How to Make Money If You Are a Kid

Tips for Kids on How to Make Money

Written by Madi Gaebler for Gaebler Ventures

Wondering how to make money if you are a kid? Here are some great tips for kids on how to make money. Cash doesn't come easy, but with our help, you'll get the money you want.

Kids are always wondering what they can do to make money.

Naturally, it will take work and determination. Plus it's always good to plan ahead.

How much time are you willing to spend in order to get the money and what is it that you want to get out of the working experience? There are many different jobs kids can do but it all depends on what will work for you.

Here are some helpful tips on making money when you are a kid.

Picking a Way to Make Money When You Are a Kid

There are many jobs out there for kids of all ages. Some of these include baby sitting, lawn mowing, leaf raking, dog walking and many more.

When you're picking your job think of something you will enjoy. If you like babies, then maybe babysitting is best for you. If you enjoy getting down on the ground and doing some hard work, then perhaps yard work is good for you.

Managing Your Business As It Grows

Another thing to consider when choosing a job is how much time the job will take to do.

For example, if your job is mowing lawns, it will take you about a half an hour per job. Let's say you start out with two customers. Both of them want you to mow their lawn twice a week. You'll do one house on Monday, another on Tuesday, and because you're mostly free on Saturdays you'll do both of the houses on Saturday.

One day you're mowing a customer's lawn and your neighbor walk up to you and asks if you would mow his lawn. Of course, you accept. Soon, by word of mouth, your business is becoming more popular.

Soon you have 5 customers. Now you're spending five hours on your business each week. One of the best things to do if you're in the situation of having too much work is raising your prices.

This may prevent getting new customers and maybe one of your customers will stop asking you to mow their lawn but because the demand went up, you had to raise your price in order to not get too overloaded.

Of course, the other option is to say no to new customers. Or, if you really want to grow your business, you can hire some other kids to do the work. Pay them half the money and you'll get paid for doing nothing.

Special Tips for Babysitters

An important tip if you're going into the baby sitting business is to be prepared.

If you know the children are wild, bring something with you that will tire them out and try to keep them away from sugar.

If the kids love video games and you expect the parents will want to you to keep them away from video games, bring something fun that they will like and that everybody will enjoy, and keep them from thinking about their video games. Sometimes a good thing is to bring a good movie which keeps them occupied.

Make sure that they get to bed on time and make sure that they understand that when you say its time to go to bed, its time to go to bed.

The best thing to do when you're hoping to be asked to babysit by the customer again is follow their direction, because they're the people that are going to decide whether or not to hire you again. The key is to not do everything the kids want you to do. Especially if it's something the parents wouldn't like.

Don't let the kids overwhelm you. It is always good to be in control.

Madi Gaebler is an expert on kids and money. In her spare time, she enjoys playing soccer and spending time with her friends.

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Have any good ways for kids to earn money that you could share with other kids? What do you think about our article on how kids make money? Please give us your comments, tips and suggestions. Thanks!

  • Amanda posted on 6/17/2009
    hi, i am 12 years and i know that getting a job when you are a kid can be easy (i think). i got a job volunteering at my city's library and they sometimes need alot of help like to put books away and it has made me a very responsibe and i hope you try this cause sometimes librarians can seem really "mean" but when you get to know them they really aren't
  • Jesse posted on 7/25/2009
    Why is it that when someone gives a child advice as to how they could best make money they give them some worthless and boring idea of a lemonade stand or babysitting or dog walking? Do you think that that's all we're capable of? I almost started up a business online that could (potentially) have made me up to over 150K per year but I didn't follow through with it.
  • c-dawg posted on 8/9/2009
    hey y dont u try garage sale? great way to make money is gettin rid of things u dont need, but u get paid $$ for it! my family got over 150$ from garage sale once! another way is to do chores like washing the car.
  • katt541 posted on 8/31/2009
    i wanna kno more ways to make $$, all people say is do a lemonade stand, well that is boring! Or babysit, well my mom won't let me babysit people who i don't kno, and i don't kno anyone with kids that need a babysitter. so now what?!?!
  • Maddison posted on 10/2/2009
    Thanks for these good money-making ideas for kids like me. I have checked on sooo many sites and none of them realy help me to make money. Yours is better than most of them. I'm thinking about making money by a garage sale selling things i dont want or mayby i could make toys and teddies (thats easy) and sell them! What do you think?
  • Madi Gaebler posted on 10/2/2009
    Madi Gaebler
    Maddison, that's a great idea for making money. Give it a try and let us know how it goes. Good luck!
  • john posted on 10/20/2009
    hi im trying to get more money but i have to not tease for one day then ill get 1 doller but i need more lik 5 to 8 or something like that.
  • fake name lisa posted on 11/23/2009
    fake name lisa
    the snow removal and craft sale sounds good for me, cause i'm good at beading and shoveling. thanks for all these ways for kids to make money!
  • Jessie posted on 12/30/2009
    Hey I need help! My Parents refuse to pay me for The Chores I do and they say I'm Too young To Babysit or Do Lawn Work. Plus I've already had a Garage Sale so I don't have any more stuff to get rid of and I Live in Florida so it doesn't snow, I need The Money For My Pets
  • Tesa posted on 12/30/2009
    If anyone is interested in baby-sitting, I'd recomend taking a Baby-sitting course first. I took the one that the American Red Cross offered when I was 11. I didn't start to get clients until my later years of being 12, but it's a win-win situation. The sitter feels more confident when they baby-sit because they know how to handle an emergency situation if one arises. Then the parents are more inclinded to ask for your services becasue they can trust you with their beloved children! Hope this helps! It worked for me! Good luck1! :)
  • Gabriella posted on 1/16/2010
    I'm only 11, and this summer i was thinking about selling popcorn and lemonade. I have a plan, physicaly and financially. Can;t wait 'till summer!
  • Kara posted on 1/23/2010
    I'm wondering will selling stuff on Ebay work...Is it worth it...CDAWG mentioned a garage sale but its always cold here....likewise with Jesse everywhere I look there saying babysitting, dogwalking, leaf raking... we need more options!!!
  • Leah posted on 2/1/2010
    I have an idea that is pretty good if you want to take away your brothers money like I do!!! Make a household carnival and make your own games. Then charge people to play your games!!!
  • The Little Russian Priate posted on 2/12/2010
    The Little Russian Priate
    i dont know how much i need really about around 60$ 4 a hamster b/c the cage i want is 52.99$ :( bedding is rose scented and is 8.99$ and the other cage i like is on 29.99$so idk with cage 2 get lol
  • Harley posted on 2/16/2010
    Hi I am 11 years old and need money the buy a computer. I really need fast ideas!
  • isabelle posted on 2/17/2010
    i need $1000 for a school trip to france, does anyone have any ideas to make lots of money in a short(-ish) amount of time? thanks. xx
  • Ashley posted on 2/22/2010
    Me and my sister want this little puppy really bad but out mom is making us raise $400 for it! We have 2 weeks and its winter so we cant do yard work or have a garage sale. Any ideas? Please help!
  • sacagawea posted on 2/26/2010
    i need $1999 for a mac book pro im 12 years old and i need the money by next year do you guys have any ideas?
  • shazi posted on 3/1/2010
    U can also sell stuff on eBay
  • Kailee posted on 3/6/2010
    I know one way make like stuff that u like to make or even go through ur clothes and the ones u don't have a garage sale and sell them !
  • austin posted on 4/18/2010
    i need $$$$$$$$$$$ fast any ideas 4 a bizness
  • Adara posted on 5/2/2010
    I need $2000 by may 14 and i have zip please hlep me signed Adara
  • jayfeather posted on 5/2/2010
    I have a couple of ideas. 1. Check online and find out how to make pop-up cards. Then sale them. I made money super easy by doing this. 2. When it comes to garage sales sale lemonade to people will probally get thirsty so get double the money!
  • ??? posted on 5/19/2010
    i got some totally rad ideas!!!baby sity , cookie selling , lemonade , or if a family member owns a bizness you sell things to cotomers there or you can have an indoor shop were you by your own merech and sell your own stuff like , candy and school supplies
  • 434@311!$%^&**& posted on 5/19/2010
    good coment everyone!! :)
  • Lauren posted on 5/26/2010
    Okay so I am a teenage girl and have been in a successful two year relationship. His sweet sixteen is in 28 days from today and I really wanna do something special. The things I have picked out are really nice, but require money. I need about $120 in only four weeks. What do I do ?
  • ineedtickets posted on 6/6/2010
    okay so im going to a green day concert on august 26,2010 and i wanna be in the mosh pit, which is 175$ each, and theres 2 people going, so im gonna need at least 360$, i need ideas please!
  • jeanpierre posted on 7/6/2010
    i am 8 I need at least 50$ I like dogs and babies what do i do!!!!!!!!!
  • posted on 7/7/2010
    hey i did a lemonade stand yesterday and i live in a place where it isn't very busy and i still made good money. They are also fun.
  • choogalee posted on 7/14/2010
    I want a temporary job because all I need is a new computer. Once I get a new computer, I won't need the money. But when people ask me to do something again, I can't say no! None of these work for my situation.
  • Acacia posted on 7/27/2010
    i need help by the end of summer august 23 for me i want an ipod touch i really need 199 dollars i have 11 dollars i need HELP!!!!!!!!!
  • jasmine posted on 8/4/2010
    i am making games and obsticle coarses thnx to whoever sayd that Jdaweg is OUT!
  • Connor posted on 8/5/2010
    I need $250 and i want to make it by september and i was hoping $10 per job maybe but i wasn't sure help PLEASE!
  • selena posted on 8/10/2010
    hi! im 12 years old i have a job now that pays $25 dollars a week but its not enough cuz its just a summer job. i only have $75 dollars left i spent the rest on shoes. but i just realized how much i really want a puppy. i live in an appartment so theres a fee for bring a dogs into an appartment. the fee is $300 dollars! and i also have to pay the fee for the puppy, witch is 300$ dollars too.and i also need to get dog food, chew toys,a doggie bed, food and water dishes. i am guessing all that will cost around $100. so thats a total of $700 dollars. how can i make $700 dollars by the end of the year, or just as soon as posible.
  • hannah 11 years old posted on 8/16/2010
    hannah 11 years old
    i work on a farm for no pay and have found a horse that i want to buy, but as a wise woman said three days ago quote " horses are realty price are high so people can't buy," teh price of the horse (who is currently owned by karen o'koner, who is the olympics for equition or horse sports) is 35,000. as i said before i am not a paid employee, but i think i have come up with a solution. i am in the process of writing a book, wich is not as easy as it seems. if this posting is of intrest to you attempt to write a book. and posst when you start and when you quit. i want this bad enough that in the true words of foot ball " AND IT COULD GO ALL THE WAY!".
  • doglover7 posted on 9/6/2010
    My little sister and I want to buy a puppy. We have to buy it with our own money and supplies for the first year. We need about $400 before the end of Septermber! Any advice?
  • xPunkxkatx posted on 9/12/2010
    i need at least 115 for a pullip doll do u think babysitting will work?
  • soccergirl11 posted on 9/23/2010
    Hey, I'm only 11 and im the second youngest of six kids. We all love to go outside in the snow, and there are alot of old people that live up our street that usually need their driveways cleard of snow in winter, and we always shovel our own driveway anyway, and with six of us, the work really gets by! I think I'm gonnna do that this winter!
  • Elizabetha posted on 12/12/2010
    Hi, I took the babysitting course and gave out flyers but no one is calling. I want a job that will make money because I am totally broke. Please send advice!!!!
  • rachel posted on 1/2/2011
    i am 9 and i want a ipod touch so i need 200 bucks and its winter help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • mara posted on 1/8/2011
    hey, i really want this pair of basketball shoes and they are about $80 and i just got a new pair about a month or two ago! i had a giftcard and i wanted to use it so i just bought a pair and now i want a new pair! i know my parents wont help me earn the money and if they did i would have to do a service for them. Its in the middle of winter and i feel weird askin one of my neighbors "would you like your driveway shoveled for $10?" and i dont like shoveling the snow. Please comment i really want the shoes!
  • maddie posted on 1/30/2011
    these ideas dont really help me my mom wont let me do baby sitting, its winter, and evry bodys at school or work so the dog walking things gone i need 100 dollars in 6 days!!! do you have any other advice to make 100 doallars in 6 days!
  • Robert posted on 2/5/2011
    there is about a thousand comments so it will be like impossible to answer all of them!!
  • Hannah posted on 3/30/2011
    Hey, I don't have anywhere to set up anything, and my parents don't need their cars washed? What do I do? I really want that Ninendo DS Lite but it's $129.99 + games + tax!!! WHAT DO I DO?????
  • hp7g2l posted on 7/13/2011
    hey guys, i noticed that a lot of u are outraged that u cant make more money as a kid. But lets face it, most of you are 11 or 12 years old and most people dont even start making a lot of money until they are finishing college. These are some great ideas of babysitting and garage selling and stuff and work well for short term jobs.
  • Etireugram posted on 1/21/2012
    You could try to make animal toys and sell for $1.50. Just an idea because I have three cats and they love home made toys:)
  • cici posted on 1/22/2012
    im 10 i need 900 dollars for a dog i wanna try a car wash but the bigger the better right? Any GOOD ideas
  • bella posted on 1/23/2012
    5 ways to make money 1. a garage sale 2. bake or make something and sell them 3. babysit 4. walking dogs 5. ebay!!!!!!!
  • Lizbiz posted on 3/18/2012
    If you send flyers through people's doors for whatever buiznes u choose then you'll get publicity
  • tanisha 11 years old posted on 3/19/2012
    tanisha 11 years old
    im 11 years old and i want need and im asking for a ematic eglide but i have to wait for two weeks to get it, because my mom offers to get us anythng we want every week so i really need to get $80 i tried selling fake nails and i made a descent amount of money but i need more
  • lemonhead posted on 4/26/2012
    i have a paper run that pays around 50$ a week, i have a macbook pro, iPad 2 , iPhone 4s, pod touch 4, and a couple of good skateboards. it is about 2 hrs preparing and 1 hr delivering , it is painful, but pays off!!!

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