Small Business Security Systems

Why Business Security Systems Fail

Business security systems are a great resource for protecting your company and securing your assets -- but they aren't foolproof. Here are just a few of the reasons why business security systems fail and how you can prevent failures from happening at your workplace.

Security systems serve a lot of functions in small business.

Why Business Security Systems Fail

If it's been designed properly, a business security system can secure your assets, decrease the risk of fraudulent liability claims, and virtually eliminate the possibility of employee fraud. Not bad for a single business resource.

However, you would be wrong to assume that business security systems are problem-free. Business security systems are capable of failures, sometimes at the most inconvenient times. The good news is that most business security system failures can be avoided with a little care and attention. Here are the most common reasons business security systems fail and our tips to inoculate your company from experiencing a catastrophic security failure.

  • User error. User error is by far the number one reason business security systems fail. You spent thousands on the latest high-tech alarm system, but if it isn't properly activated at the end of the day you might as well roll out a red carpet for thieves. Security system providers are really good about training your staff on the use of your system, but it's your responsibility to provide periodic refreshers.
  • Wrong security system. Small business owners seem to have a knack for selecting the wrong security system for their business. Business security and home security are two different things. Make sure your system has been designed for small businesses and tailored to meet your specific security requirements.
  • Cheap security system. In a typical small business, there are places where you can get away with a slightly less expensive product. Your security system is not one of them. With decent systems going for as little as a few hundred bucks, buying dirt cheap alternatives (e.g. fake security cameras) just isn't worth it.
  • Security system sabotage. You can't eliminate the possibility that your security system could be the target of sabotage. Although the word sounds like something out of a James Bond movie, actual security system sabotage isn't nearly as glamorous. With something as simple as unlocking a window, a customers or even an employee can create easy after-hours access. To shut them down, routinely walk the premises and make sure everything is in order before you go home at night.
  • Faulty security system equipment. Faulty equipment is also a common source of business security system failure. Wear and tear, manufacturing defects, or intentional damage can severely impact your system's effectiveness unless you are diligent about regular system checks and equipment inspections.

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