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The wireless revolution has transformed business workspaces. Wireless computer monitors have been a topic of discussion for years, but what's really happening in the wireless monitor market?

Wireless technology has paved the way for a new generation of business solutions that eliminate clutter and improve workplace efficiency.

With products ranging from wireless mice and keyboards to wireless headsets, nearly every piece of office technology comes with a wireless option. Wireless computer monitors have always been considered to be the logical next step, and now several wireless monitor solutions have made their way into the marketplace.

Wireless monitors don't rely on a cable connection to your computer system. Instead, the computer packages information and transmits it to the monitor via wireless technology. Some wireless monitor solutions utilize adapters that can be attached to your existing monitor, while others monitors feature built-in wireless capabilities.

The decision to purchase a wireless monitor is complicated by limitations that may make them unsuitable for certain business applications. Before you begin to shop for a wireless monitor solution, there are several factors and considerations that need to be taken into account.

  • Capabilities. Effective wireless monitor solutions can create efficient solutions for common workplace problems. For example, ViewSonic offers a wireless monitor gateway that connects to either a computer monitor or a multimedia projector, eliminating the need to change cabling from one presenter to the next.
  • Technological evolution. Wireless monitors are an evolving technology. The complexities involved in transmitting quality imaging through the airwaves are significantly more involved than the ones that are required for wireless keyboards and mice. Expect wireless monitor technology to bring an increasing number of products to market on a go-forward basis.
  • Range. The current range of wireless monitor technology is limited. If you need your system to transmit data to a monitor located across the room, you may be disappointed. Check each product's range limitations before you make any decisions.
  • Video quality. Extremely high resolution video output is beyond the reach of today's wireless monitor solutions. Hard-core gamers and video enthusiasts will be disappointed by wireless monitors because they lack the ability to handle HD video and other advanced quality outputs.
  • Use restrictions. Due to use restrictions and the possibility of interference, most people who use wireless monitor technology also use a wired monitor as their primary solution. For now, there seems to be a consensus that wireless monitors are convenient to have, but not reliable enough to depend on for your computer's primary monitor.

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