October 27, 2020  

Expansion Business Strategies


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Growth is the fuel of business success. We take a look at business expansion business strategies that have proven to be effective in fueling company growth.

Expansion Business Strategies

  • Business Expansion - There are many things to ponder when one is trying to expand an existing business. This article is for business owners who have been running a business for some time and are contemplating how to take it to the next level.
  • Fast Growth Challenges - If you are in fast-growth mode, here are five things to watch out for and how you can address them: outgrowing your infrastructure, attracting new competitors, losing talented people, stretching your human capital resources too thin, and diminished customer service.
  • Common Problems with Acquisitions - Growing a business by acquiring other companies is a popular business strategy. However, there are many problems with acquisitions that you'll need to be sure to avoid.
  • Is Your Business Scalable? - Scalability refers to your ability to increase revenues while your marginal costs decrease with each unit sale and is an attractive feature for many business and business owners because of the profit potentials that scalable businesses offers.
  • Strategies For Business Expansion - Every small business owner seeks to one day expand the scope of his/her business interests. What are the different business expansion strategies that one can summon and what do these involve?
  • Planning for Business Growth - Once your business is beyond the start-up phase you must start thinking about the next level to which you would want to elevate your operations. How important is business growth and what does this effort entail?

  • Growth Strategies - Looking for a business growth strategy that will take you to the next level? Here are four growth strategies you ought to consider.
  • Geographic Expansion - Geographic expansion is an attractive business strategy. If you are making money in one city, why not double your money by setting up your business in two cities? If only it were that easy...
  • Extending Your Product Range - There is the perennial temptation to extend the product range to cover everything in the spectrum. Unless you have sufficient resources at your disposal, increasing your service offerings could brush the customers the wrong way.
  • A Case Study on Growth Strategy - Firms need to grow, but some choose to grow at a rapid pace to establish a strategic advantage while other firms choose to grow more slowly to control costs, control quality, and to maintain a foothold in the communities in which they have invested. Knowing how you want to grow is a critical element to running a successful business.
  • 4 Lousy Reasons For Not Scaling Up Your Business - Starting a business requires immense courage and ability to handle challenges. Most entrepreneurs think the challenge of starting a business is good enough and never want to expand or improve business. Here are 4 lousy excuses you will hear.




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