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Recruiting and hiring make all the difference in creating the kind of workforce that's fit to compete in today's marketplace. Our top five recruiting and hiring tips will set you on the path to a quality labor force ASAP!

The evidence is irrefutable . . . Recruiting and hiring practices have a direct impact on small business success.

Companies that are adept at attracting the best workers have a significant advantage over companies who lack proven hiring strategies.

Unfortunately, many business owners don't see the correlation between staff recruitment and bottom line results. Rather than creating a tight hiring process, they offload the burden of recruitment and hiring to low-level subordinates or re-create the process every time they have a job opening. The result is a workforce that doesn't have the skills necessary to achieve the company's goals and strategic objectives.

An effective recruiting and hiring strategy is well within the reach of most small businesses. All it takes to get there is a commitment to identify and land the cream of the crop and a willingness to implement our top five tips for small business recruiting and hiring.

  • Define job parameters. It's important to thoroughly analyze and evaluate job parameters before you recruit candidates. Job descriptions that have been updated to address current duties, responsibilities and necessary skills should become a standard part of your recruitment efforts. The payoff is that you will have a more accurate resource for matching applicants to positions.
  • Create a recruitment strategy. Recruitment strategies will vary according to the position that needs to be filled. Equipped with an accurate job description, call on your hiring team to create a strategy that targets the places where skilled job candidates gather online and deploy communication vehicles to advertise the opening through every available business network.
  • Prescreen applicants. The first level of screening involves culling the most promising candidates out of the avalanche of resumes you hope to receive. But instead of moving directly to personal interviews, consider prescreening candidates through phone interviews. Prescreening will help clarify whether the applicant is a genuine contender and whether their salary expectations are in line with the position.
  • Create an interview team. Don't attempt to handle all of the interviews yourself. A better approach is to create an interview team that consists of hiring managers and other key personnel. An interview team makes it easier to interview a large number of candidates and pools your company's interviewing expertise to produce higher quality reviews.
  • Check backgrounds & references. One of the biggest mistakes employers make in recruiting and hiring is not bothering to verify references or background information. Unqualified applicants can stretch the truth and populate your business with substandard (unethical) workers.

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