August 12, 2020  
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Looking for office space? These articles help you understand all the issues critical to selecting office or retail space.

Finding Space for Your Business

  • Virtual Office Space - Virtual office space can be a great way to save money when starting a business. Other ways include sublets, shared office space and driving a hard-bargain when renting office space.
  • Rent to Own - Looking to purchase some real estate, but canít get financing? Donít worry; renting to own is another option you can explore.
  • Buying Property for a Business - To buy or rent business space? It's a good idea to buy property if you can afford it.and there's a good chance you can.
  • How Much to Spend Renting Office Space - How much does it cost to rent an office? It's a negotiation. There is never a set price for renting office space.
  • Finding the Right Location for a Business - It is important to choose the right location to start your business. These tips will help you determine how to choose a location that will make the most of your business, and keep it successful.
  • Moving a Business - Moving a business to a new location starts with a thorough evaluation of location alternatives and what they have to offer.

  • How to Choose a Retail Location - If you are an entrepreneur with a venture that requires retail locations, choosing the right locations can be the key to your success. This article will teach you how to pick the right retail location for your venture.
  • Renting Office Space Do's and Don'ts - Renting office space? We've got some great advice on how to rent an office for your business.
  • How to Select a Retail Location - There are many different types of retail locations that you could choose to lease for your retail venture. Here is a quick run-down of the different types of retail centers and their attributes.
  • Components of LEED - More and more office spaces are marketed as green spaces. Many are LEED certified. What does that even mean? In this article we explore what it means to be LEED Certified and discuss some of the key components of LEED (v2.2).
  • Should I Rent A Green Space? - Green building is all the rage in todayís development world. So if youíre an entrepreneur looking for space, should leasing a green space be important to you? Here we discuss some of the key issues to think about when deciding whether or not to lease a green space.
  • Choosing a Good Business Location - Where should you locate your business? This is an important question that plagues all new business owners. The answers are not always easy but taking the time to take some valid points into consideration may help ease the pain of deciding a bit. This article offers some great tips to think about when this decision is on your list of things to do.
  • Starting a Business at Home - A great way to save money on office space is to have a home office. Here are some great tips for staying focused in your home-based office.
  • Small Business Office Condos - Office condos represent a way to build equity with your rent money, instead of giving it away. Purchasing an office condo makes sense but there are a few drawbacks you should consider.
  • How to Pick an Office Location - As you search for your first office space, the big question becomes location. Will you seek a space downtown or are the suburbs just fine? This article will help you decide.
  • Transit Oriented Devlopments and Parking - If you are thinking about leasing office space in an urban area, one of the issues you will have to deal with is parking. This article discusses transit oriented developments and how to weigh the decision to lease in a transit oriented development versus a typical drive and park building.




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