June 4, 2020  
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Turning Digital Camera Snapshots into Employee Morale Boosters

You probably purchased your company's digital camera to take shots for the website and printed marketing materials. But you can also use digital snapshots to boost employee morale. Here's how . . .

A digital camera is possibly one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in your business.

You can use it to jazz up your company website and add value to your printed marketing materials. But did you know that you can also use it as a tool for improving employee morale?

Digital cameras are effective workplace tools because everyone is familiar with how to use a digital camera and how to enhance the images they capture using basic computer technology. Since many of the people in your workplace already use digital camera technology at home, it's easy for them to participate in fun projects around the office.

  • Baby photo guessing contests. Some companies invite their employees to participate in a contest that involves matching baby photo to coworkers. Although your employees' baby photos probably won't be digital, you can take digital head shots of the contest participants and use them during the reveal.
  • Office scrapbook. An office scrapbook or photo album keeps a visual record of the story of your workplace. If it's done well, it can help your employees remember the people and events that make your business a special place.
  • Family photo bulletin board. In a busy office environment, it's sometimes easy to forget that employees have a life outside the office. A bulletin board that contains quality digital shots of your employees' families or hobbies can encourage social interactions. If an employee doesn't have a digital camera, let him borrow the office digital camera for a weekend.
  • Employee photo contest. Consider running an employee photo contest based on a specific theme, e.g. nature shots, seasonal photographs, etc. The entire staff can participate in judging the photos, and the winners' shots can be framed and displayed in the workplace.
  • Photography lessons. The idea of bringing in a professional photographer to provide lessons to your staff is a great way to boost morale. In addition to equipping your staff with the skills they need to take better photos for their personal use, it could dramatically increase the quality of the pictures they take for your company.
  • Employee of the Month. If your company recognizes an employee of the month, your digital camera can capture a panel of posed and unposed photos for the bulletin board or company newsletter.

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