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Are you starting a business in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania? This article discusses the most important things to consider when opening a business in Wilkes-Barre.

Is Becoming a Business Owner Right for You?

An entrepreneurial life is difficult, much harder than working as an employee. Are you certain you have the stamina and skills to succeed on your own?

With so much at stake when you start a business, we strongly recommend you do the following before you proceed:

  • Talk to other entrepreneurs in Wilkes-Barre. Get their take on what it's really like to be an entrepreneur.
  • We recommend reading Should You Become an Entrepreneur?. For aspiring new entrepreneurs, it's a must read article.
  • Have a candid conversation with friends and family. That's the best way to get a truly objective assessment as to whether others think you have what it takes.

Is a Franchise Opportunity Right For You?

As you drive around Wilkes-Barre, it's apparent that franchising has become a very popular way to start a business. But is franchising the right option for you?

Our recommendation is that you consider franchising as an option. On our site, you can read many articles about franchising, such as Franchising and Veterans. Gain a solid understanding of franchising by scanning all of our Articles on Franchising.

You can review hundreds of franchise opportunities by browing our Franchise Directory.

Sample franchise opportunities include Sandler Sales Institute and Egismoz. Alternatively, you can browse franchise categories, such as Video and Photography Franchises and Florist Franchises.

Note on Wilkes-Barre Franchise Opportunities: You will need to contact franchisors directly to see if their franchises are available in Wilkes-Barre.

The Role of the Business Plan

A business plan is critical to the health of your new business. Simply put, your business plan is your game plan for how you hope to grow your business. Failure to write a business plan is a recipe for disaster.

To learn more about business plans, read Business Plan Contests. You should also take advantage of free counseling sessions provided by your local SCORE chapter in Pennsylvania.

Where to Get Money to Start a Company

Getting your Wilkes-Barre business the capital it needs to succeed requires strong organization skills and perseverance. The reality is that there is very little funding available for new small businesses, and you have to explore every possible alternative.

To learn about raising money, we recommend you read the fundraising articles on our site, such as Attracting Investors.

For Wilkes-Barre entrepreneurs with great ambition but a shortage of investment capital, check out our List of Pennsylvania Angel Investors and our List of Pennsylvania Venture Capital Firms.

The Art of Selling

Do you know how to sell? In order to attract customers to your new Wilkes-Barre business, you need to focus on sales.

Good selling involves demonstrating that your wares meet your customer's needs. Fortunately, we've got plenty of good advice to help you improve your selling skills.

Why Salespeople Fail is worth reading, as it may give you some good ideas on how to sell your products or services. We have many more good articles on selling that you may enjoy reading.

Improving Your Entrepreneurial Skillset

Good entrepreneurs recognize that what they know now may not be enough to ensure their future success.

With your business being located in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, you will want to take advantage of the learning programs at local Pennsylvania educational institutions. It's also worthwhile to see if there are any networking groups or organizations in which Wilkes-Barre entrepreneurs get together to network and trade their business experiences.

Moving Forward

As an entrepreneur in Wilkes-Barre, you won't be working for the boss anymore. You are the boss.

From this point on, you control your own destiny.

Our goal here is to promote the vitality and growth of small businesses in Wilkes-Barre and throughout the United States . We believe entrepreneurship is an amazing engine for job creation in Wilkes-Barre, neighborhood development and overall economic health.

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