October 24, 2020  
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Rosalind Resnick


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Rosalind Resnick is the founder and CEO of Axxess Business Consulting, a New York consulting firm that advises startups and small businesses.

Articles written by Rosalind Resnick

Rosalind's contributions to the site cover a wide array of entrepreneurial topics. As one of America's most successful woman entrepreneurs, she is a recognized expert on business plans, marketing plans, business coaching, marketing, strategy development and other small business topics.

  • Borrowing Money to Start a Business - Some entrepreneurs avoid debt at all costs. Business expert Rosalind Resnick of Axxess Business Consulting says that may be a mistake. If used judiciously, debt can be a powerful force in getting your new company off to a running start.
  • Financing a Startup Company - Banks aren't lending money to startups. While that story has been showcased in the media of late, it's nothing new. Business expert Rosalind Resnick of Axxess Business Consulting discusses some viable ways that new business owners can secure debt financing.
  • How Much Should I Borrow to Start a Business? - New entrepreneurs often wonder how much money they should borrow to start a business. Business expert Rosalind Resnick of Axxess Business Consulting offers her insights on debt financing.





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