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Video In PR


Using Video in Public Relations

PR firms that don't understand the important role that video plays in public relations are getting left in the dust by those who do. We take a look at how smart PR pros are using video to get great PR results.

Video is a highly effective, but under-utilized PR device.
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It's a fact that far more business leaders watch online and broadcast videos (for business purposes, of course) than those who produce and post videos to their corporate websites.

That's a problem. Why? Because we live in a world that is becoming increasingly dominated by video footage. Successful public relations now requires at least some consideration of video-based initiatives. The most forward-thinking PR professionals are already using video to get some dramatic results for their clients. Here are just a few of the ways they're doing it:

  • Video news releases. Video news releases are press releases in a video format. Usually about 5-7 minutes in length, they are sent out to TV stations with a script and lots of footage that can be edited into a newsworthy story.
  • Website or blog videos. The Internet has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for video PR. Corporate websites and blogs strategically employ video resources to tell a compelling story and attract consumers.
  • Special events. A carefully constructed promotional video can be a big hit at a special event. Whether the video is used to introduce a speaker, to highlight a product, or to convey video testimonials, the right video can add tons of impact to an event.
  • YouTube. YouTube is the guerrilla marketing medium for video PR. If your video is interesting enough it has the potential to become viral. In PR speak, a viral video is as close as you can get to hitting the jackpot – it means your company's video will spread like wildfire across the Internet. And the best part is that it won't cost you a dime.
  • PR pitches. Powerpoints have become the default presentation device for PR pitches. But video has the ability to make your pitch really stand out, especially if it highlights an important feature of your product, a real-world application, or outstanding customer testimonials.
  • Promo reels. A lot of businesses have a TV blaring in their waiting room. But what if the TV in your waiting room played a professionally designed reel of engaging company highlights instead of a game show or syndicated sitcom? It could inform your customers and even generate some additional sales.

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What's your take on using video for PR? Is it a passing fade or is it the future of PR? We welcome your questions, comments and advice.

Mike Cramer 1/3/2011

Video is the future of PR. How could it not be?

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