May 24, 2020  
  Growing a Business in a Bad Economoy is a daily online magazine covering small business news. We help entrepreneurs transform ideas and innovations into greatness.

Growing a business in a bad economy can be a challenge. In the future, economies will only get more turbulent. As such, entrepreneurs must be aware of best practices for surviving a tough economy and making it through to better times.

To help you to get to better times, we offer the best down economy business advice that's out there, based on extensive research, our own experiences (good and bad) and advice from small business experts.

Business Advice for Bad Economic Times

  • If They Won't Buy it, Lease it to Them - If a recession hits, many of your customers might begin canceling contracts and new sales could become extraordinarily difficult if not impossible. You may have never thought about leasing before. But if you sell a product or service which requires hefty initial outlays of money from your customers, leasing may be a way to maintain your customer relationships.
  • Bouncing Back in Business after Bankruptcy - Getting over the supposed stigma of bankruptcy and finding your feet in the world of business isn't easy, but it can be done with the right mindset and lots of positivity.
  • Forget the Job Search - Unemployment keeps on rising, rising, and rising, with no real end in site. Even as the economy rebounds, available jobs usually languish behind the rest of the economy. These days, everyone knows someone unemployed, but rather than spending hours submitting job applications like everyone else, take that business idea that you’ve had for months now and make it happen, there’s no better time.
  • Small Business Stimulus Program Highlights - What's in the small business stimulus package for small business owners? We've got the highlights of how the stimulus program will impact small business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • Marketing Tactics for a Down Economy - Investing in marketing during a down economy is imperative if you want to make it through the tough times. The key is to invest only in those marketing tactics for a down economy that will move the needle on sales and do so cost-effectively.
  • Economic Tragedy of the Commons - Have you always wanted to be a hero? In this economy, heroes are those who spend and those who hire. These brave souls are working to defeat an economic tragedy of the commons that threatens us all.

  • Operating in a Difficult Economy - Many companies face pressures from operating in a tough economy. However, if your small business can pull through the tough times, their performance will be rewarded when things pick back up.
  • Starting A Business During A Recession - A recession can be a good time for you to start your business. Here we discuss some reasons why it's possible to ride out the storm.
  • Maintaining Customer Trust in Bad Economic Times - When economic times are tough, smart entrepreneurs focus their efforts on keeping customers loyal. We offer five tips for business survival in a down economy.
  • Defrauding the Government While It Resuscitates the Down Economy - What portion of the massive government stimulus plan will be stolen by crooks? Unfortunately, we anticipate exponential growth in stimulus money scams. The government's pocket -- your pocket - is about to be picked!
  • The Motivation of Crisis - The economy stinks, but that may actually be good news. We look at the upside of an economic downturn.
  • Twitter To Blame for Down Economy? - A new study suggests that Twitter is the root cause of the current economic malaise. Policy experts predict a Twitter moratorium may be declared for Summer 2009 as part of an effort to stimulate economic production and reverse GDP declines.
  • Recession Proof Your Business - This article discusses how to keep your business alive and well during a time of recession. Learn specific techniques to use in order to keep make your customers feel special and keep them doing business with you.
  • Surviving the Recession - It's easy to succumb to a gloomy outlook for your business during a recession. But there's no law that says you have to see the glass as half-empty. Here are some ways to make lemonade out of lemons during poor economic times.
  • Washington’s Small Business Assistance: Truth or Fiction? - The Obama administration has pledged support for small businesses as they try to recover from the recession. But is Washington putting its money where its mouth is? Karen G. Mills, the head of the Small Business Administration, weighs in.
  • Tips for Marketing in a Down Economy - Need tips for marketing in a down economy? We've got some great advice on how to market during a recession.
  • Subordination - In tough economic times it can be difficult to finance a project. One loan may not be enough; you may require several loans and equity partners. If you are looking at multiple loans for your property you should familiarize yourself with the concept of subordination.
  • The Need For More Entrepreneurs and Sole Proprietors - With unemployment still at historical levels above 10%, the need for more entrepreneurs and sole proprietors is evident, but what's stopping the many unemployed from pursuing these paths? Our past social expectations and influences have shaped our actions today and are preventing many of us from pursuing what many of us should be doing, starting your own practice or company.
  • Has The Credit Crunch Dampened Entrepreneurial Spirit? - The credit crunch brought a feeling of doom and gloom to many. With long established businesses being seen to collapse, was entrepreneurial spirit dampened?
  • Start a Recession Proof Business - This article highlights 3 recession proof businesses that you can start. Learn how to choose a business that people will continue to buy from no matter what their financial situation is.
  • Buying Out Your Business Partner - The recent financial downturn was responsible for many a union changing from one that was good to one fraught with tensions. But its aftermath may also have given buy out partners more leverage to buy partners out at reasonable cost.
  • 5 Business Growth Strategies for a Difficult Economy - In a tough economy, small business growth often takes a back seat to small business survival. But that doesn't have to be the case. Here are five tips to help get your SMB's growth agenda back on track.
  • Should I Hire New Workers for My Small Business? - Hiring can be a catalyst for small business growth. But in challenging economic times, a new round of hiring can simply drain company resources -- unless you know how to recognize the signs that it's time to add staff.




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