Despite the fact that it is illegal, harvesting email addresses from the internet using automated robots continues unabated. Spammers looking for fresh email addresses send software spider programs into the internet to suck email addresses from guest books, web pages and wherever you may post your email address. Once they obtain your email address, spammers will then trade it around. This leads to a flood of emails in your inbox. How can you avoid being spammed?
  • Work Different Hours Instead of Longer Ones - If you find yourself working longer and longer hours and still not achieving all you set out to it might be a case of shifting your timeframe. Working different hours can often help you get more productive than working long ones.
  • Reasons to Take Work Outside of the Office - You set up your own business to escape the confines of a nine to five job and the restrictions of the office environment. Ironically, now that you're your own boss you find you spend even more time at a desk than ever. It's time to take work outside of the workplace.
  • Stress Management Tips for Entrepreneurs Part 1 - In the life of a busy entrepreneur, a certain measure of stress is unavoidable. But stress can be one of life's most pervasive and destructive forces. In this two-part article, you will learn how to identify the sources of stress as well as techniques for eliminating or coping with stress.
  • Stress Management Tips for Entrepreneurs Part 2 - In the life of a busy entrepreneur, a certain measure of stress is unavoidable. But stress can be one of life's most pervasive and destructive forces. In this two-part article, you will learn how to identify the sources of stress as well as techniques for eliminating or coping with stress.
  • Word Macro to Convert Word Hyperlinks to HTML Hyperlinks - This Word macro converts Word hyperlinks to HTML hyperlinks. It comes in handy if you need to get a Word document onto a website and your Word doc includes links in the Word hyperlink format.




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