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Product Creation Tips for a Niche Market

Written by Charles Mburugu for Gaebler Ventures

How is it that some niche marketers create product after product, while others struggle to come up with one product idea, let alone creating a product? If you are having a hard time coming up with product ideas, there are some tips that can activate your creativity.

When brainstorming product ideas, it is important to have a pen and notebook at all times so that ideas can be written immediately they pop up.

Product Creation Tips for a Niche Market

Write down each idea that comes up, no matter how silly it may seem. Don't ignore anything. Your crazy sounding ideas might be the beginning of a real money maker. The following are tips for product creation.

Look at your interests and hobbies

Can you write a course or e-book about something? Don't be discouraged by the idea that there are already too many products on the subject. Everyone has a different perspective on every topic. Your angle could be the most interesting to those who share your interest.

Improve an existing product

We have all bought products that came short of our expectations. If you have such a product, you could use the idea as raw material for a new product. Conduct some research on the topic and come up with your own new, improved product which fills in those areas which didn't meet your expectations.

Combine ideas and modify them

Besides improving a product, you can take two or more existing products and merge them into one new, improved product. Again, do some research and find something unique that you can add to the original ideas.

Solve problems in various fields

Select a field on interest, visit related message boards and related forums, spot a problem and create a product that will solve it. For example, individuals with weight problems will purchase e-books on diets and weight loss. Do some research and you can create an e-book on weight loss recipes or produce an exercise video.

Use an existing product for a different niche

Products can sometimes be adapted for use in a different niche market.

Merge products into a new package

Take some related products with resell rights, merge them into a new package and then sell them as a set. For example, you could package web templates with specialized applications and scripts and call it something like "Power Tools for Webmasters".

Use public domain information

Daily, copyrights are expiring on movies, books, songs, plays, instruction manuals, photographs, reports, courses, posters and more. A work whose copyright has expired moves into the 'public domain'. When this occurs, you can grab it and repackage it into a product for sale.

Identify the latest hot trend

Identify the latest hot trends by watching TV, surfing the internet and observing the popular topics in magazines. For example, if many television adverts are about beauty products, you could create a book focusing on natural beauty tips.

Private label products

Private label products refer to products created by someone else, but which you are allowed to brand and sell as your own. On the internet, this is normally in the form of articles which you can use as if you wrote it yourself. You never have to acknowledge the original author and can add or modify the content as you wish.

Charles Mburugu writes for us from his home in Nairobi. He has a graduate degree in Business Management from Kenya Institute of Management. He is interested in writing about branding, CSR and intellectual property.

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