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Starting a Business Via Network Marketing


Online Network Marketing Advice

The Internet has been a boon for network marketing because it has spawned a generation of virtual networking tools. If you're a network marketer, we'll show you how to use online resources to increase sales and recruit prospects.

As a network marketing professional, your goal is to advance your business by constantly expanding your network of qualified contacts.
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Traditionally, that happened through phone calls, mailing, and face to face encounters. But in today's world, more and more network marketing pros are discovering that the Internet can be a powerful tool for connecting with distributor prospects and sales leads.

Although the Internet isn't a substitute for personal contact, there are several ways you can use your online presence to augment other network marketing activities:

  • Social networking. Social networking is a double-edged sword for network marketers. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have made it easier than ever before for network marketing professionals to make connections. But if you lack self-discipline, those same sites can waste a lot of time. The key to making social networking sites pay off is to approach them as a business tool rather than a friendly distraction. Set aside a certain amount of time each day to expand your connections through your social network and draw them into your warm list.
  • Online Media Sites. Your pitch is awesome. Now imagine what would happen if you could deliver it to hundreds of people at the same time? Online media sites like YouTube give you the ability to do just that. The downside is that you are competing with thousands of other videos, many of which have been created by other network marketers. Instead of just posting a video of your pitch on YouTube and walking away, post links to your YouTube video on your social media sites and in your email taglines as to maximize the number of prospects who see your video.
  • Forums. Online forums let you present your thoughts and opinions to a group of people who share you interests. Many forums are perfect places to connect with people who may be interested in your products and opportunities. But like social networking sites, forums can become places where network marketers gather to talk about network marketing so be selective about choosing the right forums and target those that are inhabited by genuine prospects.
  • Websites & Email. Don't overlook the potential of a personal website and email taglines. Although these may sound a little less sexy than other online marketing outlets, they continue to be two of the most powerful tools for establishing a network marketing presence online.

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Do you have any secrets you'd care to share on using the Internet to grow a network marketing business? We welcome your comments, questions and advice regarding using the Web to grow a network marketing business.

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