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Ways to Make Money for Kids


Easy Ways to Make Money If You Are a Kid

You can make money if you are a kid. Here's how I did it when I was your age.

We've written a few articles on how kids can make money.
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We are amazed at all you kids that want to make some money. Wow!

Some kids have commented that they need more ideas to make money. So, of course, here we are to help with some more ideas on what kids can do to make money.

I figured I'd share with you how my brothers and I made money when I was a kid.

All the credit goes to my older brother. This was all his idea.

So, here's how a kid can make money.

It worked for us…that is, until we were shut down by Mrs. Mullarkey.

Basically, every so often, we'd get my Dad to drive us over to Cicero Avenue in Chicago where there was a candy wholesaler.

The way business works is that these wholesalers sell to retailers. Then, the retailers charge their customers more than the wholesaler charged them.

Retailer is just another word for store, if you are not aware of that term.

So, that's how stores make money.

They buy wholesale. They sell retail.

The difference between the price they pay for something wholesale and the price they sell it for is their profit.

This is a simple formula for making money if you are a kid.

Buy low, sell high. That's how everybody makes money…and it's a way for kids to make money too!

So, we would buy candy wholesale and then we would sell it to the neighborhood kids. There were a ton of kids in our neighborhood.

So, we might buy $25.00 worth of candy bars and get 50 candy bars. Then, we would sell them to kids for $1.00 each. If we sold all the candy, we would make $50.00 – that's $25.00 in profit that we could keep. Back then, that was a lot of money. We would do it every weekend, so we made some good money.

Eventually, some kids in the neighborhood started getting cavities. Then, my parents got a nasty note from Mrs. Mullarkey, a neighbor on the block, saying that we should not be allowed to sell candy. We were shut down.

So, we diversified into toys. We'd go to the toy wholesaler and buy stuff to sell. We'd buy rubber-band guns and these miniature spy cameras…stuff like that. We made money on that too.

We didn't get rich but we had enough money to buy stuff we wanted. We did other stuff…had newspaper routes, ran lemonade stands, shoveled snow, and we even ran haunted houses and casinos where kids had to pay to get in. It was a lot of fun.

Now, you may not have $25 to go out and buy candy from a wholesaler.

If you don't have money to start with, you have a few options. One is to borrow from your mom or dad or somebody.

Another is to get the kids to pre-pay you and then take the money to the candy wholesaler.

Finally, you can beg the candy wholesaler to give you some candy to sell without paying any money. Sell the first batch of candy and then go back and pay for that bag and use your profits to buy the second bag.

One important thing … don't eat your candy before you sell it!

Just in case you think you can't make money by selling candy, you might want to know that Warren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world started in business by making money as a kid…just like you want to do.

At the age of 6, he started selling his first thing. Guess what it was?

Chewing gum!

That's right one of the richest people in the world started out with this good idea for making money as a kid.

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Trent 3/15/2009

One day when i was a kid i sold candy but I made twice as the money I had top but then spent and sold a lot more of money now I'm work.

Jordyn 3/28/2009

I am not that close with neighbors but I really need some money SOS!

messyjessi 4/5/2009

i really need money to go to disneyland. thanks this really helped!

matthew 4/30/2009

thanks so much, i sold 500 paks of gum for $500!

Adriel Martinez 5/2/2009

I am writing an article may i have your permission to add this? I would also buy $10 worth of action figures* on e-bay** then sell them for $9 each. *uasally $3. ** Thank you. Adriel Martinez P.S. Kids please go

shantrice king 5/9/2009

this did not help at all i need money in one day and u tellin me to sell candy r u 4 real

shelb rox ya sox 5/29/2009

i need mula and fast i am getting a dog but i can only do it if i make enough money and pay for it myself(parents said so) me and my friend are: doing a lemonade stand, dog washing, shaved ice, chores in own house and neighbors house, car wash, a BUNCH of yard work,dog walking, selling candy, selling old books, flower planting, firewood stacking, reading to elderly if they can't read, and catching (and selling) fish bait. but we need more ways everything is sooo cheap and we are starting today but my friend is going on vaca. tomorrow and she won't be back until june 20 then we only have till august 1-15 to get $130.00!!! i need more ways!!!

I need money 5/30/2009

So I really want a laptop and I saw one that I really LOVE at BestBuy so I told my Dad and he said that if I pay for half he'll pay for the rest. But the worker dude said that they sell out of those fast and they only get more shipped in every other month so I have to come up with money kind of fast so that I can get one before they run out. I have been searching the web for ideas but so far, I think that these are the best ones I've seen. Thanks!

SHA-NAY-NAY 5/31/2009

i bareley (i dont know how to spell that) live by anyone. I have 9 house on my street and 7 of them are being sold! me and my mom need money and i cant find anything that works!!! i need money SOS!!

Future Warren Buffet 6/3/2009

It looks like I'm going to be the next Warren Buffet!

CoolnessRoxzCandy778990 6/15/2009

THIS MAY WORK! But if this CANDY idea doesn't work, try making a personal service Menu with chores you can do for a fee. Then give to friends and neighbors! Also try having a Rummage Sale! Other ideas you can try are Painting Fences, Watering Plants, Or having a car wash!! Please tell me if any of these ideas work!!! Peace, CoolnessRoxzCandy778990

Abigail 6/28/2009

Have a raffle to make money. Get some paper and write some numbers on them. Then, buy a bunch of prizes and little trinkets. Label them with the same numbers that are on the paper. Take the papers with numbers on them and put one number each into a bunch of balloons. Now, have people buy the balloon and then pop it. The number on the paper inside is the prize they will receive. You will make money because you charge more for the chance to pop the balloons than it cost you to buy the prizes, paper and balloons. Hope this helps! Thanks!

belle 7/12/2009

i need to make 947.90 before july 31st please tell me some more ways to make money

jatar 7/13/2009

yard sales work too. if u have electronics or books etc. u dont use then u can sell them at a raised, but reasonable price. i have a yu gi oh deck that i hate that i will sell for say 12 bucks it works!

desmond 7/16/2009

thanks a lot i made loads of money by the candy bar trick and i even bought 4 candybars for1$ and sold for 50c each!

jacob 7/17/2009

im 13 but my parents dont even let me go to the corner store by myself and i want to make enough money for a good laptop. what do i do???

Chesley 7/25/2009

What I do, and I am a kid, is I make a "mini buisness" for something. I usualy just go ahead and put ads up EVERYWHERE for taking care of pets. I usualy do this during vaction times, because more people are gone more often. Each place you work for uaualy gives you about $100. I just got that much today because the people got home and came over and gave it to me!

bryam Jimenez 7/29/2009

IT is Vaction time im realy bored i need money please can ypu help me .. it is very hard though i really love pets . shold i be a pet sitter ??? or what ? ..i am 12

help i need money by 1 week 7/30/2009

i need $160 in one week. i dont have any money to buy anything then sell it, so i dont know what to do. please help right away.

kai daniels 8/8/2009

i need $655.00 fast i could maybe do the candy bar thing but i dont now how long it would take and i need it fast pls help me!!!!!!!!!!

Katipiller 8/12/2009

I Really want a DSI by christmas but its 149.99 and i want a whole load of games and acessories which will probably add up to about 300 - 500 £

a cool person 8/19/2009

i would do something similar to the candy bar thing but if ur in like jr high sell like monsters rockstars and red bulls for like 3.50 each cuz they cost like $2 each

Cheerioo 8/30/2009

I need money!!! IM saving up for a cell phone! and im going to pay half and my mom will pay half! So I need the money! so i can get a $70 phone!


ummm. you could always advertise on youtube. Get an internet seller that doesn't advertise much then post the link on a realated video in the description. If you do 't have avideo ask someone that has a vid with like 10000 views to post the link then ask them to put an annotation so the people will be attracted to it then you get your payments every month and there ya go i havent had time to do it but im sure it will work WHO DOESN'T WANT ADVERTISEMENT!!!!!

steve age 14 9/9/2009

i found a good way to make money by realizing that kids in my school are always wanting gum. So i went to the store bought 10 packs of gum for only a little more than 10$. Each pack contains 15 pieces and i sell each piece for 25 cents so from 1 pack ud make $3.75 from all ten packs is a total of $37.50 subtracted by the price you payed for it making about 27$ in what could take me personally about 3 days to sell

Noah 11 years old 9/20/2009

HI! My dad owns a hair salon and we get busy! I sweep hair and clean the salon and stuff and my dad give me $20.00 each week But heres the bad news ) : I need 1,199 for a mac computer Plus a extra 200 for a suitcase! it will take a whole year im 11 years old

Taylor 9/29/2009

I need to make $80 in one week please help me. I am saving up for a Nintendo Dsi. Please help with some good ways to make money in a week!

Adriel Martinez 10/1/2009

go to wallmart and buy those packs of action figures "usually the pack of 2 r $10." buy about 3 packs. then make an ebay acount if u dont have one already. then takee out the figures and sell them on ebay induvidully for about $10 each figure and repeat the process. by the end of the month u will make abot $900 if u do this everyday abot $70 if weekly. thanks.

corey 10/15/2009

You guys are awesome. This is the best money making site for kids ever. I have been going to them for weeks and this is by far the best site.

happy jo 11/8/2009

Thanks for the ideas! A couple of questions though...How do you find wholesale departments? And do you have any really fast schemes that say I could start on now.

Ken Gaebler 11/8/2009

Happy jo, you can find wholesalers by looking in the Yellow Pages. If you can't find one near you, try just using the web to search for candy wholesalers.

As far as fast schemes to make money, businesses where you offer to do something for somebody else tend to be a quick and easy way for a kid to make money. Good luck.

KyLynn 11/11/2009

Hi,my name's KyLynn and I really want to buy a laptop with a CD/DVD reader and burner built into.But,I need $500 in order to buy it.I need a REALLY REALLY REALLY easy way to make $500 in one day or in one week.Thanks! P.S.I'm only 12 yrs old

I wanna get a laptop and job 11/14/2009

Hi, I'm David and most of the ideas listed above don't really work for me because I live near a Loaf N Jug that's kinda like a candy shop, and I have something like a tote bag to sell gum and candy bars, but I'm shy, so please may you post more ideas for us children to make money??

Mella 11/18/2009

Umm. I need and want a job cause i am starting a band and i am only 13 yrs old :(

kayla 11/24/2009

i'm 8 years old and i want to make about $100,000 a week what do i do like what business? can a 8 year old start her own business?

shelby 11/25/2009

ok black friday is in like two days and i want to go to tha mall really badley so i really only have like one day to do all this and that day is today so i dont have time to sell stuff i need help plus it is raining out side and it doesnt snow where i live so can someone please help

need money 11/27/2009

i acidently ruined my parents table... long story... and need to pay them 1,000 dollars ASAP for them to re-finish it... so any ideas anyone? i'm 14.

really need money 12/9/2009

i need to make at least 5000 dollars so i can buy a bunch of paintball guns and gear and i don't know how i'm going to do it in a short amount of time by just doing those things plus it is a harsh winter right now in sd so what should i do.

help me find money 12/23/2009

i need the money to buy my mom and dad what they need and to have money in my pocket i love to write poetry and stories but how can i get stared?

Bee 12/27/2009

Please help me! I would do that, but I don't even have any money to buy the candy bars.I was thinking about pet-sitting or something for money, maybe even have a little bakesale? HELP!!! - I am 10

BROKE 12/28/2009

HI, I need about $40, in a day or a week. I want the easyist way to get it. I hope am not asking much, but i am broke and NEED money. I am 12

horse lover 12/29/2009

I LOVE horses and really really want horseback riding lessons!But i am way to shy to do anything and plus i just moved and have no friends on the street. What do i do !?

Young 4 year old 1/2/2010

I'm 4 years old and I want to make about $400,000 a week "400 grand" please tell me how I will make this please? Ohh wait I know! I'll have my mommy buy me a lottery ticket yayyy!

Yeah..... I buy 5 gum paks! 1/3/2010

OHHHH U ROCK DUDE!! I buy 5 gum packs, I alternate, (Lush, Rain, Colbalt, ETC.). I buy em for a buck twenty five each, and sell em at my school for $2.25 each. unfortunetly, I only make about 5 bucks a day, but if you count the days of school in the year, you've got yourself a ton of cash. (From start of school year I've made $148 and I'm only 11!)

awesome gal! 1/5/2010

wow! selling candy eh, cool idea! i nevo thought of selling stuff! eaispeshally candy! 1 question though, if u dont have $$$, and u want 2 get $$$, how do u get the $$$ to buy the candy that u want to sell?anyone? tanks! thnx!

Chicka chick 1/18/2010

Hey me and my friend need money we r trying to earn $ so we can go on a cruise together please give some more ideas! HELP!! we need 3,000 $ by NOvember 2010! HELP!

lindy 1/20/2010

i need money fast i love puppies so my mom said if i save 1000 dollars than i can get one so of coarse she dont think i can do it but i can but one problem how do i GET the money i need help

kate 2/1/2010

you could also shovel peoples driveways and scrape ice off car windsheilds in the winter, you wouldnt make much, but overtime it would add up.

lilyana 2/7/2010

i need to make 400 dollars fast within 3 weeks or less. any ideas what an 11 year old can do to make 400 dollars fast and easywithout mowing the lawn or doing work outside related in the winter tome. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease i neeeeeeeeeed heeeeeeeeeeelp sssoossss

*Lil Money* 2/8/2010

well im running for ms.and mr yearbook and im trying to raise 1,000 dollars s0 far i raised about $36 just for slling suckers and candy and asking people to donate or sell candy for 50 cent but tell people its $1 lol :) face

Greg 2/11/2010

I REALLY need money for my family vacation to Hawaii this summer!!!! can someone PLEASE give me some ideas on how to earn some money at least $1,000?

*blue ninja <3* 2/14/2010

well there is a couple of ways to make money you could try to sell mexican candy (at school) alot of people like to buy it because of its rare and delicous taste (i am not bieng raciest for i am mexican myself) but this candy you can buy almost anywhere. you coud also try to work around your nieghborhood asking what people they need and tell em you can do it for the small amout of however much you want to charge them, but make sure you dont charge too much or else they will say no. also try a garage or yard sale by saleing your stuff you dont want or use (but beware once you sale it people are going to want to get you to sale it to them for a very low price dont do it set it for a price you like it and keep it that way make sure its not too high or else they wont pay you). well i am all out of my ideas but good luck and i hope you all get what you need by the way i did everything i have stated results were in money making were in the hundreds. i cant gaurante they will work but you can try you may even succeed

Money In Need 2/17/2010

I am in huge need of money.I need it SO bad.I'm currently selling old games. I don't hve many cool ones,though.It's in the middle of winter,I have'nt been in school for weeks,and I need a back up plan.Also,I can't sell stuff.People around here just go to the Doller General.We're allowed to take stuff to school,but can't sell it.I need a better plan...

Tim 11yrs old 2/26/2010

thank you so much for this idea it worked so well i made $300 in one month!!!!! and i could buy any video game i wanted just because the kids at my school love gum and buy it for $3 when it only costs $1 at the store i seriously recamend it to all of you out there who could use some dough in your pockets and thanks again sooo much i've bought 4 games and still have over $100 left!

mikaila-the-freak 2/28/2010

hey what i did is i worked in my uncles resterant and earnd like 75$ a day! it was awesome all i did was wash dishes, wait tables and the best part because i was young and cute they gave me extra!

audrey 3/5/2010

i need 600 dollars to go to camp! i need it by June 31st! any ideas? by the way im 11

kkgrace0404 3/7/2010

c i am in eight grade and my class is going to washington d.c. and i need to make about 900 dollars fast how do i do this if i barely have any money??

calcheerleade03 3/7/2010

a good way to make money is have a bake sale when your neighborhood is having their yard sale or to have a lemonade stand and sell lemonade and popcicles

kkgrace0404 3/7/2010

if anyone needs money fast, try this!!!! If you like kids, and are eleven or older, then make flyers saying you can babysit. if they ask you how much you charge then say around 4 to 5 dollars. you will make money fast!!! i did!

Leonardo 3/9/2010

I need 3000 by a year. any way to make big money>?>?

dude13131 3/13/2010

i need 400 dollars in a few weeks how do i do this???

Jeff 13 Years old 3/16/2010

I'm 13 years old and I buy gum off eBay for around $33.00 for 20 packs, around 1.65 a pack and sell it for $4.00 dollars, I make around 50 dollars in profit...SUCCESS

stuart 10 yrs old 3/17/2010

i want to buy an i-pod touch and i somehow need to earn about 90.00 dollars in a week. what can i do SOS!

Selena 10 yrs old 3/29/2010

omg i need some money REALLY BAD i only got a $ and i dont think my pts wll lt me do this stuff.

Hollie12 3/29/2010

I really need 300$ in less than 3 weeks PLZ GIVE ME MORE ideas no offense but these ideas will not work for me at all, plz help me make some money!

Matt age 10 3/31/2010

i need to earn more money. im horrible at saving. HELP MEEEEEEEEEE

kelso 4/8/2010


An Intellectual, 13 y/o 4/10/2010

Thank you for this guide, it helped me make quite a bit of money. I bought about 100 packs of gum on eBay for just about $30, and I sold it to the kids at my school for about $5 a pack (they're quite greedy, and I've been accentuating my enjoyment of the gum for a month now), and I made $470 within a week. Anybody who says that says this idea sucks is insane! After I established myself as a seller of goods I began making little trinkets, which I sold for about $10 a piece. I'm probably the richest 8th grader in my state now. I had enough money to buy a flatscreen TV for my bedroom, along with an Xbox elite and a bucket full of games. I also got: A gaming PC, a Mac, a new mattress, and a massive terrarium to house some very beautiful lizards. Thank you so much for helping me make so much money!

Bethany 4/12/2010

I'm going to town with my friends at the weekend and I have no money. I've tried asking my parents but they wont lend me any money. I need a way of earning some money, and quick.

Belle and Anna 4/14/2010

Hi! We are best friends and we need money so Anna can buy a plane ticket and come to Disney with me and my mom. We need to come up with a great idea that will get us at least $400. PLEASE HELP!!!! P.S. We are both young teens.

Ebony 4/15/2010

i really need cash

Anna(wants an I pho e but don't have the money) 4/18/2010

Please help me get money right now my phone is a peice of crap and won't stop turnin off. My dada said I could get an Iphone if I paid for it. The thing is it costs four hundred dollars and I don't have that kind of money I have never had that much money in my life. How can a kid make money? HEEEELLLLLPPP!!!!!!!!!!

Dakota 4/21/2010

I really want a horse but I have to board it. So i need about $200 a month. By the way I am only 10, 11 in the end of october. Plz Help! I have been trying to get a horse ever since i was 4 and my dad just recently said i was old enough! THX, plz send ideas my way!

Grant 4/22/2010

ENERGY DRINKS. i went down to the gas station and bought a load of them. 2.50 each sold for 4.00 making 1.50 per can and sold about 12 a day...$18. it worked for a while then got busted by teacher... bye bye profits. so try this , dont get caught. also at my dollar store there were energy drinks, because they werent name brand you could sell for 3.00 and make 2.00 per can so figure you sell twelve like me you make 24 dollars, and buy another 12 cans so you will make 12.00 dollars a day

Megan 4/24/2010

REALLY needs to raise at least $400 to go surfing. please help!!!!

baz0826 4/24/2010

i like to make money by .have a snowcone/lemonade stand .do chores around the house i know chores are boaring... but are they worth the money? YES! .pet sit hand out flyers saying your buissnes plan .gift wrapper is a good one you will get the most money in December!

izzisockz 4/25/2010

hi i need money fast like in a few days this helped but im trying to make a really long list so if one doesnt work i try a different idea have any ideas?

Brownie goldmine (shy?) 4/26/2010

Sell brownies. They are a gold mine in my area, and if you're shy it wont work cause you either step out of your shell or u dont make money. if u dont know anyone in your area just... make flyers for the sale or what eva your doing... works perfect for me, i made like alot once

Becky 4/26/2010

I just bought a box of 90 air heads how much should i sell them for?

Danny 4/26/2010

Becky, I would go with $1 because kids usually have a dollar and you don't need to make change for them.

Steve 4/28/2010

I wish I could get $500 a week.

Abigail 5/1/2010

So I want to get 3 tickets to the Justin Bieber concert and the total is about 600 dollars but I need to get it in a week or two. Any advice on how a kid can make money really fast?

hannna532 5/2/2010

i dont think they will work for me. i need easy money. these are for kids who are willing to work hard for money.

meghanc 5/2/2010

any other ideas? i need money for a dog and i need it buy june 22 if you have any ideas send them to me on here

a very smart buissness man 5/7/2010

I say that anyone who isn't willing to go out and get their hands dirty doesn't deserve to get money. Lesson here- nothing in life comes easy

Keeano 5/13/2010

someone looking for money usually means they don't have money to start retail selling,also this could get alot of kids in trouble....i wouldn't recomend this to kids!

Lexa(needsmoney) 5/15/2010

I really need money to buy a puppy!!!! I really want a beagle for Christmas but I need money to take care of it!!!! I need ideas on how I can make some cash!!!

schmexxi1 5/17/2010

i need $425 by next summer. i can get 200 during mi bday, that leaves 250...i need to raise the money now tho to convince my rentals. what do i do?

Mad-dog 5/18/2010

Tkz tat helped me a lot! I got $40 just yesterday!!!!

Maddie 5/18/2010


Mr.Poopatine 5/22/2010

This works!! i sold 10 DSI's for 2 thousand dollars in all!!! When i only spent 1 thousand dollars at the store buying all of them!!!! this really works thanks!!!

Mark Heinzelman 5/25/2010

I need $600 to buy a PS3,Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2,God of War 3,Killzone 2,Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time,12 inch Halo 3 Master Cheif action figure,Ratchet & Clank action figures,and a Light up 12 inch Marcus Fenix Series 2 Gears of War 2 acton figure.The good news is I have $150 but I need alot more to buy this stuff.

Lover Girl 5/28/2010

Hey guys i need to make money this summer. Im saving up for an iphone 3gs i need to make money fast my dad is a karate teacher so he has a humongus camp every year at my humongus house with like 300 people. I cant sell food cause my parents are providing the food and I'mm not a very good drawer help me plse

Ryan 6/6/2010

I really want an iPod Touch and they're like 200$, but I only have 30$ and my mom says if I do chores, she won't pay me because chores are "common sense". I'm 11 and I need money and my mom hates garage sales. I really need money fast!!! Please help!!!

cass13horses 6/6/2010

i need $250 for a saddle, bridle, girth, and a bit but i don't know how to raise money that fast.

bryan 6/7/2010

Go to houses around you neighborhood and water lawns, rake, and do 3 or 4 houses a day for about 2 hours and each you can make 7-10$ a day. In a week you have 50$ at least without weekends and you can make like 3000$ a year...

horseluvr 6/10/2010

i need $300 asap!i need it in a month! help!! im not sure if i can sell 300 packs of gum for $300 in a month!

anthony Gill 6/11/2010

I need to know an easy way to make money over this summer. I have a very busy schedule and i was just wondering if there was any thing you would have in mind to make easy money

need money 6/12/2010

i really need money. My mom bought me the front row VIP tickets to a Justin Bieber concert and its in October, so by October i need to come up with at least $200 because the tickets were $400. But I'm really shy & i don't like to go around selling stuff. I NEED HELP.!!!

a beast person 6/13/2010

I would like to make some cash for a laptop with internet so I dont have to share!!!

Seth S. 6/14/2010

Ok, this seems like a good idea but I'm not too close with a lot of my neighbors and I'm not sure they would want to buy any toys or gum so could you give me any suggestions on anything else i could do for good money? If you can I thank you very much! Sincerely, Seth =)

me 6/15/2010

this my sound idotic but my dad said is i earn 3000 dollars in thirty days he'll take us on a huge great family trip this may sound inpossible, but can anyone help me!!!

crazy cash 6/25/2010

all right i was just thinking about the whole chocolate idea, i changed it a lil bit. buy a whole bunch of chocolate or whatever, put them in boxes, and ake them to local restraunts and ask if u can leave them there and hav them sell for a buck a piece

anna 6/28/2010

me and my friends need to make money for this thing online but we don't know how

Red Yoshi 6/30/2010

Cool, I just might do that. With all the kids who live near me, I think selling candy could work out pretty well for me.

jordan 7/2/2010

i really want a ps3 so i need a way to make 400 dollars possibly in a week.

hi 7/2/2010

i hope this works. i need to make some money and i am a kid. these ideas are good. if it doesnt work i will keep trying thanks

Sparky 7/7/2010

Plz help me!!!!! When i was little around 4 my dad gave me a computer and now its JUNK!!!!!! THREE PARTS ARE BROKEN!!!!!!!!! plz help me im trying to save for a nice laptop and an i pod touch plz help me PLZ O PLZ Hope you can Help!!!!!! i need tips cause i need AROUND 550 bucks!!!!!!

katrell 7/7/2010

yea ill try that but all i need is anther 100 bucks to get my laptop and i already make money by cutting grass and i want to make $100in a week

helped by family 7/7/2010

you could ask a family member to help you if you live nere by to cut there grass or wash windows somthing like that good luck.

Alyssa 11 7/8/2010

I need to earn 1,000 dollars in a week and a half. what should i do?

Crazy Kidd 7/10/2010

This is a great idea. My brother and I are going to do this on the school bus. We might not buy the candy though, we'll just get a bunch at parades and at Halloween. We hope to make at least $100 in the entire school year (2010-2011). Thanks for the great idea.

forrest 7/12/2010

i need 200 dollars in a week! can anyone tell me how i can do that??????!?!?!

egg1215 7/12/2010

helllllp i need to make at least 30 dollars fast. I really want to become a member on a really fun website but i need the money but im only 10

seth 7/13/2010

I sold alot of stuff to my brother and in about 15 minutes I had 22 dollers.

gabe 7/13/2010

hi i need to make 400$$$ to get a new dirt bike in like two months i need some good ideas for a ten year old.

joshua 7/15/2010

I need 10 dollors for a new airsoft gun and my family doesnt know how i can earn mony

hazza 7/16/2010

thanx i made $700 in 6 days!

cowgirl21 7/19/2010

i need to make 850$$ so i can buy a new saddle for my horse and i am only 12 so plzz i need more ideas for making money

teh dude that dont care 7/23/2010

well guys im saving up for a sony vaio laptop..really expenive sooo i have been going to the golf course with my friend and finding golf balls and selling them $0.50 each..and 3 for a dollar.

teh dude that dont care 7/23/2010

ok i got another one! go to a rich neighborhood and ask to do stuff like clean or walk dogs and things like that..since there rich they might pay you alot!

fergieeeee 7/25/2010

how do i earn 100 dollars in at least a week! my mom dont let me do the stuff you all have said!

money needer 7/28/2010

i need 1,600 dollars plus tax to get a full set up for my pet turtle.I realy need money.plz help me.

Kyle 8/3/2010

For people that are into hobby... I sometimes buy airplanes, helicopters, cars etc. I get the kit that comes with everything, then I gut it and sell each part separate for almost double what i bought the kit for.

need $$$ fast 8/4/2010

please help i want to buy an xbox with a tv and accersies i have about $280 but i still need another $620 i need it in a month please reply fast!!!!!!

Alijah Lee 8/4/2010

how can i earn money fast!!!!

[email protected]! 8/5/2010

okay so my dad promised me a dog. but my mom wants a small one. i found a small one i like. its $1000! my dad said if i can pay half, he will get it for me! i have about $275 saved up from my birthday but i need more. i dont want to sell or have a lemonade stand

Jynx 8/6/2010

OMG!!!! This helped so much because i am trying to save up to buy my own dog. Buy it things. Buy a few things for myself and give money to charity AND save some money and this helped me with all of those things!!!

elijah 8/7/2010

I need $450 for a new x-box 360 because mine broke because of my cuzin that played mine without asking me he could play it.I have had every thing has gone to it even x-box live, pleas i need that money in two days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lauren 11 8/9/2010

Im trying to get a mac and i need 100 more dollars in a month and i have nothing to sell

help now 8/11/2010

please help me i need 70 $ to fix my xbox 360

shiverwolf 8/11/2010

Hey guys i need money fast i have a little saved up but i need 450$ and more to get this horse i want plus it might have to be fixed to that like another 600-1000$ please help me!!!

aaron 8/12/2010

i am trying to get some money but i cant i dont live in a neighboorhood and is there is one right next to me but i am not aloud to go and i asked my mom if i can get an allowence but we dont have that kind of money and i dont have enything to sell at a yard sell and my mom will never take me to go to mow lawns and im 12 almost 13 wat do i do

Desi 8/12/2010

Hey, Guys, It's Desirae Webb Here, & On My space (Car Girl)Anyways I am raisng money for a dog, I need about 500-600$ In 2-3 months, the gum idea sounded fun but it's restricted at my school & my parents Are way too over portective so what eles can I Do?

kittypig 8/15/2010

i only have $9.00 and i need more $$$$$ i need more advice heeeelp pleeeeaaaase

need $$$$$ now and fast 8/15/2010

ok i'm 10 and i need some $$$$ and i barely have any i need about $100 more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

juju bean 8/17/2010

i want a pet rat and they aren't a lot of $$$ so this'll be easy

richie-rich 8/29/2010

Doing the gum trick i made about 130$ in a month and its easy to do cuz a lot of kids at school like to buy gum even tho its against school rules at my school, iv only been caught 1 time so a tip is only sell it to kids who u know wont go and get u in touble

mr. wanna be jamse Stewart 9/12/2010

I want playstation 3 accessories and etc. I already cut grass but I need a nother way 2 earn money and I am not doing chores I am going to try the gum trick. Hopefully I don't get caught but I hope it works I need to earn like as much money as possible and by the way I an not good at saving I buy all kinds of things stuff I don't even need so help ppllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaassssssssss

Monkeyroxlol12 9/20/2010

I really want the playstation move i need 450.00 i was wondering if anybody has any tips how to make easy money??

Tippmann 9/23/2010

I need 75 dollars for a suggie and i need cash quick - Gabe

Anthony 9/26/2010

I go to door to door moewing lawns try it guys my Average price is $20 my dad bought the gas for the first $500 I got then I started buying it myself I'm 13! I made $500 in 1 1/2 months. I bought a weed wacker with the money charged $10 more and now I'm at$700 so I'm saving. Liltle tip put it in a bank kids or let your parents hold it.

jared 11/1/2010

I need a little more help because what gum or candy should i sell and for how much. Also if i sold it in public could i get in trouble

Need money for present 11/2/2010

I really need money!!!! I have about 2 months to earn it... but I am TERRIBLE at earning money. It is a present for my sister. She wants the movie "Inception" I don't know how much it costs... but I need help!!!!! Help me!!!! Any tips or ideas for me?

kayla<33 11/13/2010

hi i really need help!! the money is not for me its for my parents 2 pay the bills and all the grownup stuff because if they dont i will be affected BIG TIME!! im 11 and i really want to make money in less than 5 days or my dog that i love to death will have to be put down!! :'(

1411 11/13/2010

I need to earn money for a cell phone and i'm tryin to pay for it myself because my parents don't really have the money or they would. I have some ideas but i don't think i'll make much money. So i need job ideas PLEASE!!!!

bieberluver9987 11/14/2010

i really wanna buy the ultimat vip package for the justin bieber concert it is around $400 any ideas on how to make that money

Anna 11/17/2010

i need money for CHRISTMAS PRESENTS 2010 its still only November, but i figure ill have enough time...

ToughByrd 11/19/2010

i am trying to earn money to buy the skinhead bible. it is called "The Spirit of 69".... i need money to order it online. i guess im on my own...

denis 11/19/2010

you could babysit,have a lemmodade stand,or do chores around the house and have your parent pay you for doing it.That's an 1.

Igor L. 11/20/2010

Ok, well basically I'm in the busy myself also. I have connections with people who became millionaire's like you all want to be... by being ontropanior. I am in High School and I have saved up a big amount of money. Basically all you need to know is 1 quote and that is - "Buy low, sell high". In some case's, say new ticket's are coming out for the HOTTEST show that everyone wants to see. Stand in line over night, get good ticket seats, and list them on eBay, or sell them to someone who is willing to pay a high price. You would need to invest money to get money. The more you invest, the more you basically make. So say you have $2,000- you buy 4 tickets for $500 a piece, and then sell them for $700 a piece. You make $200 on every ticket you bought which gives you a profit of $800. Also what I do is stand in line on Black Friday and buy the hottest things, so say you stand in front of BestBuy, make sure you know what your going to buy, and make sure you know its on sale. Buy it, and sell it for more. As a child, talk to your parents. I learned everything I know from my dad, uncle, and my fathers best friend. Hope I helped, thanks!

Erin 11/20/2010

Need over $1,000!!! I need Help!!!:(

MADDOG 11/21/2010

I really whant more money i got money for my birthday, but thats going to be gone quick. I dont whant wait till my birthday i what to have more money. I WHAT TO BY teck decks and some more video games and i whant a dog. I really need some $$$$$. THANKS FOR THE ADVICE FOR WHO EVER WROTE THIS BLOG! :)

Marei 11/28/2010

Well, I think these are some good ideas. The thing is, I would need someone to take me. Some others I bet do to. Selling candy at a curb is obviously not a good idea because anyone could come up to you. But I wish there was a way that you could sell candy online. But you would have to have really good candy and non-melting candy. But thats what I think. If you have someone to take you, I would go for it because you could make some really good money like this. But remember your money. $50-25$=25$. If I were going to do this I would wright down money. But I think if you get a few friends to do this- you all could by some candy and sell- then- you have LOTZ of money. I would sell in front of a store like King Soopers, Walmart, stores that have lots of costamers. 1st of all so you get more money. Also if someone starts acting "wierd" you would have more people around you witch is safer. Peace.

grace 12/2/2010

Thanks for the advise. My mom said if i can save up 60 dollars i can get another Bearded Dragon=)

brad 12/4/2010

How do you earn money in the summer and winter

your mom 12/8/2010

wow you guys are dumb. just buy the big box of twizzlers, candy bars, gum packs sell twizzlers 25c each or like 5 for 1$ candy bars for 2$s each gum packs 25c a piece or 2$s++ a lot ofpeople are desprit for gum and will pay like 3$s for a 15 pack of gum. really easy guys remember lifes not easy your not gonna just get money handed to you. you have to work for it!!

Ethan Cochran 12/15/2010

Okay I'm 13 and I know 1 good way to make money. Shoveling snow. Now I know that isn't original but here are a few tips: 1.Get a good shovel! Trying to use a bad shovel can make a 10 minute job take 40 minutes. They cost about $20-$30 and you can earn that back in a hour tops. 2.Be dedicated. Lets say schools cancelled for snow and all you friends are sledding you have two choices. Either ditch them or get them to help you and split the profits. 3.Do a good job. A lot of the time, if you do a great job they'll pay you more. 4.Find a good location. For example: In my neighborhood they'll pay me $5-$15 to shovel there sidewalk but in my grandma's neighborhood they'll pay me $20-$30!

Ethan Cochran 12/15/2010

This coming from a 13 kid who live in REALLY poor neighborhood: This works. It's is as simple as that. The stock market works the same way, you buy low sell high, in fact those 4 words is what make the world spin. BUT to those of you who "Need $500 in one week but i dont want to work" then keep dreaming because there is no such thing as "easy" money.

tate 12/18/2010

wow. it is sad to see all of you people complaining about money. it doesnt just show up in your hand. so get a lawn mower or snow shovel and go to work and quit complaining. one more thing dont work for 5 or 10 dollars do what i do and set a rate of at least 25 a yard.

Girly wirl 12/19/2010

Im getting my brother a kinect for christmas and only have 100 dollars when i need 150! I really need o make money in less than 5 days! Please help with some ideas!

matthew quintanar 12/23/2010

raise roosters game fowl and sell them and they buy roosters for like 1000 dollors and im only 14 so thats what i do

sara 12/29/2010

I need $1000 in about a month because i want to buy a puppy.My mom said that i need to buy it myself and she doesnt think i can do it.HEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!

iNeedMoney 12/29/2010

I need to earn money in less than a month! I NEED $50.00 to help pay for something w/my friend. we are combining tha payment for two things........but I have like, $5.00 and it is for something I owe at the library. My friend and I came up with this: Selling stuff at local park, selling: cup o lemonade 50 cents, horoscopes 5 cents, homemade sugar cookies $1.00, Silly Bandz 10 cents, bottle cap art jewlery $6 (each for everything) but I am not sure it will cover. overall, If we sell one of each we'll make like 7.50 or somethin. But I think I will make something cost more, like silly bandz with a "free" horoscope for like 18 cents or so. you can buy silly bandz in bulk at walgreens! each pack is going 4 99 cents then you can sell tha pack for 1.50 or 2.00 or something

random dude 1/2/2011

Have a raffle to make money. Get some paper and write some numbers on them. Then, buy a bunch of prizes and little trinkets. Label them with the same numbers that are on the paper. Take the papers with numbers on them and put one number each into a bunch of balloons. Now, have people buy the balloon and then pop it. The number on the paper inside is the prize they will receive. You will make money because you charge more for the chance to pop the balloons than it cost you to buy the prizes, paper and balloons. Hope this helps! Thanks!

MoneyAbby 1/2/2011

I really need some money quick. I don't have a big neighborhood. In my neighborhood there are 6-15 kids. No one would even buy candy around here. Any tips? I need some money fast.I want to go shopping. I have $80.00 but I want more because $35.oo are only in walmart giftcards. so 80 - 35 = $45.oo. Not enough to go in the mall with :( SO please if you have any ideas contact me thanks (:

valiants 1/2/2011

dude 4 real that is the most omg now a days u can get shot outside but dat dont mater cuz i live in a mobel home park with my grams and there is no kids here so ya dat dont work plus they way i get money is simple you go to a target near you (ya kids know that term) and you buy cards at the end of the regesters and then you go and you buy a folder for them and the last thing you do is simple you go on ebay and show your best cards and be all mass of good trading cards and sell it for a hole bunch thers 5 dollars turned to 50 dollars.

Marcel 11 1/3/2011

Ireally need this ipod far i have 21.00 dollars i need 300.00 dollares.My mom ownes this hire salons so i am going to put a jar with a pic of a ipod touch4. wat do u thank i shuld do?

Liv123 1/6/2011

Omg I have 5 months to make 500.00 dollars I have 4.00. These are great ideas. Thanks.

Laurel 1/11/2011

Shovel snow during winter. Put up ads. Every one likes a cheap price for snow shoveling plus more people will choose you for your low prices and the right equipment. Also if you live near a flea market beg your parents to sign you up for a table. You can make jewelry or stuff like that plus little kids will ask their parents for something pretty and interesting and their parents will by it so make kid friendly stuff and it will sell and if you are really creative you can make some really fancy things!

Hockey man 1/12/2011

how do u get money in the winter

dogy120 1/23/2011

i have alot of ways to make money myself here are just some; dog walking,leaf rackin,tour doing,wood stacking,helping the elderly,delivering leaflets,jumble sale,washing cars,yard work,food sale and paper round.

Fiona Lee 1/24/2011

this does not work at all. this is modern times who wants to buy candybars from 10 year olds.i need more ideas and fast but i need to be able to do them in a small amount of time. Please give me more ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

justin bieber 1/24/2011

this does not work at all. how am i supposed to sell candy bars if i cant sell them at school

tlojik 1/26/2011

i need 90 bucks for an invetion

Jordan 1/27/2011

OMG I need to make 500.00 i 2-3 months!!!!!!!!!!!Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

$80.77 8 year old girl 1/29/2011

im 8 and i need 20 or more dollers how do i do it

the person wanting cash 2/1/2011

once i tried raking and i went around like 3 different blocks for about 1 n a half hours and nobody let me rake! the only money i got was a dime i found on the ground! :P so it really wasnt worth anything. only 10 cents. poop. another thing that isnt worth it is when people go on here and say "i need $ fast!" and thats it. BIG waste of time. (just saying)so when i shovel tomorrow, i hope it goes better! just a warning to all of u people!

marissa 2/2/2011

Hi my name is marissa i need 2 make 3,000 dollars for a new acoustic guitar im anctious plx help me. DEARLY, MARISSA >3

Krazy Ken 2/3/2011

Thanks a lot i really hope this works i need a lot of money by the end of the summer for a new wardrobe (parents wont help)

goats in trouble 2/3/2011

please help! I have some goats and I cant afford to buy hay for the spring/summer season! I live near town, but shoveling snow just isn't working! I need help fast! I'm 12

bchrzfg215 (On Roblox) 2/3/2011

Thanks im going to try it

jestr 2/4/2011

yoah my parents wont let me start a biz wat do i do they say scool is more important wat do i do i cant have a lemonade stand or yard sale and im to pour to have an allowance im startin a secret biz but i need help

Chester 2/6/2011

Hi i am 6 and i need a new iphone 4 and a ps3 with call of duty black ops so i need to raise about a 1000 dollars in a week... any idea for a regular 6 year old to do?

VideoChickkk 2/10/2011

I need $500.00 so I can buy 2 1080p cameras a green screen w/lights and a video editing system. Those are good ideas, but I dont have any kids in my neibhorhood! WHAT DO I DO?!?!?

lll 2/12/2011

how much should i sell o pack of 14 peceis of gum

ANNABANANA 2/16/2011

This is awesome!!!!!!!!!

Me 2/17/2011

I need 100,000 in A WEEK!!!!!! Is that even possible

lauren 2/18/2011

i need to make 1000 dolllars and that will take alot of time i need helllp

mattyboy 2/19/2011

hey need money quick for new iphone 4 hhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllppp

lucky 2/19/2011

I was talking to my mom the other day and she told me i would have to pay for my own colledge. But i also found out that i need $150,000. Please please HELP.

brent 2/20/2011

i need to make $60 in about a week except my pqrents are very strict they dont let me go to the store by my self or let me by thing that seem unnecessary to them any help??

soulja boy 2/21/2011

i need $200 in a week i need tips an advice

ConnorM 2/21/2011

Hi my names connor. im asking for some help. I really would like to buy a video game (special thingy) but i need $100 im 45 percent there. But i dont want to do anything really complicated or risky (im kinda that way) please help im 11 thanks

connorE 2/25/2011

hi im connor and im trying to get a madd gear nitro but i dont have enough i got some of the money by washing cars but is there any better ways

Kayla G. 2/26/2011

Hey, I'm Kayla and I need around $75.00 by May 8 (My Birthday) so I can go to Knott's Berry Farm with my best friend (I want the Season Pass), but I don't want to ask my parents because I'm trying to be an adult and start learning the value of money. I'm a bit shy and 11 years old. Please Help! Thank You. P.S. The ideas listed above are great, but won't work in my area because it is very small and I do not know many people here.

macd13 3/4/2011

insted of just selling in the neighborhood sell at school too and have a variety (lot of options) of things to buy im making about $20.00 a day on a good day i make $40.00

Guy on inernet 3/9/2011

Dose anyone have any good ways to make money?(Other than any of the usual ways).I live like 9 miles out of town. I need $300 in a week, please help.

ipod 3/13/2011

i need 80$ in a month cuz i broke my ipod touch but i also have a broken arm :(

gabe 3/20/2011

look... really need money for a new pair of shoes give me ways!!

brittney 3/29/2011

where can children get cookies and chocolate bars to sell as a job with no money up front you need to put an ad in peterborough kiji to have kids work for these companies

Sally12456 5/31/2011

I know a few things and I live near a place where you can get a pack of gum for 30 or 35 cents. What I do is to look for money laying around places where people sold stuff,in parking lots,in stores etc. Then maybe I'll use that money to buy the gum and stuff like lemonade and make a sale.

aaron 6/5/2011

If you have any toys that you don't like, sell them for a price that people will pay. If you charge to much they won't buy your items. I am 8 years old.

Karrie 7/30/2011

These comments really helped me. I wrote a letter and just had typed it and printed it. But before any of that I had to make sure it was okay with a parent. Once they said okay I began what I wrote on the letter was just some things I do for example walking the dog, and rake leaves or even ask if they needed any help with anything except babysitting snd mowing the lawn. So after that I would think of what to say for example like memorizing a part. Or studying for a test. Once I was done with that I walked around my neighborhood and asked them if they needed help with anything and I would give them the letter also I put contact info to reach me but I would have a parents email on there too. So this really changed my mind about chores

wildrose 10/1/2011

Tip and Comment: It is wonderful to see that so many of you have dreams and goals. It is hard to make money and since you are young, you are also vulnerable to the world out there, so be careful. It is important to enlist the help of a trusted adult to watch out for your wellbeing. I have noticed that young people today know so much more about computers, phones, etc. than many adults. You would be surprised how much knowledge you have. Ask a parent if you can hold classes for adults on how to use a computer or a phone. Alot of adults don't know how to upload pics, or download stuff, or create a website... etc and so forth. You could hold a one hour class in your home and charge a pre set fee, and do so with your parents at home. A lot of seniors would love to learn without looking foolish in front of other adults. Another advantage you have is you could charge less than some adults. You may also be able to do post ads for this service and hold a class for a few people all at once. Maybe some of your relatives have friends who would really appreciate the lesson. Another idea---if you are really good at one subject in school, you could offer to teach another student what you know. Kids can explain stuff to eachother sometimes better than a teacher. Maybe some of your friends can ask their parents if you could help for a reasonable fee. This is called peer tutoring. I thought these ideas would be good because there is really no investment. Share what you already have in your head and charge a fee. If you know how to knit, give knitting lessons...stuff like that. Good luck!

me 10/2/2011

I doubt my parents will let me sell candy, I can't take a survey, I can't contact my neighbors because ones a long ways away and the other I can't really understand (they speak a different language). So what should I do?

me 11/2/2011

You kids are ridiculos. Do you really need an ipod 4. try going with out eolectronics. And i am surprised nobody mentioned babysitting

me 11/21/2011

I need 900$ but I can not do any of thouse stuff so that's why i'm doing a bake-sale with a drawing.All togher that would cost 20$.

Brian 3/1/2012

one day i felt like making some money so i went down to the mall with a one string guitar and played and sang grandma's feather bed and everyone was amazed and i raised $200.10 its the best idea!!!!! i was able to buy a spin bike

Bethan, 13 3/4/2012

I'm thinking of going around houses on my street and selling cakes to them but I need a few tips because I've never done anything like this before. Do you think people are likely to buy them from me because I'm a child? I'm quite shy, so have you got any tips for that? Do you think people will still buy them from me if I'm not collecting for a charity, but just want some money? Please reply soon!!!!! : D

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