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Opening a Business in Greenwood Village, Colorado

Contemplating starting a business in Greenwood Village, Colorado? We walk you through the process of opening a business in Greenwood Village.

Will You Be a Good Entrepreneur?

Before announcing to the world that you are going to start your own business, take inventory of your entrepreneurial instincts and capabilities.

Here are three things we recommend you do before you fully commit to starting a new business of your own.

  • Reach out to other entrepreneurs in Greenwood Village. They are usually very willing to share their insights on the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur.
  • Peruse Why Small Businesses Fail. This is one of our more popular articles for folks who want to go into business for themselves.
  • Get feedback from somebody whom you trust. Others sometimes know you better than you know yourself.

Should You Franchise?

As you drive around Greenwood Village, you'll notice that many local entrepreneurs have gone the franchising route. So, it probably makes sense for you to consider franchising too.

Our recommendation is that you consider franchising as an option. We have many articles on franchises, such as How to Find Financing for Franchises. Gain a solid understanding of franchising by scanning all of our Articles on Franchising.

You can review hundreds of franchise opportunities by browing our Franchise Directory.

Representative franchise opportunities include PMA Franchise Systems and @WORK HelpingHands Services. Alternatively, you can browse franchise categories, such as Cell Phone Franchises and Automotive Services Franchises.

Note on Greenwood Village Franchise Opportunities: You will need to contact franchisors directly to see if their franchises are available in Greenwood Village.

What About Buying an Existing Greenwood Village Business?

We've created a handy website page for those who want to Buy a Business in Colorado. Follow that link and you may find several good businesses for sale in Greenwood Village.

Before buying a business, be sure to read this article: How to Buy a Business.

The Role of the Business Plan

A business plan is critical in laying a solid foundation for your business success. In effect, your business plan is your game plan for how you hope to grow your business. Not having a business plan is a recipe for disaster.

To learn more about business plans, read Business Plan Contests. You can also get face-to-face free consulting available from your local SCORE chapter in Colorado.

Ramping Up Sales

Being able to sell is critical to your business success. Whether you are focused on selling local customers in Greenwood Village or are selling to customers throughout Colorado, the United States or even the world, you have to be able to sell.

Not knowing how to sell can result in lost customers and minimal market share. The good news is we can help you to make selling a big competitve advantage for your new firm.

Anticipating Prospect Responses is worth reading, as it may give you some good ideas on how to sell your products or services. We have many more good articles on selling that you may enjoy reading.

What's Next?

You have a dream -- starting a business in Greenwood Village. To achieve your dream, you have to persevere, even when the odds are against you.

If you choose the right business and love what you do, you will greatly increase your odds of success.

This site is all about helping entrepreneurs in Greenwood Village and elsewhere to achieve real success. We believe entrepreneurship is an amazing engine for job creation in Greenwood Village, neighborhood development and overall economic health.

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