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Opening a Business in South Boston, Massachusetts

Contemplating starting a business in South Boston, Massachusetts? We walk you through the process of opening a business in South Boston.

Will You Be a Good Entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur is demanding, much more challenging than working as an employee. Are you sure you are ready to take on this challenge?

To determine whether you have what it takes to run a business, we recommend these three steps to help you decide:

  • Speak with other entrepreneurs in South Boston. They are usually very willing to share their insights on the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur.
  • You should read The Entrepreneurial Personality. It's a good read for those who are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur.
  • Reach out to a trusted acquaintance. Others sometimes know you better than you know yourself.

Which Business to Choose?

Choosing a business that is right for you is very important. If you are struggling with what type of business to start, read How to Evaluate a Business Idea.

To view an extensive list of business types, complete with startup instructions, spend some time in the Good Businesses to Start section of our site. For example, you might be interested in our Starting a Dance Club guide or our Starting a Tatoo Parlor guide.

Remember that South Boston is the place where you are starting a business. Some businesses will do better in South Boston than others. Don't forget to review South Boston demographics to see if there's a market for what you want to sell.

What About Buying an Existing South Boston Business?

If you have some capital to play with, you may want to Buy a Business in Massachusetts. Follow that link and you might discover several good businesses for sale in South Boston.

If you are going to be buying a business, you may want to read this article: How to Buy a Business.

The Art of Selling

Do you know how to sell? In order to attract customers to your new South Boston business, you need to focus on sales.

Good selling involves demonstrating that your wares meet your customer's needs. Let us help you refine your selling techniques through our many useful sales advice tips.

How to Build and Motivate a Sales Team is a good article to read, one of dozens in the Selling for Entrepreneurs section of our site.

Learning More About Entrepreneurship

The best entrepreneurs know that they don't know everything.

Given that you are starting a business in South Boston, Massachusetts, you should check out some of the learning programs at local Massachusetts educational institutions. Another way to keep up on your entrepreneurial education is to investigate networking groups or organizations in which South Boston entrepreneurs get together to network and trade their business experiences.

What's Next?

As an entrepreneur in South Boston, you won't be working for the boss anymore. You are the boss.

Owning your own business will be a daunting task, but you can do it.

We are here to help South Boston businesses to be successful. We believe entrepreneurship is an amazing engine for job creation in South Boston, neighborhood development and overall economic health.

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