August 12, 2020  
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So your constructing a new building to add to your real estate portfolio. Read these articles to learn about everything you need to know about working with the government, architects and contractors.

Managing Construction Projects

  • Site Acquisition for Development Entrepreneurs - If you are looking to get into the commercial real estate development game, one of the first things you will need to find is a site for your first project. In this article we take a look at some of the considerations for acquiring land.
  • Environmental Issues in Real Estate - If you are considering a development or renovation project, donít forget to understand the environmental issues involved. This article highlights basic environmental issues that most development projects face.
  • Renovating Commercial Property - Renovating commercial property can be a great opportunity for successful business owners. You get a great space for your business and an investment that is sure to appreciate in value.
  • The Importance of Lien Waivers - As a real estate entrepreneur, managing construction effectively is paramount to your success. Although it seems trivial, getting signed lien waivers as you pay contractors could be critical to your success.
  • Liquidated Damages - If you want to protect yourself during the construction process, a solid liquidated damages clause is a good way to do it. Read here to find out what liquidated damages are and how they work.
  • Parties Involved in a Development Project - In order to develop real estate you need a team of professionals who can handle all aspects of the job. This article discusses the various parties that are typically involved in a development project and discusses a few of their roles and responsibilities.

  • Retention's Role in Construction - Retention is an important aspect of managing a construction project. This article teaches entrepreneurs what retention is and why it is useful as they construct their project.
  • Contingency in Construction and Development - When you are constructing real estate, contingency is an important part of protecting yourself against construction risk. Both the general contractor and the developer should carry contingency in their budgets.
  • Why You Shouldn't Out Build Your Local Market - There are several reasons why you should build a project similar to your surroundings. Here are just a few of the main reasons.
  • The Benefits of Sustainable Design - Sustainable design is all the rage.and for good reason. You can be eco-friendly and improve your bottomline at the same time.
  • Managing General Contractors - This article is to help entrepreneurs learn how to manage general contractors. Whether itís an office space build-out, or a special building project related to a new venture, dealing with general contractors effectively can make or break a company. Here we focus on four key actions that will help an entrepreneur hold their own when dealing with a contractor.
  • Managing Construction - This article is to help entrepreneurs learn how to manage the construction process itself. Included are techniques to manage the construction draw process, change orders, and site meetings. In addition, managing hard vs. soft costs is discussed.
  • Dealing with Architects and Engineers - This article is to help entrepreneurs work seamlessly with architects and engineers on building projects. It is important to learn to speak their language as well as keep them under control and aligned to your vision for the building project.
  • Industrial Properties for the Real Estate Entrepreneur - Many businesses require a lot of back-end space for storage and shipping functions. If your venture requires you to lease or buy an industrial property, you should learn about the different types of properties and which may suit you best. Here is a quick run-down of industrial property types.
  • Change Orders - Change orders are a reality of construction, but being prepared for them and knowing how to deal with them can save you a lot of money.
  • Far Floor to Area Ratio - If you are purchasing land for development, there is one very important zoning restriction you ought to look into. Itís called FAR, or floor to area ratio.
  • Reasons Not to Select the Low Bidder - As you bid out your next construction project, you may be tempted to simply select the contractor who submits the cheapest bid. Here are a few reasons to be wary.
  • Impact Fees in Development - When you are budgeting for your next development, donít forget to include the impact fees.




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