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Scott Scheper

Scott Scheper is a venture finance enthusiast and serial entrepreneur hailing from Orange County, CA. Scott recently graduated from Chapman University where he was a Cheverton Fellow and graduated with honors in Finance, Management and Marketing.

Articles written by Scott Scheper

In writing the articles below, Scott Scheper has tapped into his own entrepreneurial experiences to discuss what works and what doesn't work when one is starting up a new business.

  • Benefits of an Entrepreneurship Degree - Are you interested in learning how to earn an entrepreneurship degree? Although the benefits of earning an entrepreneurship degree vary, there are ways to tell if studying entrepreneurship in college is right for you.
  • Business Strategy Fundamentals - A would-be entrepreneur must always be on the lookout for entrepreneurship opportunities. Here, we discuss business strategies for entrepreneurs, how to maintain a successful business, and ways to help your business survive.
  • Corporate Level Strategy - We take a look at the corporate business strategies and see what entrepreneurs can learn from strategies set by large corporations. It turns out that corporate strategic objectives such as growth, stability and retrenchment are very relevant to small business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • Effectuation: How Entrepreneurs Think - Is effectuation the key to entrepreneurial success? Studies on the entrepreneurial mind suggest that the best entrepreneurs embrace effectual thinking, especially during the early stages of starting a company.
  • Entrepreneurship and Math - Some would-be entrepreneurs wonder if they need to be good at math to be a successful entrepreneur. We take a look at why an entrepreneur should know math concepts -- at least on a basic level.
  • Entrepreneurship in England - We examine the status of entrepreneurship in England, including how to get your start as an entrepreneur in England. What do you need to know to become an entrepreneur in England? We help you out with a look at the latest trends.
  • Entrepreneurship in India - Entrepreneurship in India is on the rise. Here's our take on Indian entrepreneurs and how the landscape is changing for India and entrepreneurship.
  • Entrepreneurship in Ireland - Irish entrepreneurship is on a roll. Find out why Irish entrepreneurs are so optimistic and how Ireland has emerged as a global leader in entrepreneurial spirit and resilience.
  • Entrepreneurship in the Philippines - Mark, a Filipino entrepreneur, gives us his perspective on entrepreneurship in the Philippines. For many Filipino entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is a necessity.
  • Filipino Entrepreneur's Story - There's nothing better than hearing other entrepreneurs share their entrepreneurial experiences. In this article, a Filipino entrepreneur named Mark shares his motivations and his experiences as an entrepreneur.
  • French Entrepreneurs - French entrepreneurs? Entrepreneurs in France are a scarce commodity. We look at why France is less entrepreneurial than many of its peer countries.
  • Hanging Tough: The Spirit of Entrepreneurs - We take a look at the entrepreneurial spirit and what it takes to be a good entrepreneur. What does it really take to become an entrepreneur?
  • How Google Got to Where It Is Today - Although a big-time search engine today, Google was once a small business created by two students. How did Google's business plan succeed, and how did the founders make their company a success?
  • How to Create an Innovative Work Environment - Creating a work environment that stimulates creativity and innovation starts with an understanding of two key drivers of innovation.
  • Obtaining Funding From a Venture Capitalist - How do you obtain funding from a Venture Capitalist? Here, we discuss the process of due diligence in determining how much money your business can receive.
  • PayPal as a Financial Tool for Small Businesses - PayPal has been embraced by many small businesses. If you are new to PayPal and how it can help you grow your small business, this is a great article for you.
  • Signs of a Good Leader - How can you tell if you're succeeding as a leader? Here, we provide six steps that ensure you're headed on the right track to becoming an effective leader, and explain how to keep your employees happy.
  • The Golden Guide to Managing Cash Flow - Managing cash flow is the antidote to business failure. We discuss some surefire ways to make sure your business checking account balance stays in the black.


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