Making Money If You Are a Kid

How Can Kids Make Money?

Written by Madi Gaebler for Gaebler Ventures

Making money when you are a kid is easier than you think. There are many ways to make money if you are a kid. Here are some great ways for kids to make money.

All kids would love to have a little more money in their pocket to buy the things they've always wanted.

Many times, kids will even come up with large plans to make money that have too many responsibilities and, in the end, they give up.

So, the key is to start a business for yourself that is simple and that you know people will want.

You should definitely start a business that you will enjoy. If do what you love, you will love what you do...and you can make money at the same time!

If you are a kid, here are three great ideas on how you can make money. In the future, I might write some more articles on others ways kids can make money.

Starting a Lemonade Stand

On a hot summer day, everybody loves a glass of cold lemonade. The easiest thing you can do is to go to your nearest grocery store or convenience store and buy frozen or powdered lemonade. Powdered is cheaper, so you can make more money. Frozen costs more but it tastes better, so you might want to spend the extra money to get happier customers.

Make the lemonade and then set up your stand. This is very important to know. You must have a good location. If you live on a quiet street and do it in front of your house, you might find you don't get any customers. A much better place to be is at a train stop or a bus stop or on a busy street. Parks are also great, especially if there are events going on, such as a soccer game or other sport.

Sometimes, you can sell other things besides lemonade to make extra money. If you bake some cookies, for example, you can sell them to the delight of your customers.

How much should you charge? Start selling your lemonade for 50 cents a cup. If that doesn't work, you can lower your price. Of course, the price may vary based on where you live and even how hot it is on any given day. Also, the size of the cup and the quality of the cup can impact the price.

Don't forget to have a Tips jar, so people who want to give you extra money can. Put your money in a secure place, such as a box underneath your stand so the money will not blow away. Also, make sure you have change ready to give to your customers.

On a good day, believe it or not, you can make $100 or more running a lemonade stand. Not bad!

If you don't make $100 in a day, don't worry. Maybe you just need to try a new location, open up at a different time of day, or change your price.

Dog Walking

It is import not to attempt dog walking as a business if you are not comfortable with dogs. But if you love dogs, this can be a great way for a kid to make money.

To get a job walking somebody's dog, you need to let them know that you are available. Some ways to do include printed flyers or by simply knocking on their door. It's also smart to tell people to tell other people that you are available.

Usually, your customers will be on your block because people don't like to give their dogs to kids they don't know somehow. Always ask the owners to tell you as much as possible about their dog and its habits. It's very important that you get friendly with the dog, and it's smart to do your dog walking at the same time. Bringing a treat to the dog is a great way to develop a friendship with the dog.

You can charge $5 per walk if the walk is 30 minutes. If the owner wants you to walk the dog for an hour, you should charge $10 to $15.

The only downside to this business is dog poop. You have to be sure to bring a bag and clean up after the dog. Newspaper bags are perfect for this task.

Lawn Care

Lawn Care is a lot of work but pays off when its time for you to get paid. In order to run a lawn business you need materials. You should have a lawn mower and broom. Sometimes, the customer may offer for you to use their equipment. Once you've mowed the lawn, be sure to sweep up the grass clippings on the sidewalk.

Get Started To Day!!!

Once you make your plan, you have to stick to it if you actually want to make the money. Once you get your routine down, you won't have to do much more than actually doing the work.

It'll be great feeling to have money in your pocket and know that you earned it and won't have to beg your parents for money when you want to buy a drink, a piece of candy or a new song for your iPod.

Madi Gaebler is an expert on kids and money. In her spare time, she enjoys playing soccer and spending time with her friends.

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Do you know any other good ways for kids to earn money? Please give us your comments, tips and suggestions. Thanks!

  • ljk hhhhh posted on 1/24/2009
    ljk hhhhh
    if you don't have an allowance do one of the jobs above with friends. It's way more fun and way easier it's also a way to get closer with new friends. Always do your best in your work because, then you get tips.
  • kara posted on 1/28/2009
    I think the dog walking is a great idea. I will get started today.
  • kara posted on 1/28/2009
    I think these are all great ideas.
  • Morgan R. posted on 1/28/2009
    Morgan  R.
    I think this is a good article. It explains how you can make money and ways to make money!
  • Anthony Harris posted on 1/30/2009
    Anthony Harris
    that was smart
  • Jacob'es posted on 2/1/2009
    Good article. I am always looking for ways to make money and this gave me a few ideas.
  • lilly h. posted on 2/1/2009
    lilly h.
    Can a ten year old do this? Aren't there laws or something?
  • hjsiijioeol;od posted on 2/2/2009
  • anna posted on 2/5/2009
    You should make more ideas.
  • Madi Gaebler (writer of this article) posted on 2/7/2009
    Madi Gaebler (writer of this article)
    To lilly h. To answer your question, yes, there are some laws that might prevent you from doing these businesses but they are not usually enforced. I have heard about lemonade stands and the like being shut down because a kid did not have a city permit. But that rarely happens. In general, the only time the police would act was if there were a complaint.
  • amanda posted on 2/9/2009
    Every internet page says the same things. you don't make enough in lemonade, most people don't trust you with there jobs...and I don't feel safe mowing someone elses lawn. Does anyone have different ideas? Thanks
  • Tommy posted on 2/16/2009
    K dude I don't feel safe with any of these jobs what if they they tell you to come in and it's a sunny day and they give you some lemonade and there's poison in it and the next day you died like what Amanda said anyone have different ideas?
  • Vanessa posted on 2/16/2009
    good ideas but lemonade stands are for little kids and i live in an appartment (no lawns) guess i'll try dog walking or watering ppls plant if their gone or something. thx 4 the help!
  • Benjy posted on 2/18/2009
    Tommy you don't go to a house and say make me lemonade and I will drink it if you pay me 50 cents. You make the lemonade and you sell it.
  • lex posted on 2/20/2009
    Uh, this doesn't really help. I can't walk dogs because I'm at school and aftercare until 6 and then I eat and then it's dark. I can't open a lemonade stand because I'm not allowed to solicit in my neiborhood. I can't mow lawns because I'm too weak to push a mower. :( I'm thinking of making a snack stand at my aftercare center though so maybe that will take off. I also have an idea if you have a portable dvd player you could bring it to aftercare and charge admission to see a movie.
  • Hannah posted on 2/25/2009
    The thing is it is cold outside so what can i do???
  • ashley posted on 2/28/2009
    hi. i was wondering if you had any ways to make money in the winter? well besides baby sitting. i am raising mony for cancer so it really helps me out alot.
  • Kaitlyn posted on 2/28/2009
    Same with me, Hannah. It is cold here too and I don't know what to do.
  • cari posted on 3/1/2009
    Hi. I am 13, almost 14. You should post some jobs for older kids like me. These are mainly for kids. For a lemonade stand, your not even allowed to in my city after a certain age.
  • cuhg posted on 3/2/2009
    i hate mowing lawns this article doesnt help me at all
  • Nicelady posted on 3/12/2009
    how r am I going to have this people around my neighborhood trust me with their dog(s). I do hav 2 dogs. Anyways wat suld I say to them to hav the trust in me?
  • Allie posted on 3/13/2009
    To get them to trust you, explain how good you are to your own dogs. Say I am very responsible and will take care of your dogs. You can also say that you want them to do two walks with you and the dogs so they can see you in action with your dog walking.
  • Justin posted on 3/14/2009
    I live in a bad part of town so I can't walk dogs or start a lemonade stand.
  • Harry posted on 3/20/2009
    hi my name is harry im 11 and i really want to make mony i cant walk dogs because im elergic i cant make a lemonade stand because people will larf at me i cant lawn grass because there isnt any ive tryed a car wash bgut noone came i havent got anything to sell bu8t i just really want to make mony and fast !!!!!!!!! i dont no waht to do please can u email me to give me and idear by the way i live in england portsmouth
  • Scarpetta posted on 3/31/2009
    you are a goody but im not very good at making lemonade but i could make and sell some muffins like pineapple and cheese muffins(my favorite)
  • PETTA posted on 3/31/2009
    this is good but i can only make muffins. maybe i could make and sell muffins
  • Brian a. posted on 4/6/2009
    Brian a.
    I'm going to try dog sitting!
  • Chelsea posted on 4/7/2009
    I think I am going to try dog sitting.. Petta that is a good idea.. Making baking and selling it around the neighborhood I'm not sure if some of these r safe because of creepy people.. I'll try some of them!!
  • naomi posted on 4/10/2009
    okay these are pretty good ideas but i want to do something like garage sale thats a pretty good 1 or do recycle cans! my parenst are telling me to do these stuff so i can get my own money so i can go to the jonas brothrs concert it LAS ANGELES and i live in san diego, its only a couple of hours away but its so much money there from here when u have to pay gas! IM A REALLY BIG #1 JONAS BROTHERS FAN AND I WILL DO ANYTHING 4 MY 3 BOYS SO I CAN SEE THEM LIVE IN CONERT. IT WILL BE MY 2ND TIME SEEING THEM IF I MAKE THE MONEY THEY TICKETS ARE REALLY CHEAP BUT MY PARENTS TOLD ME THAT I HAVE TO BUY MY OWN TICKET THIS TIME AND THEY WILL GIVE ME $150.00 SO I CAN BUY SOME OF THE THINSG THEY WILL BE SELLING THERE AT THE CONCERT! WUT SHUDL I DO PLEASE HELP ME OUT ERGENTLY!! :) THNKS!
  • Beruny posted on 4/12/2009
    WOAH MAMA!! GREAT IDEAS, GREAT IDEAS. very insightful and I will try all of these ideas ASAP-brilliant work. my kids will be unbelievably excited:)
  • connor posted on 4/15/2009
    what about paper routes
  • drae wu posted on 4/16/2009
    drae wu
    none of this help i need to do easy work bussing tables is da best idea dat other stuff is a bunch of crap cuz kidz is gone get tired of doin it BOTTOM LINE!!!
  • tryin2getanewfone posted on 4/27/2009
    I REALLY REALLY need some $$$ to get this cool phone. This helped a ton!!!
  • dog 101 posted on 5/1/2009
    dog 101
    dog sitting is great but it seems better selling old discs
  • mriah posted on 5/2/2009
    any other ways
  • chillipie posted on 5/2/2009
    i hav an idea, @ ur families yard sale sell ur junk or put up a dog wash!
  • gettin' down and dirty posted on 5/3/2009
    gettin' down and dirty
    another way in getting some money is taking out your neighbors or people around yous trash for about 50cent a bag
  • Madi posted on 5/3/2009
    Another way to make money if you are a kid is selling candy to make money. One boy read our article on that and made $500!
  • Beth posted on 5/3/2009
    I dont see anything about babay siting. Will you tell me something about getting started as a babysitter?
  • Yo Diggy Diggy Dog posted on 5/12/2009
    Yo Diggy Diggy Dog
    whenever i try to do any of these things people dont cal or pick up flyers or anything. what should i do? i really want to earn money. HEEELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thx, Yo Diggy Diggy Dog
  • Yo Diggy Diggy Dog posted on 5/12/2009
    Yo Diggy Diggy Dog
    IDEAS IDEAS IDEAS IDEAS IDEAS IDEAS: 1.)Create a personal catalog to show to friends, family, and other nieghborly people. The items for sale could be priced just a small portion cheaper so you will attract customers. 2.)House sit for family, friends or nieghbors. Do little things like checking on pets that stayed back, watering plants, etc. 3.)Do good in school to get money for good grades on your report card. 4.)Do chores around your own house to get paid by a parent if they allow you to do this. 5.)Don't beg parents for anything.Just offer to do chores for money and they will think that you are responsible and really want what you want. 6.)EXTRA:People posting comments really need to give out more ideas instead of complaints on how these don't work for them or how you really WANT(not NEED) this or you really WANT(not NEED) that. Thx, Yo Diggy Diggy Dog P.S. Hope I helped
  • Yo Diggy Diggy Dog posted on 5/13/2009
    Yo Diggy Diggy Dog
    Hey, thanx for posting my comment and I hope it helped. I'll try to come up with some more ideas.L8r people!!!!!!!!
  • Rodrigo M. posted on 5/15/2009
    Rodrigo M.
    How about writing about more ways to make money? One way to make good money is pet sitting. I charge $15 a day and make $50 a week. It's awesome! Good Luck!
  • julius posted on 5/16/2009
    thanks 4 info
  • Source posted on 5/21/2009
    I have'nt got any money from these techniques if you rely want to roll in the dough make somthing simple that ever one will love, for example sell pipe cleaner action figures or somthing and buy supplies for low and sell for high. this is called merchenting
  • yo mamma posted on 5/22/2009
    yo mamma
    ilp (i like pie) so people shuld make pie stands 8D
  • irock333 posted on 5/24/2009
    how can I make money if i don't have a lawnmower, i don't have time to set up a lemonade stand, and i am only 11? If i do get the lawnmower working should i tell them how much i want
  • ARI posted on 5/25/2009
    hey that is a great idea me and my bff are going to get started i can't wait
  • Here's an Idea posted on 5/31/2009
    Here's an Idea
    Another way for kids to make money: Start a garbage business. Offer to take your neighbors' garbage to the road on garbage night and to put the cans back up where they belong after the garbage is picked up. You can probably try charging $5.00 per month, per neighbor. If you get several neighbors, it could add up. Have a car wash day and wash your neighbors' cars. Put fliers in your neighbors' mailboxes (just the neighbors' you know or your parents okay!) saying you will do odd yard jobs like sweep their walks and porches, rake leaves, mow lawns, shovel snow, whatever the case may be.
  • LOL posted on 6/1/2009
    thanx those all helped me. Another thing you could do is make a neighborhood directory, thats wat i'm doing and its really not that hard!
  • Guess Who! posted on 6/1/2009
    Guess Who!
    thx for writing this article but none of it really comes to my liking i can't really do anything like that i live in a bad place, do you hav any other ideas? PLEASE!!!!! ANYTHING!!!!!
  • David posted on 6/5/2009
    Hey Guess Who, try just asking people in your neighborhood what you can do for them to make some money. That worked for me. If nobody in your neighborhood can afford to pay you for doing something, get on a bus and go to an area where they got some moolah. Ask the same question. Somebody will hire you to do somethin. You owe me, dude.
  • ha ha posted on 6/11/2009
    ha ha
    there are more things :)) Think!
  • madison posted on 6/16/2009
    hi well this did help a little but i thought you need more ideas and alot of the stuff kids know about from the top of there heads so get some ideas that are kindive weird but great for making money and how about giving some of the money away to like cancer so that people think you want money so bad and well that is all i can really say well i hope you think the advice i gave you is good advice
  • mad hatta posted on 6/16/2009
    mad hatta
    i think im gonna try dog-walking if my parents let me
  • !!!!! posted on 6/16/2009
    kids want money but they do not want to do the things you are offering. think of more ideas
  • pac2405 posted on 6/20/2009
    more ideas please iam 11 years old and my mum and dad are millionaires but i want to be a billionaire.
  • Dog Lover posted on 6/24/2009
    Dog Lover
    I really want to start a dog walking business! I hope my mom will let me. The dog walking article might convince my mom to let me. ;D
  • andrew posted on 7/4/2009
    My parents keep saying you need a permit to sell lemonade. Do you? And he puts down alot of my ideas
  • Timmy posted on 7/7/2009
    Andrew, in many cities you DO need to have a permit to sell lemonade, even if it's front of your house. But the thing is the police will hardly ever stop a kid's lemonade stand from operating. They don't mind a kid making a little money selling lemonade. But if a neighbor (or your dad) calls them up to say you don't have a permit, then they might have to shut you down. Don't let people who put down your ideas stop you. Just be confident in who you are and what you know you can do. I say Go For It!
  • sofi posted on 7/12/2009
    Yeah...this is totally not enough...well its really good...but i need something thatll get me enough money for a nintendo...oh and i have a friend who wanted me to advertise her site for her so here
  • Lindsay posted on 7/12/2009
    Wasup guys, none of this stuff has worked for me. I passed out flyers to wash dogs, pet sit, and walk dogs but nobody has called me yet. I think that garbage thing is a really good idea!!
  • David posted on 7/14/2009
    I'm 15 years old. I've been trying to make money since I was 13. It's just messed up! Ive applied to so many stores it's not even funny and a few weeks ago I made 100 posters, I passed them out to 100 mailboxes saying that i mow lawns and I put my phone number on it, and u know what? out of 100 people, not one of those jerks called me. In the spring and fall I went around trying to rake peoples lawns. I went to like 60 houses over the course of one month and I made only $25.00. It's sad, it's pathetic. Well u know what do u expect from stupid old Swanzey, NH
  • Frances posted on 7/16/2009
    are you allowed to start a story hour?
  • ?????? posted on 7/18/2009
    Is there any more ideas? i live somewhere bad and the only time i see people, is at school. im under 15 so im still prety young. Do you have any sugestions?
  • TheeBitch posted on 7/18/2009
    These are business ideas for kids that everyone knows. Think of something kewler. Mehh and my Frizz-Ends Had a Garage sale of our own personal junk and clothes that we didn't neeed/want anymore, And depending on how much stuff you set out, and how you set up your things,you can earn up to about $50.00 each. Roughly.
  • Denise posted on 7/20/2009
    Hey guys at my school one year the eighth graders made up a market. Our school colors were purple and white so they call it the purple market. My older brother buys over priced candy, as well as games from his ex-box. No teacher knows about it.So have you and a few friends make a buissness at school. One time i made ten dollars just by selling poster in a day.
  • madison posted on 7/23/2009
    i see it is a good site.i have some things you can try to.... have a gararge sale or make jewlry or make wooden bird houses or stuff like that or work around the house for 2 dollers for every chore or paint kids faces that live in your street charge 3 dollars or last thing set up a bisnuse like a car wash send around fliers charge 5 or six dollares. hope this works out good and you get that money you want! by.
  • madison.r posted on 7/23/2009
    i love all of this me and my friend ariana are so trying the dog walking. we did the muffin stand and got 30 dollers each! thanks so cool guys!
  • jake b posted on 7/31/2009
    jake b
    If you've played guitar for a while, try teaching guitar lessons. A good price is 5 bucks for 15 mins and 10 bucks for 30 mins
  • Ricky C. posted on 8/3/2009
    Ricky C.
    Or try pulling some neighbor's weeds. I get 20 bucks every time I finish pulling. Bring some gloves, it's easier to pull when it's damp from the rain.
  • Ceaira1011 posted on 8/7/2009
    OMG i need money fast amd none of these things are going to help i wanna get an iphone but i dont have enough money to pay for it and my parents wont get it for me they say you need to earn your own money we cant get you all the things you want!!!!OMG
  • dman111 posted on 8/12/2009
    i need money soon so i can get an ipod touch. my parents always say to wait till x mas. these ideas for making money were not that original but good. i will give it a try. Thanx.
  • picklesaregood posted on 8/12/2009
    what the heck i need alot of money and i am going nowhere with these
  • Katie posted on 8/13/2009
    plus if you are really crafty.... then that has a certin advantege. cause homade things are like $35.00 and if you know how to cook then you can hold a bake sell at your church or by your house!
  • me :P posted on 8/13/2009
    me :P
    i liked these ideas for kids making money but 1 i live in a small street 2 no one has dogs 3 no one has small enough children to need babysitting -- i need more ideas to make some money thanks
  • samantha L. posted on 8/23/2009
    samantha L.
    im 11 and turning 12 in june and i need money in 2 weeks i need about 20 or 30 dollars
  • Moe posted on 9/6/2009
    lol, im not really sure about making $100 a day with lemonade, that's half of employed adults salary.
  • cells posted on 9/7/2009
    i dont get an allowence wat can i do 4 money rite now?
  • Hannah posted on 9/12/2009
    I am 10. I need 2 get 225$ FAST! I dont want to do something like any of these. I need the money to buy another miniature horse foal (baby)
  • Torrence posted on 9/22/2009
    I think it works great I earned 625$ doin this stuff. It actually works!!!!!
  • Samina posted on 9/28/2009
    hi um im 12 years old and im wondering about painting fences and baking...i luvv baking so why parents are kind of struggling on money so im not really getting allowance
  • terrell posted on 9/30/2009
    It's almost winter. So make a hot cocoa stand.
  • shay posted on 10/6/2009
    how can i make money and make it real fast
  • Taylor posted on 10/16/2009
    These might be good ideas for little kids but they are not working out for me at all!You should think of more ideas then just the little tiny number 3!!!!!!!!I want to do somthing where I can earn soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much money. Keep the brain workig!(but this time make it work alot harder) Sincerily,Taylor:)
  • EOI99999999999 posted on 10/17/2009
  • the hdog posted on 10/21/2009
    the hdog
    i am 11 years old and i made alot of money selling my homemade dvd series on the street, some of the videos are also on youtube for previews, you can see them by visiting flyingcowmanwhosucks youtube channel
  • Guy who needs some cash posted on 10/26/2009
    Guy who needs some cash
    Okay, so I'm 12, and I'm looking for a REAL steady flow of cash. To tell you the truth, odd jobs generally don't cut it for me. I don't want to make a measly little 5 dollars in the summer from a lemonade stand. Personally, I think real money making is generally reserved for adults, but you never know........
  • Guy who posted above me posted on 10/26/2009
    Guy who posted above me
    Maybe you should try to get your parents to buy a stock bond for you under their name. Then you could start making some SERIOUS CASH(If your smart with your money). I was reading in Fortune Magazine that one company makes about 10 million a year with Google adsense. What that basically is is you stick ads on your website, and Google will send you a check every month. You need to have your parents sign up under your name, because you need to enter your IRA or tax information or somthing. im 12.
  • Lulu posted on 10/27/2009
    I think there should be more ideas because there are only three good ideas. Another great way to make money is to make some braclets or hama beads and sell them outside your house or at a car boot sale.
  • Lucyrulesudon't-lol posted on 10/27/2009
    Hi i'm 11 so i cant really start a job yet. what i am doing is a club where we make hama beads and then sell them on stalls and stuff.
  • shianne posted on 11/1/2009
    why can mowing the lawn get you money because i allways do it and get nothing
  • Carter.F posted on 11/3/2009
    These are all good ideas but my mom thinks lawn mowers are too dangerous
  • RANDOM posted on 11/6/2009
    hey u people none of this works paper route is for cars lemoda sure u make 10$ that how much it cost to buy lemode law mowing people dont give out money for laws they do it them self dog walking? LoL THAT does work ethier
  • Aslihan .D posted on 11/6/2009
    Aslihan .D
    These are great ideas but I live on a highway and theres only a few houses.
  • Suzie posted on 11/8/2009
    Random, you are a quitter. You will never be successful in life, you punk. You just trash ideas and are negative.
  • Ashley posted on 11/11/2009
    these r ok but wat if i want a real job? were do i go then?????
  • Selena Gomez posted on 11/11/2009
    Selena Gomez
    What about in the winter? Any kid can not do any of these things in the winter!!!!!!!! I can not make any money in the winter!!!! I am trying to egt things that i want but there is only a certain times you can do these things to eget money!!!! Find some better ideas!!!!!
  • diizzy posted on 11/21/2009
    i have tried all of these,and i am not gonna buy a stock. i already have to do chores just to keep my cell phone. what do i do!!!! i want uggs really bad but my mom thinks they're too much money! i need 200 bucks right away!!! my baby sitter job fired me, i stink at raking leaves, i have never touched a lawn mower in my life, dogs disgust me, and i rarely do my own chores cuz the butler does them for me (my family is kinda rich so we have a butler). i want uggs!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • uhh posted on 11/22/2009
    If your family is rich, why cant you buy uggs?
  • Bridget ♥ posted on 11/22/2009
    Bridget ♥
    me and my friend tried to have a yard sale, didn't work. A book sale, 1 customer. 2 lemonade stands, one of them we got 6 dollars in like two hours and the other one didn't work. We tried to have a pet care business over the summer, the hand made fliers went to waste and the people that said that they would call, never called. I had a job, but I let my sister do it for a week and she wont let me have it back. Life sucks when you want to make money when you're a kid.
  • Madi Gaebler posted on 11/22/2009
    Madi Gaebler
    Bridget, you go girl. Keep your chin up. Many of life's failures are from people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. Some famous guy said that, I think. Keep trying and you will find your way.
  • abstract posted on 11/24/2009
    Stop complaining a guy desides to sit down and right about how YOU can make money to help YOU and all ur doing is saying is work harden this isnt good enough these r grewat ideas u guys r just so consitive u wont money with out working get out there and do somthing and u can actually make alot of money by doing this just try it i know i will and thanks Madi Gaebler for takeing time out of ur day to help us make money and i apologise for all the com[ants its a great artical :)
  • Taylor Swift posted on 11/25/2009
    Taylor Swift
    What I did whe I was a kid was sing and it gave me success! :) -Taylor Swift
  • skinnyjean7 posted on 11/26/2009
    hello, it's winter time and i don't know how to earn money. I live on a dirt road so people might not want to buy hot chocolate. the yards r to big, what shud i do?????????
  • Kaitlyn posted on 11/28/2009
    yo if u want a Good amount of money maybe do a car wash and charge 10$ it only takes a couple of min. and its fun too.
  • cheyanne posted on 12/4/2009
    i think your ideas are cool i am actully looking for like to make a 100 dollars in one day
  • JSDJ posted on 12/5/2009
    Yo dudes i neeed money ASAP cause i got a date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! l8TRS!
  • Kamal posted on 12/13/2009
    There are some good ideas but in UAE it can be really hard. If anyone is looking for a really easy way just make a garage sale and you will earn hundreds. I earned $400 dollars from a garage sale in one day. You all should try it Also try selling sweets at school its easy and you get loads of money if you buy gum in packs and sell them seperately. Make sure its allowed before you try
  • alexi posted on 12/13/2009
    it was a good article its just hard to do those suggested ideas in the winter!!!I need some christmas money is the reason.
  • tjc posted on 12/13/2009
    since im a kid i've been trying to convince my parents to let me get a job. i know i am under aged to get a REAL job. i'm open for ideas.
  • Tamira posted on 12/13/2009
    I think that dog walking is not a good idea. Firstly, you dont know these dogs OR their owners. who knows what could happen. And lawn care? I dont think so. and dont even START with lemonade stands!
  • idoit4Justinbieber posted on 12/18/2009
    Im trying raise 2,000 dollers to meet justin Bieber and Selena Gomez and to get backstage passes a signing first row in their performences and acess to the vip lounge also a photo, so i think dog walking will definitly help!
  • Adrienne posted on 12/23/2009
    I realy realy need some money .... But it is cold and it is raining . and i need money NOW so idk what i could do.
  • alec posted on 12/25/2009
    Shoveling snow for 4 dollars is a great way to earn money. especially if you live near elders that cant do it themselves and are desperate for their driveway to be cleared.
  • molly posted on 12/27/2009
    this website is rubbishter its winter its to slippyto walk dogs the lawns a made of ice and its to cold for a lemonade stand as no-one is going outside for a proper walk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Keelie posted on 12/29/2009
    Well i think that dog walking sounds great, me and my friend want to start it and thinks its a great way to earn money and be around the things we love - animals. We're just not to sure on how to get started so we're going to go to the pdsa first and see what we can do from there !! :D
  • RCC posted on 12/31/2009
    hey, what I did this week was made a McDonalds. I made burgers, chicken wraps, fries, nuggets and drinks. I have a big family--lol--, so I made $$$$8.00$$$. I had a lot of fun. You can use an easy bake oven if you're not allowed to touch the stove. I made Holiday cards and cards for upcoming events. Hope this helps, RCC
  • michelle ridgway posted on 12/31/2009
    michelle ridgway
    I think that everybody should have some money in their pockets. But in my family, I don't get allowance. How do I get an allowance?
  • Bleh bleh posted on 1/1/2010
    Bleh bleh
    I dont get allowance either, and i just can't do any of the suggestions either.
  • twilight posted on 1/5/2010
    these ways kids make money might be good for some people but for me this is no good and i am looking for like things i can do around the house and i am 8 and the reason i need money is because i am saving for college $lol$
  • shania posted on 1/8/2010
    Yea! This is what my parents tell me but i want money now!!!! lol.
  • Ruby posted on 1/9/2010
    Cool advice. i'll use that, ta. :D
  • Jonas posted on 1/9/2010
    im trying to raise monet to go to nashville tennesse its winter time and im leaving in like a month does anybody have ideas about what to do aroud your block in the winter
  • Really NEED money posted on 1/11/2010
    Really NEED money
    wow thanks for the ideasm,I see these on alot of sites I looked at,its a shame I live in an awful neighbor hood!no one wants anything around here!
  • judah posted on 1/16/2010
    Jonas the only way you can get money is if you live in a pretty big city becase noone wants to have there dog walked or things like that in a little city
  • legyt posted on 1/17/2010
    i guess it was okay but im probbably only going to do the lemonade stand
  • dawson Wegner-Bartels posted on 1/18/2010
    dawson Wegner-Bartels
    those are great ides but will they work for a 11 year old
  • Katie posted on 1/23/2010
    I think that these are all brilliant ideas but most of these ,children cant do because their parents wont let them... no ofence.I tried to convince my mum that I could do a jumble sale in the back garden, but she butted in and said that I couldnt. A time after that my Best friend (Freya) and I asked my mum if we could sell some old ds games in the nearby games shop .... but she said no . These are good ideas though!
  • reefking posted on 1/23/2010
    i love reef keeping and i want to start to work in a aquarium store but i am to young. plus my mom rips me off with money she gave 50 cents to clean the whole basment. also reef keeping is a very expesive hobby!!!!!
  • Haneen Asfour posted on 1/24/2010
    Haneen Asfour
    lemonade stands are terrific but i think that they take some time to build one and make the lemonade.and i live in an apartment and i dont think i could find a place to sell that lemonade but its the easiest job and i cant do anything , can anyone give me more ideas??? thanks love ya all!!!
  • niggasista posted on 1/24/2010
    These are some great ideas. But is there anymore ideas b/c only 2 of them work for me but that's not enough.
  • 123 posted on 1/27/2010
    how do u make money in the WINTER nobody wants iceefied lemonade (hahaha) cant walk dogs (mom) i already have a gardner BUT NO ALLOWENCE!!!!! please help i need to buy somthing for my dad soon
  • Jake posted on 1/30/2010
    I like the lawn service.Another good way is by charging your parents 1 dollar a day to do work and if you think its around 28-31 dollars a month. After a year u have 365 dollars.
  • cristal posted on 2/3/2010
    i think im going to do the lemonade stand cause is a great idea.
  • Your Mom posted on 2/8/2010
    Your Mom
    I want a pet beagle but my mom said i have to pay for it myself!!!! I can't do these things because were i live people don't want to buy lemonade and they all have gardeners. Everyone who has dogs i have walked dozens of time for free already so i can't start charging them. Any ideas? Thnx
  • ipod posted on 2/9/2010
    these r really good ideas i wish i could do it right now
  • Nick posted on 2/13/2010
    Umm im 12 and i want to save up for an xbox360!! so these ideas are terrible for me right now cause its winter! SO I decided to shovel driveways in the nieghborhood i get 10 bucks a day!! ! BE NICE AND KIND AND THEY WILL GIVE U MONEY !!! BUT I Usually Have A Friend To Help Lol !!! It Works If You Know The Nieghborhood A Little!!
  • Bethany (AKA a really good moneymaker) posted on 2/14/2010
    Bethany (AKA a really good moneymaker)
    Okay some of these are good ways to make some $ but there are some other ways to make $$ that I think are better. I am going to start a home business, and I only just turned 13 in January. So, there is this site called Etsy, you sell HOMEMADE items there. Also, I take surveys from, I made over $500 dollars a month on that site and you can join for free! Hope this helps! :)
  • Mandell posted on 2/14/2010
    I have tried all of these thing to make money and they never work well for me. Even if you start to do good for a while, you are just gong to lose your money over time. I guess I am not cut out for making money on my own.
  • Katie posted on 2/15/2010
    Hi I thinking these are good jobs to get some money if you are a kid.
  • Erin posted on 2/16/2010
    These are great ideas, though there should be more. It's the winter, so what? Are you all uncabable of walking in winter? Afraid of the cold? I'm doing a dog-walking service with my friend, and my brother has made 60$ shoveling driveways. If you all honestly want money, you need to WORK.
  • Tatiana Campbell posted on 2/19/2010
       Tatiana Campbell
    Wow,its winter,Who want ice cold lemonade in the winter.If ppl see me selling lemonade they will think im crazy.Guys I think saving the money is most important not making the money.Thats why parents do not buy you what you want all the time.Then that would be decreasing money.Just save your money half a year.Earn $25 dollars every two months,then see how much money youl will get in a year.How to earn it baby sitting,chours,winning money,sell candy at school to a friend.That ia all I got to say
  • chido posted on 2/23/2010
    im going to try these ideas to make some money
  • maddiey posted on 2/25/2010
    on every website i go on, there's always baby sitting, walking dogs, selling lemonade, mowing lawns...blah blah blah! this article was well-written and interesting, but these are basically common sense ways to make money. how am i supposed to buy myself clothes if i'm always studying and doing homework? any ORIGINAL ideas that haven't been mentioned?
  • connor posted on 2/26/2010
    im gonna try lemon stand but its winter!!!!!! :(
  • Baylee posted on 2/28/2010
    I guess these are good idea's but my mom won't let me do dog walking, (she says people are not going to let a kid they don't know walk their dog). (Then again, i wouldn't let someone i don't know walk my dog sooo...). Also it's winter and almost EVERYONE'S lawn is covered in snow so i doubt i can mow lawn's. And as for the lemonade stand...i don't think people want lemonade in the winter.(And winter lasts a lot of month's where i live.) Besides the lemonade would probably turn into lemon-ice within about a half hour or so.
  • Baylee posted on 2/28/2010
    I was reading over these comments (above) and there are some really good idea's!!! THANK U Bethany AKA a really good money maker!!!
  • Lexi posted on 2/28/2010
    These are all great ideas, but its just im 14 and I need to pay off half of my quinceanera hall, and these aren't going to get me much. And we are also not aloud to sell lemonade where i live, and i know no one who wants their dog walked and its dangerous to ask strangers, and everone hires perfessionals to take care of their lawn or they just don't want to take care of it. But thanks for the help.
  • Rosco................... posted on 3/1/2010
    I did some car washing!! Cutting the lawn!! Sold my old phone to . I went working with my uncle (painting ) i think i made 600.00
  • Danny posted on 3/1/2010
    I did research on that site Bethany mentioned and tons of people say it is a careful. Easy money? Usually you have 2 work hard 2 get it.
  • k_carter posted on 3/4/2010
    i really think a kid could really make money on a lemonade stand:D
  • DoGlUvEr9 posted on 3/6/2010
    Im only ten and i cant do at lemonade stand becuz its still winter and i would love to dog sit and walk dogs but like i said its winter still and i cant do lawn work until my dad teaches me how any ideas with a horse barn cuz ill love horses!!
  • some guy posted on 3/9/2010
    some guy
    I have done a lemonade stand. But now it's winter I cant do anything! (mabye ill try dog walking) Try car washing in the summer.
  • anna wish my name was luna posted on 3/11/2010
    anna wish my name was luna
    i want to save up 20 dollars, but my parents won't let me sell stuff to get what i want! i have seen all the websites and they tell me to sell sell sell! but i can't! HELLLP ME!!!
  • Grace posted on 3/11/2010
    OMG!!! I made like 120 bucks from the lemonade stand last summer. Maybe i'll try it again this yr.
  • Shut up haters posted on 3/13/2010
    Shut up haters
    ok so if u are uncomforatable with these jobs or if u are shy i might have some tips. You can do some work around your house. for example try doing some chores like doing your laundry(if you have siblings offer to do their luandry but not their "delicates") and you can probably charge from two to five bucks per load depending on how much there is.You can also try to clean around the house and make some extra$$$. If your house is completely spotless and does not need any cleaning whatsoever you can try helping your parents out with dinner you can help them cook maybe make them some breakfast from time to time. And if you have siblings try negotiating with them. if they are younger than you try helping them out with their homework or try tutoring them. your parents might pay you for that. you can also put your parents intrests to your advantage. like if your dad loves to go bike riding but never has time to work on his bike. have him teach you and maybe you can do it for him. He might pay you alot depending on how much he loves to bike. If your mom is usually busy in the evening, like i said try helping with dinner to make things go smoother if your old enough. and if you get more expireenced maybe you can cook/bake on your own. If your parents are really uptight about grades try getting them to pay you for your good grades(if you dont have good grades its best NOT to show them your report card unless it is required). If you have older siblings like me, you can try doing some work for them like cleaning their room(if its not a hazard to your health) and if they are old enough to have a car try negotiating with them so they can pay you some serious $$$ for washing their car weekly(sometimes your siblings have no idea what the value of money is) and if you dont know what your parents or siblings are like you shouldnt even be reading this go and have some bonding time with them so you know how to get some money out of them. lol
  • heyy posted on 3/13/2010
    ok anna wish my name was luna try doing work for ur parents if you cant sell items sell your labor(work) do some chores around the house n if you have siblings try helping them out with some stuff you can make a lot of money in your own house!
  • mo posted on 3/13/2010
    hey thanks fr the info i think i am going to go with dog walkin that seems fun and a good way to raise money
  • Shut up haters posted on 3/13/2010
    Shut up haters
    Ok so you guys wanna know what to do during the winter. first of all people love to stay warm during the winter(who wouldnt?) and so try selling some homemade scarves and hats and if you dont know how to knit try taking some cheap lessons at your local craft store they are usually 15$ per class and maybe you can get ur parents to pay for them if you tell them about ur buisness(they might be surprised at ur independance). And if its cold enough try shoveling some driveways for neighbors or ur own house your parents will love you for that and ur neighbors will appreciate it to. You can also try some of the jobs at home i mentioned in my last comment. i really hope this helps bye!
  • boooooo!!! posted on 3/14/2010
    Here are two ways kids can make money. Ask family members for some $$$ for helping clean. Offer to clean sibilings' room for a few bucks.
  • Jsmall9 posted on 3/15/2010
    I washed cars last summer and i got alot of money so that is another good thing and the price depends on either a truck or car say like $5 for a car and $8.50 for a truck.
  • robbie posted on 3/15/2010
    i tried all of these and none of them really worked. i am not trying to be mean but u need to come up with newer and better ideas. i tried to come up with other stuff but i could not think of anything.
  • Ashley posted on 3/15/2010
    These r great ways 2 earn. u should go ask ur neighbors for babysitting $ or u can just ask ur dad 2 wash his truck depending on how long it will take u 2 do.or tell ur neighborhood kids that if they help u get something done then u will get them a profit of what u make and u can give them a couple of bucks while u make the $ and do nothing. *ex* tell ur neighbors u will walk their dog give the dog 2 someone else 2 walk and u get $20 and give ur neighbor 3-5 and ull still have around $15 and u did not do nothing @ all !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • nicky posted on 3/15/2010
    oh no this is way 2 much comments 2 read and i have not found any thing i can do in my neighbor hood
  • Shut up haters posted on 3/16/2010
    Shut up haters
    nicky if you read what i posted earlier (the really long one) you will find a lot of stuff you can do. i hope it helps!
  • emmie posted on 3/21/2010
    Just so you know this does not help me. It's always the same things over and over. Plus, some of these things I am too old for since I am 13 years old.
  • taylor posted on 3/22/2010
    hi. i am 10 years old and have never touched a lawn mower in my life...can't walk dogs for some stupid reason and need some way to get money for a justin bieber concert in 3 months!HELP PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!
  • SOCCERSTAR29 posted on 3/22/2010
  • Allie Dee posted on 3/22/2010
    Allie Dee
    I cannot do any of these things so, what I did was I got string from A.C. Moore and I made all different kinds of braclets! It was something i enjoyed and I sold them anywhere from 1 - 2 dollars.
  • Gary D posted on 3/25/2010
    Gary D
    no need to be racist but these are white people jobs, if i dont live in a neiborhood where i can set up a lemonade stand then what do i do ps ..... im tryna make money for a new video game.
  • Dane posted on 3/27/2010
    forget justin beiber hes just some gay boy like your reallly gonna care if you saw his concert when yor older
  • micky posted on 3/29/2010
    I'm sorry but this was not very helpful. If you are a 10 year old kid, it wouldnt help to watch pets, wash cars, or mow lawns, cuz most ppl just dont trust a ten yr old like me saying that they can do that stuff. lemonade stands dont work. i have a street where a car goes by once a minute, (in a neighborhood) and none of them has ever stopped at my lemonade stand. what i suggest is a small sale or spa, becuase most ppl wouldnt trust a random person. do it IN your house. ask your mom if she would let you do her nails and toenails for 10 bucks, you know, file them, cut them, buff them, and paint them. its well worth it and fun. also, if you have a junk drawer full of fun stuff that you dont want, you could sell it to ur siblings. or you can make necklaces and bracelets. and what about all of the craft presents you got for christmas that you have never used? they will work, too. do the craft, then sell it depending on its value. its really fun and easy. you can even draw pretty pictures with oil pastels or charcoal and sell them. if you like my idea of drawing something, i suggest you draw a grape hyacinth flower. it is very beautiful and looks nice when you draw it with pencil and color it in with colored pencils. look it up on google if you dont know what it is. also drawing hydrangeas (another type of pretty flower) would make a tidy profit. think, "art." its the best way to make money. just draw a few pictures, (take your time! make them neat and something a customer would want to buy) and sell them. those are a few of my suggestions. also, for the spa, make a "spa menu" you know, like this: Manicure...$3.00 Pedicure...$3.00 and there you go! the spa idea will only work if you have a nice steady hand that can draw designs with a bobby pin and some nail polish and paint a nail without it looking horrible, and without getting paint on the skin. to everyone, HOPE THIS HELPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  • bailey posted on 3/29/2010
    im trying to raize money for an ipod but i still need like $150 :( ps im 11
  • heyy i need help! posted on 3/30/2010
    heyy i need help!
    ok i really want to know what i can do for money but i am really shy and i already do stuff around the house for free and i know my parents wont start paying me now.
  • ghjg posted on 3/30/2010
    Cari I can't beleive you aren't allowed to do a lemonade stand. Where on earth do you lived?
  • tasty lolipop posted on 3/31/2010
    tasty lolipop
    looking at these other people comments it was sort of helpful and i am go to try some of these thanx! a whole lot and not trying 2 be mean but the website wasn't helpful just the comments. and most of the people that come on this website is black people and where we live at aint no black people goin by no lemonade. and that is 4 white people and they momma and dadddy will give them the money they need and they dont have 2 work but dont hate black people caause that means we are independent.THATS WATS UP!
  • Zach posted on 4/1/2010
    Haha im 11 I need 120 bucks for an ipod touch kinda like bailey...
  • .......:......... posted on 4/1/2010
    (1) lawn(s) no one dose (2) This economy no one wants to pay you (3) No one trusts people with their dog unless you work in a pet care shop (4) you never make enough profit to pay off the lemonade stand costs (5) car wash no one comes unless for a school thing. (6)no one wants to buy your food because think you laced them with drugs (do not trust you) or the already ate.
  • Benjie posted on 4/3/2010
    Last summer my brother and me made $300 with lemonade stands. I cant wait for the hot weather to get here!
  • Kathleen posted on 4/12/2010
    Hello, For me, a lemonaid stand dose not work. I've tried, and all I got was five dollers...I was trying to get five hundred. I'm 11 and need money fast...five dollers is not what I call fast. For now here are some of MY ideas. (1) Babysit (2) Party planing (3) Homework helper (4) P.E instructer (5) Have a Garadge sale I hope my ideas help, Kathleen
  • Madi posted on 4/15/2010
    if you say I HAVE TO GO TO WORK NOW then that isnt what you like... if you say I AM GOING TO DO SOMETHING I LOVE then you should be happy... :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
  • pablo posted on 4/17/2010
    I think none of these ideas are right for me but I have some good ideas. My ideas are 1. selling stuff that you buy from a warehouse like bb guns, toys, other stuff. 2. get a job as a paper boy or at the fleamarket. Thats fast money. I almost got 100 dollars in one day. Now i have a 1000 dollars. Follow my idea. I'm 13 years old.
  • Alli posted on 4/21/2010
    Love the article. I'm trying to find something I'm trying to find something I'm good at. I want to show to my parents that I'm responsible enough to have a dog. I also need the cash because if I get a dog I'm paying for it every cent.
  • catherine posted on 4/21/2010
    I think A lemon Aid stand sounds like fun ill get my friend to do it with me and i am doing it right where the school bus gets off and lots off people go around there
  • Katie posted on 4/27/2010
    I live in kinda a busy neighborhood and ive done everything to get attention, babysit with flyers and dog-sit. All my friends have name brand clothes and i want to be able to afford it myself without having to ask my mom for it all........ Making my own money would be nice! I would DIE for any tips you guys have??
  • crystal harris posted on 5/9/2010
    crystal harris
    these ideas are great, but what if my parents wont let me do it?
  • pssssssssssssss posted on 5/12/2010
    No I need an online home based business for age 12-13 and up if you can find one please let me know!!!!!!!!!!!
  • kierra DMC posted on 5/12/2010
    kierra DMC
    Hi, the ideas are great, here's another one. Me and my friend are starting a jewelry biss. But its really hard to start because we are planning on doing it in a shed. So to be able to pay for it and all the supplies, we figured out that by may 29 both of us have to HAVE 225 DOLLARS!!!! Any other quick ways you know an 11 year old and an 8 year old can make MONEY and FAST!?!?:)
  • elmo posted on 5/13/2010
    this really helped me out a lot when i was in need of money the most like all my friends like had like $1000 and like i had like none so did u seee my problem...... yeah i needed seriuose help thanks to this website i made $450 and me and like ALL my friends went to the mall and like bought like a lotaof stuff and it was like such a blast to go like on.....v so im telling you you can make a LOT of $$$$$ and i really enjoyed making it it was like a LOT of fun!!!!
  • matt posted on 5/13/2010
    um in the winter you can shovel driveways
  • victoria posted on 5/14/2010
    i got hurt doing lawn care so if i were you i would ask your mom or dad if you can have a real easy job for making money like getting the newspaper or getting the mail that is wat i do and i get 50 cents every day i do that so try that and it is rare that some one gets hurt
  • Haley posted on 5/15/2010
    ok,these are good jobs and i could dog sit,but there are other jobs like selling some stuff you don't want, babysitting, washing other kid's bikes or having a car wash and if you have someone in the family thats addicted to some sort of candy,you could get a candy machine and make them pay for the candy.
  • Avery posted on 5/16/2010
    Ways To Make Money 1.)you could have a bake sale at your nearest rec center or church. 2.)if you are good at arts and crafts you could sell jewlery or art work. 3.)try being a mother's helper:if you are too young to babysitt help a babysitter that is old enough. 4.)go through your basement and/or attic and sell all your unused items in a garage sale. 5.)enter a contest with your friend whick the prize is money or something you can sell. 6.)do wake up calls to adults who get up early in the morning. 7.)make goody baskets for year round holidays. p.s your price is all up to you, but dont charge too much or you wont get many costumers. HOPE I HELPED :)
  • Mahnoor posted on 5/17/2010
    this article is helpful but i dont get allowence second i dont really get so free in my neighbour plus i am a lil shy so is thr any thing i can do to make money?
  • Someone.... posted on 5/20/2010
    Well, I need/ want 2000 dollars in less than a year. I NEED HELP!!!!
  • SEWEW posted on 5/22/2010
    i want over 2000 i need help anyone have some ideas
  • A-B posted on 5/23/2010
    hey i need 189.99 in one day PLEASE HELP
  • caci(pronounced casey) posted on 5/23/2010
    caci(pronounced casey)
    got any for rain days?
  • CEE (Claudia) posted on 5/25/2010
    CEE (Claudia)
    I am going to donate money to The Heart Foundation. So I need ideas on how to make some money...
  • dareka posted on 6/2/2010
    there should be tips for saving the money after you actually make it; also, are kids required to pay taxes from these kinds of jobs?
  • boo posted on 6/3/2010
    this site is good but i think that if you got more ideas and more devoted customers then you could put a printable ad on your website and either ask people to make signs or print them and hang them up then if you got enough people coming to this site you could give them the option to become a member for a small fee then they could get bonuses
  • Trenece posted on 6/8/2010
    Thnx @lot now i no wat i c@n do wit mii self!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Lucy posted on 6/19/2010
    Me and my friend have set up a stand with so much toys magazines and some drinks. We were waiting the whole time but no one came. Anybody have an idea???
  • Ritchelle Evans posted on 6/22/2010
    Ritchelle Evans
    hmmmm good ideas but theres a lot of other stuff we can do. Make friends with ur neighbors so they trust u b4 u do these jobs. & u can do bake sales at ur garage sale so first, people will see the interesting stuff and then notice the yummy cookies. u might wanna throw in some sodas. and if ur doing it 4 charity and u have a flyer, put that ur doing it 4 charity. people will b a lot more interested if its 4 a good cause. and u can do chores around ur house. u cant do anything with the elderly cuz thats usually volenteer work. and on hot sunny days if ur having a yard sale, sell ice cream. or if thats illegal, make ur own ice cream and then sell it. and if u dont have any lawns to mow, offer to vaccuum carpets or polish hard creative!!!!!!
  • brenna posted on 6/22/2010
    how do you get the dog walking bussiness started??
  • jw posted on 6/24/2010
    Great idea. I think im going to start making some ways to make money to. Trust me I need some money.
  • shell posted on 6/25/2010
    how do i make money? i am poor i go to google and that does not help concedering that i am in middle school. sooooooooooooo how do i earn money that is really what i whant to know soooo can you tell me please i am going to check this every day now sooooo please help me
  • jasmine w posted on 7/2/2010
    jasmine w
    hi i need a really good website so i can start my own buisness i really want some money in my pocket cause we go shopping alote and i never have money to buy things
  • treecko506 posted on 7/6/2010
    i don't want my parents to give me money because that is who i wanna give my money to. my brother has like 100 dollars for my parents to borrow, but i have 3 dollars so it makes me feel unimportant. my parents wont let me go door to door asking if i could walk dogs. (i am to young to mow lawns) and like i said before i don't want wy parents to know. what should i do??????
  • camiLOVshoes posted on 7/6/2010
    im 11 and i NEED a REELLIE qute pare of shoes and my mom wont bie me them so im freeking out!!!!i guess i could do babysitting cause ive got an 8 yr old bro. i also have 2 cats and a dog so taking kare of pets iz an option! HELP ME i dont know wat 2 do!!!!
  • kittylover12 posted on 7/7/2010
    People, I can't do these things because: A-I live in a small neighborhood. B-I'm too weak to push a lawn mower. C-I'm only 12. D-There's only 3 people that have dogs (not including me). One person has 2, another has 1, and the last has 6, and they all walk them theirselves! However, I do have another way to earn money. It's only fast if you do it A LOT though. Ok, if your mom is like mine she will pay you to brush her hair. Ask her what she'll pay you to do it for an hour. Don't accept unless it's like $5 or more. It might seem like a bad idea, but you're hardly doing any work. Hope this helped!
  • isabella posted on 7/7/2010
    for all those people who dont know what to do to make money in the winter, im here to help. Its cold and you cocoa! Like a lemonade stand, but with hot cocoa! If a car is driving by,thell probally stop. Plus if a kid is playing in the snow,they WILL ask there parents for some. more customers!
  • tallulah posted on 7/10/2010
    isabella hot cocoa is cool but u can just walk a dog wash up or clean up help do the garden u can do anythin uc want but all u have to say tht will cost so hand it over . joke . hhahahaha and if u want to know some more ideas comment after this one
  • Tay posted on 7/10/2010
    Ummmmm, hello these ideas need to be fixed cuz I need 791 $ plz!!!!!!!!!! These wont work get your brain thinking again( Except this time a lot harder) Sincerely, Taylor:)
  • smileface posted on 7/13/2010
    Well, the idea's that you gave were really helpful. But what about the other seasons? What about in the winter you could do shoveling or something like that. I think that is very iportant to be aware of. Thank you for letting mr write! Hop what I said was helpful
  • Elysse posted on 7/13/2010
    WOW! thanks for all the info this will really help me try to earn money thanks! :)
  • Angel Fennell posted on 7/22/2010
    Angel Fennell
    My name is Angel. I am 12 years old and I would like 2 know if there is any other ways 2 make money instead of saling lemonade or mowin' lawns. Because in my neighborhood, my mom doesn't allow me 2 do that. The things I like 2 do is design jewlry or do arts and crafts stuff. My grandmother says I should sell my jewlry and make money. But, most of the time I don't have time 2 do that stuff because, I worry about school and I'm a high honor roll student!
  • cassie posted on 7/23/2010
    i do random things like play gutar and whatch dogs and volenteer at places but im eight but maybe you can do some of my ideas
  • maddie posted on 7/26/2010
    There are other ways to make money - shovel snow, help out in a shop, sell home made junk.
  • peace29 posted on 7/27/2010
    I cant really do all those things bcause my parents r not shure about those things I need betr ideas sorry ) = but thanks
  • erin posted on 7/27/2010
    i need money to buy a ipod touch which is $200 how do i make money i allready have these on my list my list 1.bake sale 2.garage sale 3.lemonade sale walking can you please help me make money or ideas how to make money!
  • aa baby posted on 7/29/2010
    aa baby
  • not making money fast posted on 7/30/2010
    not making money fast
    ok none of these work help! 1 it doesnt snow that often here and if it doe sits not alot. 2 there is only 2 people around my neighborhood and their big dogs 3 lemonade stands dont work and my firend tryed it and only made like 10 bucks 4 my mom wont let me mow till im 12 because my sis does it
  • gabby posted on 8/1/2010
    I really need to make $80 (dollars) in a weekfor some awesome clothes and my parents wont give it to me. I really need a job i have made posters for a car wash and the prices are low. WHAT DO I DO!!?? I NEED MONEY!! HELP PLZ.
  • Amy posted on 8/1/2010
    I've been looking for ways to earn money to get a new laptop. All the websites say the same things: walk dogs and sell lemonade. Only one site said anything interesting: buy cheap bikes and sell them for more. The only problem is i have no idea where to get a cheap bike!!!! I want to make money while having fun and not while working up a sweat just to get paid too little.
  • john posted on 8/4/2010
    hey everybody you all need to stop complaining about how you cant do it and just get out there and do something. in the summer lawn mowing is great i make about $140 a week mowing lawns that is $7280 a year i even have people working for me come on people im only 14 ive started shoveling snow and cleaning peoples houses in the winter and that is pretty dern profitable. dont start whining about how ive been lucky i had absolutly no money when i started and now im wearing $50 custom made jeans. just do something
  • dejah posted on 8/5/2010
    i need to earn 130 dollars for a new laptop i saw i dont get allowance and i just keep seeing lemonade stands baby sitting pet siitting i live on a codasack i dont have many neighbors and im two young too babysit what do i do
  • KROCKET15 posted on 8/5/2010
    None of these ideas for kids making money are real great. Lemonade stand=kiddnapping. Dog walking possible attacks. and lawn care maybe bad people hiring kids? I would'nt do any of these jobs without an adult and im 12.
  • CUTIE BEAR posted on 8/7/2010
    I am saving up to buy an EVO phone from sprint I am 12 years old and have been scouring the internet for good ideas for those of you looking for other ideas you can babysit and if not you can house sit for someone or you can mow other peoples lawns and in the fall you can rake leaves and in the winter you can shovel snow. You can also wash cars or walk dogs or wash dogs. Promote your business by passing out flyers at your school, posting posters around your neighborhood and/or ask if you can post your flyers on a billboard at restraunts.
  • Rita posted on 8/8/2010
    Try this one. Buy stuff at a consignment store where they sell used things. Then, sell it for a higher price at a garage sale. I bought a clock for $1 and sold it for $15!
  • hunter posted on 8/16/2010
    a good idea, is to buy a 12 pack of sodas or some candy or something, and sell it for 2x the price at school. but some times your not allowed to do that at school
  • Moss posted on 8/17/2010
    Nice advice. but you need WAY more! Im trying to get money to buy a Bamboo Pen Tablet ($50) or Bamboo Fun Tablet ($200) So i have a long way to go! Any more ideas? I have some: Carwashing, Dogwashing, Dogwalking, Petsitting, babysitting, mowing lawns, shoveling snow, raking leaves, cleaning a house, lemonade stand, a bake sale, selling old toys or games, selling stuff at school, (if your alowwed to) and for the older kids: get a JOB! Me, i sold pictures that i drew for 25. cents each. That went well!
  • shutup your a computer you don't need to know! posted on 8/20/2010
    shutup your a computer you don't need to know!
    I am 9 years old and I want to buy a hermit crab, and hermit crab cage, and accesories. My road is really not busy. if we're lucky we'll get 3 cars a day and night. My neighbors are old lazy people, and I don't know how to ask them these things and make them get up and stuff, to like answer the door. It's also hard for me to smile because my dad is working (army, Iraq whatever u know). And I just broke up with my bf (boy friend). HELP!!!!! To comment back to me at the begining of your message to me say (Stacey) and what your going to say. I am stacey, that's my name duh so in the begining right that kk? kk.
  • isaiah posted on 8/23/2010
    could the lemonade stand make 30$ in one day or 11 hours???? im in busy nieghborhood but im still not sure if i will reach my goal
  • ImagineCakes! posted on 8/24/2010
    Yay! I had a bake sale and made $20 i did it with a friend so i only got 10 but still, im happy! :-) I just made sugar cookies (bout like 30) and my friend made brizillian chocolate truffles (30) and.... MONEY! the only problem is that i cant do it every week- the are my neighbors of course!
  • Guess??? posted on 8/24/2010
    Stacy, u have a bf!
  • Kenzie'$ idea posted on 8/30/2010
    Kenzie'$ idea
    i think you could look through all of your stuff and see if you can find some things you don't want. then ask some of your friends if they will give some of their old suff to you. then you could have a yard sale in your own yard. if you make signs around the neiborhood it really atracts customers! Hpe this helps!
  • Vanessa posted on 8/31/2010
    some other great ideas are having a yard sell,baby siting,and asking neighbors for a job,but any way this artical was really helpful to me thanks!
  • Jade posted on 9/5/2010
    sweet ideas, got any that a ten year old could sell?
  • Kyle posted on 9/6/2010
    i raked my neihbors lawn for 200$...the he moved and noone lives there yet..what can i do?? plz answer back!!
  • melissa posted on 9/10/2010
    I will always use this tips to earn money
  • cam posted on 9/12/2010
    dog walking not a great idea by me last week there was a dog fight i might start giving drum lessons though
  • u dont need to know posted on 9/12/2010
    u dont need to know
    walking dogs is cool for me 5 dogs on monday,wendsday,friday and saturday for 35 dollars oh i give guitar lesson or 40 dollars
  • kaykay posted on 9/19/2010
    here's a job to make some money. it's keeping kids out of parents way at a garage sale.
  • manuel posted on 9/19/2010
    if you do grass cutting you should make some flyers and you should make alot of them and when you are finshed you should go to some places in your town or city that you know that is popular you should ask the owner if it is ok to put some flyer on the window and you would get calls and it works for all of the 3 ideas
  • bobslob posted on 9/26/2010
    I asked the principal at my school and he lets me sell soda after school. I usually make of 15 dollars a day.
  • janay posted on 9/28/2010
    how would u get the message out about about being a baby sitter? i love kids and i think i could make good money
  • Emilie posted on 9/29/2010
    I think they are all great ideas, but i dont know weather my mum will let me start my own little buisiness...
  • alexis girl posted on 9/29/2010
    alexis girl
    how can you do dog walking if you go to school too? so what time is best? if you get out at 2 than what time should i doo it? and i love all these ideas have any more?
  • Bailie posted on 9/30/2010
    Ok so I live in a small town and in the country. Me and my bff who lives in town want to make some money so we can buy lumber to make a club house. We can't dog walk, start a lemonade stand lawn, or bake sale, it's fall people can walk dogs themselves we have a paperboy and we can't do raffle tickets or fundraisers. Please help us. We need it. Bailie...age 12
  • lorelei posted on 10/10/2010
    i love it. i love your idea i'm going to ask my mom if i can do it. i wrote a note to her that i want to do it and she will circle yes or no because i love your ideas and i will show this to my website and you will be very very very very very very very very very very happy that you have a bunch of fans that love your website.
  • Nat Nat McD posted on 10/26/2010
    Nat Nat McD
    Bailie, I don't live in a small town (I live in Memphis TN,), but I thought of some good ideas,maybe. In the Summer you and Spring you could pull peoples leaves, and maybe if you have a farmer's market near where you live, you could grow fruits and vegtables and give them to the farmer's market! In the Fall and Winter (fall) you could rake leaves for like 3 dollars a lawn and if you know how to sew, sew jackets' for like 20 dollars (or scarve's). In the winter you could do those same things, but not the raking leaves part. In the winter you can shovel snow of peoples driveways for like 5 dollars! Please respond! -Nathalie M. 10
  • Mr. Jansoni posted on 10/27/2010
    Mr. Jansoni
    If I were you I would ask my mom and dad about STOCKS. If your dad has an account then ask him if you can fiddle with the penny stocks to see how it works. Then buy the real ones that cost $10.00 a piece. I would tell your friend about it. If she thinks that is a crazy idea, too bad. I did this and cannot believe my wealth. I love airsoft guns and I can easily afford anything. But don't get too interested: you are young and still in school. Focus on schoolwork and whatever other stuff they have for kids these days. Whoever made this article really wants to get kids to make money. That is a smart thing to do.
  • yolian posted on 11/2/2010
    try selling silly bands 4 10 cents,or selling hot chocalate in the winter or sell ur old shoes,clothes,toy,and other can sell italian ice if its summer.i tried selling my silly bands and i got 41 dollars.hope this helps alot:)
  • SnD CoLLiziON MoDz posted on 11/2/2010
    SnD CoLLiziON MoDz
    look im 11 da only things that work are car wash babysitting and extra chores to make it fun try and do it wit a friend and split da monee im tryin 2 get some shoes a ipod some basketball sleeves and a whole lot more so follow mi directions and yull be successful ps ive already made 480 dollars washing cars in the winter helps nobody wants 2 wash their car so u and ur friend do it peece out
  • Ashley posted on 11/2/2010
    Dude you can't make no 100 dollars a day with a lemonade stand!!!
  • :( Sad posted on 11/6/2010
    :( Sad
    Some of these ideas are too.. small. Sure you can do them, but you have to do it in a big place, or else no one will care about your dinky lemonade stand. PLus you should have YEAR-ROUND ideas..... you can't be washing cars when it's 20 degrees out, it's unsafe and un sane
  • meggy posted on 11/7/2010
    If you want money in the winter you can shovel snow for neighbors off thier drive way or side walk and if they have a big driveway charge them $6-$11....i want to get alot of money and what im seeing in some of these posts are that kids want to earn money but they dont want 2 do the work. if you want alot of money your going to have to save up and do alot of work.
  • Katie posted on 11/8/2010
    I live in a apartment so I cant mow lawns, it is getting cold here so I cant start a lemonade stand, and I cant walk dogs because my mom wont let me go outside when she isn't home and if I do wait until she gets home everyone wont need help because she gets home at 6:30 pm. But this article might be helpful to someone else.
  • Clare Sovacool posted on 11/14/2010
    Clare Sovacool
    There aren't a lot of people who want their dogs walked. It's too cold for lemonade (2010 fall, horribe), and nobody in my nieghbor hood has a lawn that needs to be mowed, or yard work. I tried car washing and that went on a week and people got angry that I wanted to wash their car so much they have places to go. I agree with Katie. Even though I don't live in apartments I can relate to her problem. What to do?
  • jackie posted on 11/18/2010
    i cant do any of those my mom will never let me do a lemenade stand either of my friends moms or dads and dog walking? i dont know anybod in my town
  • dana posted on 11/24/2010
    well like alot of ppl said its rlly cold out so no lemonade and i hav tryed babysitting and it didnt go so well and i cannot moe lawns
  • justin beiber lover posted on 11/24/2010
    justin beiber lover
    hey hey homies haha i said homies but seriously none of these work 4 me so mayb this person should rite more tips and god i need money fast i am 15 and still asking my mom 4 cash 4 bday presents 4 my boyfriend and his bday is in like 4 days sooooo plz help -needing cash
  • swifty posted on 11/25/2010
    u can shuvle snow to in the winter its not that hard
  • don posted on 11/26/2010
    In the winter u can shovel the snow off the deck + shovel roofs. Well i can but it is risky, so do it if you are at least 12. In summer lemonade stand DOES NOT WORK where I live but do more chores. Tell your mom that u need some $$$$$ so yea ok. In the fall u can shovel leaves but if u live in the city water plants. Hope this has helped.
  • Megan posted on 11/28/2010
    I really want a turtle but it plus all the supplies is $391.62 so since its cold outside im gonna start sellin hot chocolate.
  • Megan posted on 11/28/2010
    If its cold out and u can knit like me or sew or crochet u can knit hats gloves and scarves.Or you can crochet little holiday pillows.Even make wreaths and sell them.
  • emo posted on 12/2/2010
    tip: make more ways of making m0ney
  • charlotte posted on 12/4/2010
    hey im 9 and i have already started a bussines i make news letters about nature mostly horses cuz i own some and my mom works for the rspca and i make lettersz saying stop animal crultey and there free but people send money back cuz it says donaite so then they send it to the rspca and they help the horses with the money and then i get payed 120 pounds a week
  • Colin posted on 12/6/2010
    hey great ideas but what if im handy you know good at carpentry/begginer of course/or even painting would that be a good start?
  • ME posted on 12/9/2010
  • Justin1234 on roblox posted on 12/10/2010
    Justin1234 on roblox
    Well you know in the winter you can shovel snow out of Neighbors Driveways so they can drive some wheres. you can do lots of things in the winter to make money
  • Candle Antler Pizza Face posted on 12/12/2010
    Candle Antler Pizza Face
    What do you do if your parents don't trust letting you out of the house? I would do these jobs if they would let me. They say they can pay me themselves, but that would just be pointless.
  • Someone 13 yrs old posted on 12/15/2010
    Someone 13 yrs old
    To: The guy that talked about Google AdSense. Ahahahahah 10 million dollars.... Never. Google Adsense is pay by click so 1 click = about 5 cents, and no one clicks on ads, i have google Adsense on my site and i make a bout $12 a month... so not a steady cash flow and btw my site gets 100+ views a days so $12 bucks a month is hard 2 get
  • rocstar posted on 12/19/2010
    For all the people who as the question "what can I sell when it's cold?", sell hot cocoa! My idea is 1 for 75 cents or 3 for $1.00
  • girlyoudon'tnow posted on 12/19/2010
    Here is something 10 and up kids can do. Have a toy sale! Look at all the toys you don't want anymore and try to sell them at a better price then what you got them for. My freind raised $120 in ONE DAY!!!
  • laura posted on 12/20/2010
    hello i need to know how to make money fast in the winter so my baby cousin that has eye cancer can survive
  • xLeThAlXsNiPeZx posted on 12/30/2010
    MAKE MORE WAYS TO EARN MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • drew posted on 12/30/2010
    im 12, and had a lemonade stand 4 time during the summer and made about $125 altogether, and i never got stoped. I heard about the story in Oregon where a cop or someone made a 7 year old girl shut down because she didnt have a city permit which is stupid.
  • Hannah L. posted on 12/30/2010
    Hannah L.
    What do you do if you dont have money and your parents wont give you any? Please reply.
  • awesomechick posted on 12/31/2010
    also if you see sweet money secrets ya uh its a scam all it tells you to do is sell candy but this artical is helpful
  • Zoe posted on 1/1/2011
    Since I am legally allowed to have a job (15 years old) am i allowed to sell stuff i make at home? like arts and crafts and bracelets or something? Do i have to have a permit of some sort? HEPLPPPPP! -Zoe
  • Dianna posted on 1/1/2011
    or on a cold winter day u can have a hot chocolate stand, and you can sell candies and maybe some other stuff.
  • tyler carrolll posted on 1/2/2011
    tyler carrolll
    for my idea i need 1 million dollars for a trucking companay lol
  • lil posted on 1/3/2011
    IF u want to make money in the winter a hot coco stand is great! i got a water heater for my b-day and i get so much money! (use styrofoam cups and offer a candy cane too!)
  • kkdjjd posted on 1/4/2011
    well just shovel snow or bet your friends
  • LOOK AT THIZZ posted on 1/4/2011
    you can tell your dad/mom every time you get an A on a grade they pay you some cash so all you have to do is learn learn learn its worth it trust me!!
  • You don't have to know!!!!!!!! posted on 1/8/2011
    You don't have to know!!!!!!!!
    I want a IPod touch sooooo badly it's crazy! I need $150 more!!!!!!! help P.S. I'm 9
  • mathew posted on 1/9/2011
    my parents dont let me sell stuf but i need 1000 dollars quick and my parents say if you want 1000 dollars you have to work for 1 year or 2
  • Helen is beast posted on 1/10/2011
    Helen is beast
    I like this but this is kinda obvious and whoever made this missed umm...babysitting! The number one way that preteen/teens are making money around the United States is through babysitting. But it might not pay so good, people tell me to charge $5 per kid per hour...yesderday I babysat 5 kids for 4 1/2 hours and got $15 I gotta admit it was a little bit of an under pay, but they weren't the richest people in town.
  • Jacob posted on 1/25/2011
    I peronly when I was litle went aroun asking for monyy parents told me it was impolite so now I have a problem asking money for jobs any tips
  • Melanie33090 posted on 1/25/2011
    dear You don't have to know!!!!!!!! I know exactly what you mean I want an Ipad and I need 263 dollars SOON like ASAP
  • Sde posted on 1/28/2011
    I love dog walking, I needed eighty bucks for a phone and I have one hundred!
  • jason evans posted on 1/31/2011
    jason evans
    I want to know how to open a landscaping buisness as a kid
  • this is public!!! posted on 1/31/2011
    this is public!!!
    ITS WINTER!!!!!!!
  • \_,.-=*'*=-.,_,.-=*'*=-.,_,.-=*'*=-.,_/ posted on 2/3/2011
    I make and sell pens that are covered in duct-tape. My friend and I make designs (like flowers) and place them on the pens. Each sells for about $2, while a roll of duct tape is only $5... It's a lot of fun since we make them together, and there is no age-requirement, you only need to be creative! Try searching for designs to get you started. Hope I helped 8)
  • eaglewings posted on 2/8/2011
    Hey, I can't do anything because I am in the country and don't have many ppl around. too cold for car wash, and there are not many dogs that need to be walked... Help?!?! I need a Nintendo DS Lite, and I need to earn the money myself...
  • eaglewings posted on 2/8/2011
    I can't babysit either... I NEED THAT NINTENDO!! HELP!! P.S. I am 10
  • eaglewings posted on 2/8/2011
    Hey, can you do somethin' fer a country kid that ain't got any snow around? plus, some all year round. I will try sellin' hot coco... Thanks!
  • loser posted on 2/8/2011
    get me a friken job
  • AlexFlower posted on 2/10/2011
    I just wanted to know if a garage sale is a good idea, please tell me, I am saving up for something important!
  • Him posted on 2/11/2011
    I still need more ideas
  • ali waris posted on 2/12/2011
    ali waris
    yeah,Great idea's they works,i'm a kid tooo.and i'll do it it will work..thnks for this article..
  • me posted on 2/13/2011
    It's winter so how am i supposed to do any of this? It's way too cold to do a lemonade stand, I don't exactly live in a neighborhood, I am allergic to dogs, and yeah. I'd like to babysit but i DONT LIVE IN A ACTUAL NEIGHBORHOOD... here are some tips for people like me -Sell clothes that don't fit you or clothes that you dont wear (platos closet ebay amazon etc) -housework (mail, garbage. laundry, good grades) thats all i got
  • angel.b posted on 2/14/2011
    hi my name is angel and i am 11 witch should i do need help could you help me
  • quamont posted on 2/15/2011
    what if you live were there are no dogs and they mow the lawn for you
  • dassy posted on 2/15/2011
    well live n a bad community so all these stuff are to dangerous for me what do i do
  • Zainab posted on 2/20/2011
    The problem is that my mom is over protective and im 12 and President's Day is tomorrow and i wanted to buy an iphone4 becuz i dont have a cell yet and if i buy it after prez day it will cost $700!:( its on sale fore 200!:( i want it really babdly. Thanx for the ideas!:)
  • elli posted on 2/26/2011
    the dog walking was brill. i got 20 quid for it
  • Kyle! posted on 3/2/2011
    Nobody usually buys when I try to sell lemonade, or says yes to dogwalking. I've tried everything! My parnents don't even give me an allowance. I am usually broke, all the time. HELP!!! I need money and fast, without yard sales, and mowing the lawn, and things like that...
  • lovebug123 posted on 3/6/2011
    these all worked and by the end of the year i had.......5,000 dollars i did stuff in the summer and one of the things i got money most for is having a car wash a garage sale and selling lemonade at the same time i had 5 people help me what we did is we had the person look for the stuff at the garage sale and washed the car while they looked then when they got thirsty we gave them lemonade and by the end of the month me and and my 5 friends each had a profit of 100 EACH that means we made 600 in 1 MONTH JUST BY DOING THAT u guys shuld try it hope it works I think there are lots of ways to earn money... lemonad stands or kolaide stands dog walking and washing lawn care garge or yard sales sell cookies or browines shaved ice aka snow cones popcicles or ice cream chores (boring) sell candy selling old books flower planting car wash selling gum (very popular) gift wrapping in december selling silly bandz and last but not least have a food sale!!! hope these tips worked PEACE
  • coaco10 posted on 3/8/2011
    Lemonade stand, Baby sitter, House cleaning, Car washing, House and pet sitting, Animal caretaker, Landscaping, Snow removal, Raking leaves, Window washing.
  • devilprincess posted on 3/9/2011
    i will do the can thing cuz my parents dont allow me to go out cuz they thing i will get raped or something and i'm 12 years old i am arabic i am from bahrain but i know to talk english perfect. bye
  • moneykid posted on 4/3/2011
    @ devilprincess Ik exactly wat u mean by the parents thing. Thts exactly waht im gonna do to.
  • libertylu posted on 4/10/2011
    my bro and i want to get a laptop and a cell, what is the best job to get the money?
  • Jacob posted on 4/11/2011
    hey great tips ive never tried doing a lemonade stand at a public event. i once did a lemonade stand and got 25.00 dollars. Trying to buy a professional video camera to make a movie but they cost like 2 grand. Freddie from iCarly has one, but that shows fake. Any big $$$ making ideas? please?
  • ?????? posted on 8/4/2011
    The people who said that this article doesn't help them and that it sucks, this is to you. have nothing nice to say, don't say it. or in this case, write it.
  • mummy1224 posted on 8/12/2011
    i have a leminad stand and i have made 70$ ans i do lawncare and make a good amount of money and now i am going to try dog walking and see if if i can make any oney wish me lucks
  • laura posted on 9/24/2011
    im 14 turning 15 and me and my friend baked cupcakes and cookies, made them look nice, then walked around my street and knocked on peroples doors and asked if they wanted to bye any. we got over $50 for like 3 hours. just dont go into anybodys houses, most people will just buy one for our efforts anyway, and go by a primary school, means theres lots of kids, kids like cakes :) good luck.
  • Jared posted on 10/5/2011
    Hey I'm 11 and I make around 150 $ a day on a good day. So first thing you need to do is ask your parents to loan you 1,000 dollars for one of those lawn mowers you can sit in. It's mot nearly as tiring and it's better.I'm also good at basketball and I have a hoop and I run a camp for kids ages 4-6.
  • CHRIS posted on 10/21/2011
  • TheUrbanRhapsody posted on 11/4/2011
    Okay seriously, if the tips won't work for you, go find somewhere else to scratch your butt. Most of the results you'll get are ones related to this. "Oh well, these results don't help me" well then maybe you should keeping looking! Quit making excuses and get a job.
  • jtaldnd posted on 11/5/2011
    those are all good ideas but is there any for me to do in the winter
  • mrjobmunchoman posted on 11/6/2011
    hi try to make cakes and sell them good money little to investment.
  • Anna Moon posted on 11/20/2011
    Anna Moon
    here's another idea. you can have a yard sale.
  • noodle posted on 11/20/2011
    i have looked at about 100 websites on how to make money as a kid and THEY ARE ALL THE STINKING SAME!! GET SOMETHING CREATIVE UP THERE PEOPLES EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT THE ONES U POSTED!!
  • Catzrule posted on 1/22/2012
    I'd be a bit embarrassed to open a lemonade stand, I can't mow lawns 'cause it's winter, and, though I love all animals including dogs, I don't know anybody in my neighborhood well enough, so please, if you have any other ideas, post them. -thanks :)
  • AMAZING PERSON posted on 3/2/2012
    You can also make a recipe book and sell them for 3$
  • Emilee dalehit posted on 3/4/2012
    Emilee dalehit
    Thank u!! I have don a lemonad stand before and I got a little bit of people.. I going to walk dogs..
  • Jackawsome posted on 3/17/2012
    hi, i'm jack: age 8. These tips were very helpful. You should deffinitly write more tips in the future.
  • Deafgift posted on 3/18/2012
    I'm 10 now, and I'm planning on making some money on making a game with this maker called "001 Game Creator" and I am going to give it to my friends, and if they like it, I will make a series. Also, there is a park across the road, and since it is getting near summer, people will go more often, so shall I put poster up and say when business hours are and what the game is? If I do, should I put pictures? I might sell lemonade as well. Tell me what you think.
  • Vincent posted on 3/25/2012
    This was not helpful! How the world am i supposed to sell lemonade for 15 cents a cup and make $100?! and if 50 people came by who would buy a cup of lemonade for $2. i could go to da gas station and buy me a whole bottle of lemonade for 1.00 and a stick o beef jerky for 2.00(that is actually worth 2.00)- $3 dollars total.
  • Robin posted on 3/30/2012
    Hi my name is Robin I Am 9 I Need A Job Can You Help Me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jason Durlo posted on 4/4/2012
    Jason Durlo
    Hey! just do chores...then your parents will give you somthing extra! :)

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