August 7, 2020  
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Writing white papers is a great way to establish your company as a thought leader. If done right, white paper writing and distribution can also be used to generate new sales leads and turn prospects into customers.

White Papers

  • Outsourcing White Paper Writing - You've heard that white papers are an effective marketing tool, but you have no idea where to begin. You could learn how to write white papers yourself -- or you could check out these five reasons why might be better off outsourcing white paper writing.
  • White Paper Interviews - You've been assigned the task of writing a white paper and you need to interview your company's brilliant thought leader. How should you prepare for the interview?
  • Effective White Paper Titles - A great whitepaper with a mediocre title is a wasted effort. But creating titles that pop is easier than you think. Here is the information you need to write effective white paper titles that will grab the attention of key influencers and potential sales leads.
  • Writing White Papers for Broader Success - You see a lot of businesses writing white papers. They do this because it helps provide them for broader success. With this said, how can you write white papers to make your business more successful?
  • Best Practices for Writing White Papers - Writing a white paper is easy. Writing a white paper that can deliver results . . . that's a different story. But don't worry, we have you covered with our list of best practices for writing white papers.
  • Coming Up with White Paper Topics - White papers are a useful for connecting with your customers during the early stages of the sales cycle. But you have a lot on your plate and coming up with white paper topics isn't as simple as it sounds. Here's where to look when you are short on time -- and on white paper topic ideas.

  • White Paper Distribution - You've invested a lot of time and resources in creating a series of white papers that will knock them dead. Now what? If you don't have a plan for distributing your white papers, your white paper marketing strategy is going nowhere -- literally.
  • White Paper Lead Generation - A successful white paper generates sales leads. Knowing how to maximize lead generation from your white papers is a critical skill for any small business owner who includes white papers in their marketing arsenal.
  • White Paper Mistakes to Avoid - Successful white papers communicate informative content to decision-makers and potential sales leads. But not all white papers are successful -- some are absolute disasters. Here are some of the mistakes you will want to avoid if you want your white papers to produce results for your company.




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