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Open a Business in Osseo, Wisconsin

Need help starting a business in Osseo, Wisconsin? We've got the information you need to open a business in Osseo.

Are You Ready for Life as an Owner?

Running your own business is difficult, much harder than working as an employee. Are you sure you have the stamina and skills to succeed on your own?

Here are three things we recommend you do before you fully commit to starting a new business of your own.

  • Speak with other entrepreneurs in Osseo. Listen closely to their experiences and see if you think you too can be successful.
  • You should read The Entrepreneurial Personality. It's a good read for those who are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur.
  • Reach out to a trusted acquaintance. Ask them directly: Do I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Listen carefully to their answer, as they presumably know your strengths and weaknesses.

Osseo, Wisconsin Demographic Information

Osseo has an active business community that includes small businesses, mid-sized businesses and large businesses.

To give you a better feel for Osseo demographics for small businesses, we have tabulated the small business sizes, based on number of employees, for business in Osseo.

Business Size# of
1-4 Employees 318
5-9 Employees 108
10-19 Employees 90
20-49 Employees 66
50-99 Employees 30
100-249 Employees 12
250-499 Employees 0
500-999 Employees 0
1000+ Employees 0
All Osseo Businesses 624

As a new Osseo entrepreneur, you may also be interested in the table below. It shows how many businesses there are in Osseo for each business category. By looking at this chart, you can get a general sense for how much competition there is in the business niche that you are pursuing.

Business Type # of
Air and Gas Compressor Manufacturing 1
Automotive Transmission Repair 1
Business Associations 1
Child Day Care Services 1
Computer and Software Stores 1
Drinking Places (Alcoholic Beverages) 3
Electrical Contractors 3
Fitness and Recreational Sports Centers 1
Florists 1
Full-Service Restaurants 3
Furniture Merchant Wholesalers 2
Furniture Stores 1
General Automotive Repair 2
General Medical and Surgical Hospitals 1
Gift, Novelty, and Souvenir Stores 2
Golf Courses and Country Clubs 1
Home Furnishing Merchant Wholesalers 2
Insurance Agencies and Brokerages 3
Janitorial Services 2
Limited-Service Restaurants 4
Masonry Contractors 1
Motor Vehicle Towing 1
New Car Dealers 2
Newspaper Publishers 1
Offices of Chiropractors 2
Offices of Dentists 1
Offices of Lawyers 3
Petroleum Bulk Stations and Terminals 1
Pharmacies and Drug Stores 1
Sawmills 1
School and Employee Bus Transportation 1
Site Preparation Contractors 1
Snack and Nonalcoholic Beverage Bars 1
Support Activities for Forestry 1
Tax Preparation Services 1
Tire Dealers 1
Used Car Dealers 1
Veterinary Services 2

Is Franchising a Better Option?

As you drive around Osseo, you'll see that franchises make up a large percentage of local businesses. Should you be giving franchising serious consideration?

We highly recommend you consider franchising as an option. This site has dozens of articles on franchising, such as Questions to Ask Franchisors. Get a thorough education on franchising by browsing all of our Articles on Franchising.

You can find franchise opportunities by browsing our Franchise Opportunities Directory.

Representative franchise opportunities include Von Schrader Carpet Cleaning and SupperWorks. Alternatively, you can browse franchise categories, such as Training and Education Franchises and IT Franchises.

Note on Osseo Franchise Opportunities: You will need to contact franchisors directly to see if their franchises are available in Osseo.

Should You Buy an Existing Osseo Business?

We've created a useful website page for those who want to Buy a Business in Wisconsin. Follow that link and you may find several good businesses for sale in Osseo.

If you are serious about buying a business, you may want to read this article: Hold Harmless Agreements When Buying Businesses.

Do You Need a Business Plan?

A business plan is essential in maximizing the prospects of your new company. Simply put, a business plan describes what you plan to do with the business and how you plan to do it. Not having a business plan is a recipe for disaster.

To learn more about business plans, read Business Plan Contests. You should also take advantage of face-to-face free consulting available from your local SCORE chapter in Wisconsin.

Marketing Your New Venture

Whether your goal is to attract Osseo customers or you plan on selling elsewhere, having an excellent marketing plan is fundamental to your successs.

We have some helpful resources on this site for entrepreneurs who are working on marketing plans. Dealing with Angry Customers is an article that will stimulate a few thoughts on your marketing plan. That's just one of the many useful articles we have on Marketing a Small Business.

The Art of Selling

Do you know how to sell? In order to attract customers to your new Osseo business, you need to focus on sales.

The key to selling is to set sales goals goals and monitor your progress towards those goals. The good news is we can help you to make selling a big competitve advantage for your new firm.

Effective Sales Presentations offers some helpful tips on how to sell. It's one of several good articles on our site regarding Entrepreneurial Selling.

Never Give Up

As an entrepreneur in Osseo, you won't be working for the boss anymore. You are the boss.

If you choose the right business and love what you do, you will greatly increase your odds of success.

Our goal here is to promote the vitality and growth of small businesses in Osseo and throughout the United States . We have a wealth of experience in business start-ups, financing, marketing, sales and more...and we've made all of our knowledge available to you.

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