August 6, 2020  
  Freelance Writing Business is a daily online magazine covering small business news. We help entrepreneurs transform ideas and innovations into greatness.

Working as a freelance writer is like starting and running any entrepreneurial venture. To be successful with your freelance writing business, you need to market yourself aggressively and deliver great client deliverables.

We cover how to become a freelance writer, where to find freelance writing jobs, how to promote your freelance writing services and other topics related to freelancing as a writer.

Freelance Writing Business

  • Online Freelance Writing Business - If you have the skills to write, then you can earn money online with your own freelance writing business. This article explores some of the steps necessary to get your business up and running and producing income.
  • Freelance Writing Options - So, you have chosen to pursue a career in freelance writing. Your computer is hooked up, printer installed and you have learnt how your word processor works. You are ready to go out and conquer the publishing world. But wait. Are you aware of all the options available for freelance writing?
  • How to Apply For Blogging Jobs Part 1 - Many blogging jobs are advertised daily. Advertisers receive many applicants for such positions, some with amazing quality. However, many individuals miss such opportunities because of poor application skills. How can one apply effectively for a blogging job?
  • Getting Started as a Freelance Writer - A freelance writing business can be a great opportunity to combine your entrepreneurial instincts with your passion for writing. But at the end of the day it's a business--and like any other business, there is a right way and wrong way to get started.
  • Tips for Freelance Writers - A freelancer is someone who works on a freelance basis or on a contract. As a freelancer, you are an expert or a specialist in your field. Freelance writing is one of the most popular areas of freelance work. How can you get started and succeed as a freelance writer?
  • Good Resources for Freelance Writers - Time is money for a successful freelance writer. You can't afford to spend hours surfing the Internet for the resources you need . . . So we've compiled our list of freelance writing resources you can't possibly live without.

  • Freelance Writing Tips - Freelance writing can be a rewarding business venture. But if you think a freelance writing career is easy, guess again. To be successful you need to be intentional about your business -- starting with these freelance writing tips.
  • Ghostblogging - Blogs have become powerful PR tools for many companies. But it can be difficult for CEOs and other executives to keep up with the rigorous demands of a blog. That's why there is ghostblogging -- a great revenue opportunity for web-savvy freelance writers.
  • Marketing a Freelance Writing Business - It's not enough to be a good writer. If your freelance writing business is going to have any chance of success, you'll also need to become a good marketer. Marketing a freelance writing business isn't easy, but it's probably not as hard as you think it is. Here's how to get started . . . .
  • How to Find the Perfect Freelance Writer - When searching for an ideal writer, it is tempting to go for the lowest bidder so as to save a few dollars. When you are looking for a writer, cost should not be the main focus of your search. You can still get affordable writers without price being the main determinant factor of your decision. How do you go about finding the ideal writer to create your content?
  • The Freelance Writer’s Toolkit - Specialists in every field have a set of tools that makes them successful and comfortable at what they do. A doctor's toolkit, compared to a car mechanic's, are very different but yet so important to each of them in order to be successful in their work. In the same way, every freelance writer who wants to succeed in his business should have a specialist toolkit. What are the essential items for a freelance writer's toolkit?
  • Tips for Contracting Ghostwriters - Do you feel guilty for either needing or wanting to outsource all or some of your writing to other people? Well, you should not. Many other businesses do the same thing, and as a result make good money. Quite a number of online businesses outsource their writing needs. Even famous bloggers have been known to hire ghostwriters to write on their behalf! How do you go about contracting a good ghostwriter?
  • Why Freelance Writers Fail - The online freelance writing industry continues to expand rapidly since all websites require quality content for a high ranking in search engines. Website owners are always outsourcing their articles and blogs to freelance writers. There is fierce competition among freelance writers for the writing projects available. As a result, most writers find it difficult to make a full time living out of writing. What are the common causes of failure among freelance writers?
  • Launching a Freelance Writing Career - Freelance writing can be the perfect opportunity for an entrepreneur. Everyone writes. It takes finding the right tools to turn an ordinary activity into a career opportunity.
  • Freelance Writing-How to Create a Resume - Your resume is a marketing tool you can use to showcase experience in writing. Many companies will want to see your resume and writing samples in response to an advertisement. How do you go about creating a writing resume?
  • How to Apply For Blogging Jobs Part 2 - Many blogging jobs are advertised daily. Advertisers receive many applications for such positions, some with amazing quality. However, many individuals miss such opportunities because of poor application skills. How can one apply effectively for a blogging job?




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