August 5, 2020  
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Without business ethics, no economy can sustain itself. A lack of business ethics can eat away at the foundations of even the most robust capitalist system.

Given the importance of business ethics, it's imperative that we all do our best to promote ethical behavior in business. These articles explore the topic of business ethics in detail and offer some advice on how you can run an ethical organization and encourage others to do the same thing.

Business Ethics

  • How to Fight Corruption in Business and Government - Is business corruption endemic to the human race? It would seem so. We look at why this is the case and suggests a couple of ways to fight corruption.
  • Marketing Ethics - Marketing has intrinsic conflicts of interest between buyers and sellers. We take a look at some marketing ethics issues that are inherent in the world of marketing.
  • Business Ethics - Business ethics? Some people think that's an oxymoron, like jumbo shrimp. The reality is that a lot of business owners are taking all the right steps to run their businesses ethically.
  • Questionable Marketing Practices - Marketing can sometimes teeter on the edge of the morally gray. As such, it is important for small businesses to realize when they are taking their customers for granted. Being a responsible corporate citizen is essential if you want to be around for the long-term.
  • a Scam? - Having passed on doing a proper Iggys House bankruptcy, former Iggys House execs Joseph Fox and Avi Fox, along with Jeff Abbott and Jon Rosenberg, have a new venture. Is a scam? We take a look at Free Gold Scale. Based on the players involved, consumers may want to be cautious.
  • The Importance of A Values System - What role do values play in entrepreneurship? Values are intangible priorities that people use as a compass in their navigation of their daily dealing with people. As an entrepreneur and leader of your organization it is important you clearly define early on what your value-system is for making decisions and make it known through your actions to your team.




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