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Writing Business Plans


Reasons to Write a Business Plan

Need a few good reasons to write a business plan? We've outlined the answer to "Why Write Business Plans?" and it's a compelling argument. The bottomline? You definitely need a business plan -- if you want to be successful.

Why should anyone go to the trouble of creating a written business plan?
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There are several good reasons to write a business plan:

  • The process of putting a business plan together, including the thought put in before beginning to write it, forces one to take an objective, critical, unemotional look at the business project in its entirety.
  • A business plan is an operating tool, which, if properly used, will help manage the business and work effectively toward its success.
  • Lenders require one. A completed business plan communicates ideas to others and provides the basis for a financial proposal.

The importance of planning cannot be overemphasized. Taking an objective look at the business plan will identify areas of weakness and strength, pinpoint needs that might otherwise be overlooked, spot opportunities early. One can then begin planning on how best to achieve a business goal.

A business plan will help avoid going into a business venture that is doomed to failure. If the proposed venture is marginal, the business plan will show why and may help avoid paying the high tuition of learning about business failure. It is far cheaper not to begin an ill-fated business than to learn by experience what a business plan would have taught at the cost of several concentrated work hours.

The business plan also provides the information needed by others to evaluate a venture, especially if seeking outside financing. A thorough business plan will quickly become a complete financing proposal that will meet the requirements of most lenders.

Your business plan provides benchmarks and milestones for you to use as measures of your success.

Going into business is rough-over half of all new businesses fail within the first ten years. A major reason for failure is the lack of planning. The best way to enhance chances of success is to plan and follow through on that plan.

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