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Opening a Business in Carlisle, Massachusetts

Contemplating starting a business in Carlisle, Massachusetts? We walk you through the process of opening a business in Carlisle.

What Business Are You Starting?

An important decision is what kind of business you want to start. If you are struggling with what type of business to start, read Evaluating Your Idea.

For in-depth how-to guides on how to start specific businesses, browse our Good Businesses to Start section of our site. For example, you might be interested in our Starting a Dance Club guide or our Starting a Tatoo Parlor guide.

Remember that starting a business in Carlisle has some implications. Some businesses will do better in Carlisle than others. Only by spending some time analyzing Carlisle demographics can you decide if there will be strong demand for your business idea.

Carlisle, Massachusetts Demographic Information

Carlisle has an active business community that includes small businesses, mid-sized businesses and large businesses.

To give you a better feel for Carlisle demographics for small businesses, we have tabulated the small business sizes, based on number of employees, for business in Carlisle.

Business Size
# of
1-4 Employees
5-9 Employees
10-19 Employees
20-49 Employees
50-99 Employees
100-249 Employees
250-499 Employees
500-999 Employees
1000+ Employees
All Carlisle Businesses

As a new Carlisle entrepreneur, you may also be interested in the table below. It shows how many businesses there are in Carlisle for each business category. By looking at this chart, you can get a general sense for how much competition there is in the business niche that you are pursuing.

Business Type
# of
Architectural Services
Art Dealers
Child Day Care Services
Custom Computer Programming Services
Display Advertising
Document Preparation Services
Educational Support Services
Electrical Contractors
Engineering Services
Freight Transportation Arrangement
Insurance Agencies and Brokerages
Investment Advice
Landscaping Services
Libraries and Archives
Marketing Consulting Services
Mortgage and Nonmortgage Loan Brokers
New Housing Operative Builders
Nonresidential Property Managers
Offices of Dentists
Offices of Lawyers
Painting and Wall Covering Contractors
Periodical Publishers
Portfolio Management
Residential Remodelers
Skiing Facilities
Snack and Nonalcoholic Beverage Bars
Software Publishers
Sound Recording Studios
Tax Preparation Services
Vocational Rehabilitation Services
Wholesale Trade Agents and Brokers

What About Franchising Opportunities?

As you drive around Carlisle, you'll notice that many local entrepreneurs have gone the franchising route. Is there a franchise opportunity out there that makes sense for you?

Our recommendation is that you consider franchising as an option. On our site, you can read many articles about franchising, such as How to Get More Franchisees. Become a franchising expert of sorts by reading more of our Articles on Franchising.

You can review hundreds of franchise opportunities by browing our Franchise Directory.

Sample franchise opportunities include Subway Franchises and Starbucks Franchises. Alternatively, you can browse franchise categories, such as Accounting Franchises and Moving Franchises.

Note on Carlisle Franchise Opportunities: You will need to contact franchisors directly to see if their franchises are available in Carlisle.

What About Buying an Existing Carlisle Business?

We've created a helpful website page for those who want to Buy a Business in Massachusetts. Follow that link and you can assess several good businesses for sale in Carlisle.

For anybody who wants to buy a business, we recommend reading this useful article: Hold Harmless Agreements When Buying Businesses.

Don't Skip the Business Plan

A business plan is essential in laying a solid foundation for your business success. Simply put, a business plan describes what you plan to do with the business and how you plan to do it. Not having a business plan is a recipe for disaster.

To learn more about business plans, read Business Plan Contests. You can also get free business counselors available to you through your local SCORE chapter in Massachusetts.

Bring in Revenues

Being able to sell is a key enabler to your business success. Whether you are focused on selling local customers in Carlisle or are selling to customers throughout Massachusetts, the United States or even the world, you have to be able to sell.

Good selling involves demonstrating that your wares meet your customer's needs. Let us help you refine your selling techniques through our many useful sales advice tips.

Writing Great Proposals is worth reading, as it may give you some good ideas on how to sell your products or services. We have many more good articles on selling that you may enjoy reading.

What's Next?

You have a dream -- starting a business in Carlisle. To achieve your dream, you have to persevere, even when the odds are against you.

Owning your own business will be a daunting task, but you can do it.

We are here to help Carlisle businesses to be successful. We have a wealth of experience in business start-ups, financing, marketing, sales and more...and we've made all of our knowledge available to you.

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