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Open a Business in La Salle, Illinois

Need help starting a business in La Salle, Illinois? We've got the information you need to open a business in La Salle.

Choosing the Right Company to Start

There are many businesses that you can start. How do you know which type of business is right for you? You might get some good ideas about what kind of business to start by reading Business Ideas That Don't Make Sense.

For in-depth how-to guides on how to start specific businesses, browse our Good Businesses to Start section of our site. For example, you might be interested in our How to Start an Amusement Park Equipment Supplier guide or our How to Start a Human Relations Consultants Business guide.

Don't forget that starting a business in La Salle has some implications. Some businesses will do better in La Salle than others. Don't forget to review La Salle demographics to see if there's a market for what you want to sell.

La Salle, Illinois Demographic Information

La Salle has an active business community that includes small businesses, mid-sized businesses and large businesses.

To give you a better feel for La Salle demographics for small businesses, we have tabulated the small business sizes, based on number of employees, for business in La Salle.

Business Size# of
1-4 Employees 1629
5-9 Employees 666
10-19 Employees 414
20-49 Employees 225
50-99 Employees 63
100-249 Employees 54
250-499 Employees 9
500-999 Employees 0
1000+ Employees 0
All La Salle Businesses 3060

As a new La Salle entrepreneur, you may also be interested in the table below. It shows how many businesses there are in La Salle for each business category. By looking at this chart, you can get a general sense for how much competition there is in the business niche that you are pursuing.

Business Type # of
Apprenticeship Training 2
Architectural Services 1
Automotive Parts and Accessories Stores 1
Baked Goods Stores 1
Beauty Salons 5
Beer, Wine, and Liquor Stores 3
Book Publishers 1
Business Associations 1
Business to Business Electronic Markets 1
Cafeterias 2
Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services 1
Cement Manufacturing 1
Cemeteries and Crematories 3
Children's and Infants' Clothing Stores 1
Civic and Social Organizations 1
Collection Agencies 1
Commercial Lithographic Printing 1
Community Food Services 1
Cookie and Cracker Manufacturing 1
Cosmetology and Barber Schools 1
Credit Unions 4
Custom Computer Programming Services 1
Dental Laboratories 1
Diagnostic Imaging Centers 1
Direct Life Insurance Carriers 1
Display Advertising 1
Document Preparation Services 1
Drinking Places (Alcoholic Beverages) 11
Electric Power Distribution 2
Electrical Contractors 3
Elementary and Secondary Schools 3
Engineering Services 2
Exterminating and Pest Control Services 2
Farm Product Warehousing and Storage 1
Fine Arts Schools 1
Fitness and Recreational Sports Centers 3
Floor Covering Stores 1
Flooring Contractors 1
Florists 3
Food Service Contractors 1
Formal Wear and Costume Rental 1
Full-Service Restaurants 15
Funeral Homes and Funeral Services 2
Furniture Stores 1
General Automotive Repair 8
General Freight Trucking, Local 2
General Rental Centers 1
Golf Courses and Country Clubs 1
Hardware Stores 1
Ice Manufacturing 1
Industrial Building Construction 1
Industrial Gas Manufacturing 1
Insurance Agencies and Brokerages 10
Janitorial Services 2
Jewelry Stores 2
Landscaping Services 1
Limited-Service Restaurants 5
Locksmiths 2
Machine Shops 2
Mail-Order Houses 1
Marketing Consulting Services 1
Motor Vehicle Towing 1
Musical Instrument and Supplies Stores 1
Navigational Services to Shipping 1
Newspaper Publishers 2
Nursing Care Facilities 1
Office Administrative Services 1
Office Supplies and Stationery Stores 1
Offices of Certified Public Accountants 2
Offices of Chiropractors 2
Offices of Dentists 6
Offices of Lawyers 2
Offices of Podiatrists 1
Painting and Wall Covering Contractors 2
Payroll Services 1
Pet and Pet Supplies Stores 1
Pharmacies and Drug Stores 1
Photography Studios, Portrait 1
Professional Organizations 1
Residential Remodelers 1
Roofing Contractors 1
Savings Institutions 2
Securities Brokerage 1
Site Preparation Contractors 1
Snack and Nonalcoholic Beverage Bars 2
Sports and Recreation Instruction 1
Temporary Help Services 2
Tire Dealers 1
Tobacco Stores 1
Toilet Preparation Manufacturing 1
Travel Agencies 1
Used Car Dealers 1
Used Merchandise Stores 1
Vocational Rehabilitation Services 1
Water Supply and Irrigation Systems 1
Wired Telecommunications Carriers 2
Women's Clothing Stores 1
Wood Window and Door Manufacturing 1

Choosing a Company Name

Making the right decision when choosing a company name is very important. There are many decisions you'll make now that you can change later, but changing a company name years down the road is not very easy. So, choose a good company name at the outset.

Companies like Starbucks, Apple, Target, Microsoft and Intuit all have strong company names that are easy to remember and have become well-loved brands. Wouldn't it be nice if your new company name got on a similar track?

For other considerations regarding naming a company, we recommend this article: Naming a Business.

On a final note, given that you are planning on starting a business in La Salle, it's very important that you make sure you will be the only Illinois company using the business name you have chosen.

Company Formation in La Salle, Illinois

A critical step is ensuring that you are forming a legal entity that operates independently from you. Doing so will shield you from personal liability for business debts and obligations.

The entity you form can be a traditional C-corporation, a Limited Liability Company (LLC), or an S-corporation.

Incorporating is a very common way to legally create a business entity. A key decision is whether to form and S-Corp or a C-Corp, and you also must decide in which state you will incorporate. Just because you are starting a business in Illinois, you don't necessarily have to incorporate in Illinois. In fact, you are allowed to incorporate in any state you would like to. However, if you do incorporate in another state, you'll have to register as a foreign corporation in your home state.

There's a lot to know about forming a company. We recommend you read some of the educational articles about company formation that are availabe on our site, such as Avoiding Personal Liability in Business. You may also want to seek the advice of an lawyer. Finally, if you are starting a business in La Salle, Illinois, our information on Incorporating in Illinois may be a useful resource if you decide to incorporate in Illinois.

Getting Money to Start a Business

Finding the funds to fuel the growth of your La Salle business is very difficult due to the ongoing business credit crunch. If you don't have a rich uncle to fund you, you'll need to be creative in how you approach your fundraising efforts.

On the bright side, this site contains dozens of articles on raising money, including one we recommend entitled How Much Venture Capital Is There?.

For La Salle entrepreneurs who want to raise money for a new venture, we have assembled a List of Illinois Angel Investors and our List of Illinois Venture Capital Firms.

Increase Your Entrepreneurial Knowledge

Successful entrepreneurs know that they need to continually improve.

As an entrepreneur who lives in La Salle, Illinois, you will want to take advantage of the many programs available at nearby Illinois universities, colleges and community colleges. We also recommend you look into networking organizations for La Salle entrepreneurs.

Moving Forward

You have a dream -- starting a business in La Salle. To achieve your dream, you have to persevere, even when the odds are against you.

Owning your own business will be a daunting task, but you can do it.

We are here to help La Salle businesses to be successful. We want to be there for you to answer your business questions, whether you are a new La Salle entrepreneur who is just getting started or you are already up and running with your new venture.

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