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Good employees can be a huge asset for a small business. In our articles about hiring employees, we offer tips on how to hire the best employees.

Hiring Employees

  • Partnering with Local Business Schools - Trying to grow your business? Partnering with local business schools can be a great way to tap into talent. Professors and students are both potential resouces for you. Here's how to reach out and tap into that power.
  • Finding Employees on the Web - Are you finding employees on the web? These days, recruiting via the web is the most efficient way to find top talent.
  • The People Every Start-Up Business Needs - There are certain people that every business needs in its beginning stages. Having a supporter, example, reference and foil all give your company a better chance of pushing through the tough times and coming out better on the other end.
  • Finding Good Employees - Finding good employees is critical to your success. The better your employees, the more likely your company will be successful. But where do you find good employees?
  • Apprentice Programs - Apprentices - it sounds like something out of the middle ages. Surprisingly, thanks in part to Donald Trump, the idea of hiring apprentices is coming back.
  • Good Service for Employee Background Checks - If you are not conducting background checks on new employees, you will get burned. It's not if, it's when. Be sure to use a service like Direct Screening that can do instant criminal background checks.

  • Hiring an Office Manager - Hiring an office manager is a task that should not be taken lightly. We offer some excellent tips on how to hire an office manager.
  • Hiring First Employee - I'm hiring my first employee - what do I do? If that's your current challenge, this is the right article for you.
  • Conducting Background Checks - Conducting background checks is a necessary part of the hiring process. Businesses that hire employees without a thorough background check are asking for all kinds of problems.
  • How to Recruit University Students - Google, McKinsey, SUN: these companies that have made it big, have maintained close interaction with the newest talent. How can your small business hire the best and the brightest employees? Stay close to the talent pool at universities.
  • Alternatives to Hiring Employees - We discuss alternatives to hiring employees. Sometimes you need people fast. Here are some ways entrepreneurs can address personnel shortages.
  • How to Hire Good Writers - Hiring good writers is essential, but it's not easy. We offer tips on how to hire good writers and avoid getting stuck with a grammar-challenged employee.
  • Social Networking Sites and Recruiting - Smart business owners are using social networking sites to help recruit new employees. The number of candidates out there who can see your recruiting opportunities via social networking sites is huge.
  • Online Recruitment - Internet recruiting has revolutionized the HR world and made it easier for small businesses to find talented employees.
  • Good Interview Questions - Asking good interview questions when hiring can make or break a business. That's because hiring the right people is central to the continuing growth and success of your business.
  • Internal Recruiting - Recruiting is a huge human resources function in any business. Internal recruiting is usually the first choice for most small startups that are looking to grow their employee base. This article will talk about the different pros and cons of internal recruiting and when it is most effective.
  • Illegal Interview Questions - Do you know the differenc between legal interview questions and illegal interview questions? If not, your business is at risk.
  • The Pros and Cons of Employing Your Friends - They say never to mix business with pleasure. Does that mean employing your friends is a big no no, or can close relationships survive in the workplace and bring something to the company?
  • Entrepreneur’s Guide to Hiring - Entrepreneurs may want to do it all alone, but there may come a time when it is time to hire some help.
  • When to Hire Help and Who to Hire – Part One - Questions for independent business people, sole proprietors, and freelancers to ask themselves when they are in need of help to keep their businesses running smoothly, efficiently, and profitably. Part one of a two part article.
  • When to Hire Help and Who to Hire – Part Two - Questions for independent business people, sole proprietors, and freelancers to ask themselves when they are in need of help to keep their businesses running smoothly, efficiently, and profitably. This is part two of a two part article.
  • Before You Employ Someone Check Out Their Facebook Profile - The interviewee may seem well presented and put themselves across in a way that appeals to you. But is that just their professional persona you're being shown? What if you could be a fly on the wall when that same person is on personal time? Would you still want to employ them, do you think?
  • How to Lose Friends (By Employing Them) - Business and personal relationships are two very different things. While it seems logical to employ people you now and like, professional pressures can quickly diminish friendships, even strong ones.
  • Recruiting the Right Personnel - The task of finding and recruiting the best personnel for a new business outfit is not an easy one. Entrepreneurs who are just starting out face severe limitations in as far as the salaries and benefits they can offer to new employees -- as compared to larger establishments. This means that small businesses have to contend with hiring persons with minimal work experience. How does an entrepreneur find and recruit quality personnel?
  • Hiring Freelancers - Hiring freelancers is a great option for small business owners who are short on certain skills or are simply short on time. When you hire a freelancer, you pay for their services but you don't have to worry about benefits or payroll taxes. Once the freelancing jobs are complete, you can either part ways or give them additional work.
  • Career Fairs - Exhibiting at career fairs can be a great recruiting tool. You get the opportunity to promote your organization to tons of prospective hires in a highly efficient manner.
  • Outsourcing Recruiting - Outsourcing recruiting to temp agencies, headhunters, and executive search firms can free a business owner up to focus on more important things.
  • Facebook and MySpace Monitoring - With the success of online social networks, finding out about a prospective employee is even easier. We discuss the importance of monitoring employees who use Facebook, MySpace and other resources on the Web.
  • Background Checks on Employees - For startups and small businesses, recruiting and hiring are often done without a thorough hiring process and a background check. In the effort to get help right away to build up the company, entrepreneurs often go through quick hires only to regret it later on. In addition, entrepreneurs should also be worried now about negligent hiring.
  • External Recruiting - No matter how small your company or enterprise, the short-term as well as the long-term success of your business will be determined by the ability for your company to stay innovative. An outside party is usually the best catalyst for such innovation. This article will talk about the different pros and cons of external recruiting and when it is most effective to bring an outsider into the organization.
  • Hiring Great Employees on a Limited Budget - When a small business is hiring new employees, they need to get creative in attracting the best employees. While the small business cannot always offer as high of salaries as larger businesses, they can offer other incentives to attract great talent.
  • Understanding the Need for an MBA - In today's highly competitive business environment, let's try and understand if acquiring a degree in management or business administration is an imperative qualification in one's professional armor.
  • Video Resumes - Video resumes will be in your HR hiring inbox soon. Make sure you think through how to make the most of video resumes to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your hiring processes.
  • Hiring Your First Employee - This is first step to take in the direction of business expansion. Hence it is an important decision to make.
  • How to Hire Your First Employee - You got your startup off the ground and are ready to hire your first employee. That first employee is a crucial step forward in your business that should ultimately fill a void in your skill sets to provide the greatest contribution for your company.
  • 4 Free but Effective Ways to Staff Your Business - Staffing your company with the right talent isn't as simple as it sounds. Sometimes, you will find recruiting is a humungous task. Here are a few tips on making recruiting easier & sourcing the right talent.
  • The Mindset of an Interview - The process of growing your organization is a filtering process and it all starts with the interview. This sets the tone for the rest of that person's career with your company.
  • Hiring the Perfect Restaurant Staff - A good restaurant has great food at his heart, the pulse of which beats hardest and fastest in the kitchen - but the staff on the restaurant floor represent its face. That's why finding the right people for your concern is vital to success.
  • How to Answer the "Tell Me about Yourself" Question - The question "Tell me about yourself" often has people stumped in interview situations. For all intents and purposes it would seem like one of the easiest questions in the world to answer. The problem is that many interviewees are unsure what information they should include in the answer. In order to answer effectively you need to understand what it is exactly that the interviewer hopes to glean from your answer. You also need to be prepared so that you're not flustered when question time comes around.
  • Handling the Interview Process - Once potential employees have been found and their applications screened, it is up to the business owner to conduct an interview with an aim to establishing more pertinent information that is not highlighted on a resume. What is the best way for an entrepreneur to handle an interviewing process?
  • Employment Application - Every successful hiring process needs a decent employment application. Without it, you could miss vital information about your applicants. We'll tell you how to create an employment application that is both useful and easy to navigate.
  • Hire Right - Hiring the right employees is a key component of small business success. But what does it mean to "hire right"? And how can your business improve your hiring processes? We've got the information you need to staff your business with the best possible workforce.
  • Interview Evaluation Kit - Interview evaluation kits are designed to provide a set of turnkey tools for the hiring process. The best kits have everything you need to interview effectively, including several resources that will protect your company from legal exposure.
  • Recruiting and Hiring - Recruiting and hiring make all the difference in creating the kind of workforce that's fit to compete in today's marketplace. Our top five recruiting and hiring tips will set you on the path to a quality labor force ASAP!
  • Legal And Illegal Interview Questions - Ignorance is no excuse when it comes to employment law and asking the wrong questions during interviews can land you in hot legal water. We'll tell you which interview questions are legal and which aren't.
  • New Employee Information - You've successfully navigated the hiring process and you're ready to welcome aboard a new employee. But your job isn't over yet. Now it's time to collect new employee information – and here are our tips for consolidating the process in a new employee information form.
  • New Employee Planner Kit - New hire paperwork can be a nightmare, especially if your company doesn't have a dedicated HR department. A new employee planner kit can make your life much easier. Here's what your kit needs to include.
  • New Hire Checklist - A new hire checklist can be your best friend when it's time to introduce a new employee to your company. If you don't have one yet, just follow these helpful tips for creating a new hire checklist in a small business workplace.
  • Employment Contract Kit - Employment contracts can be a boon or a bane for a small business. But if it seems like an employment contract may be beneficial for your business, you'll need an employment contract kit to get it right.
  • I-9 Form - Your next hire might not be legally qualified to work in the U.S. Thanks to the federal government, an I-9 form is the tool you will use to determine and document your employees' employment eligibility.
  • Interview Tips - Recruiting and hiring practices can make the difference between success and failure in a small business. Good hiring begins with good interviewing – and good interviewing begins with our must-read interview tips for employers.
  • Pre-Employment Consent and Release Form - A pre-employment consent and release form is your "get out of jail free" card for verifications and background checks during the hiring process. Here's what the form should contain and how you can use it to keep your company in legal compliance.
  • Hiring a Manager - The most successful business owners don't play the role of managers â€" they hire them. But not all business leaders are suited to managerial roles. In fact, some executives who look great on paper don't have what it takes to be a first-rate business manager.




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