June 3, 2020  
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Use Twitter Trending Topics to Expand Business

Written by Anna Lempereur for Gaebler Ventures

Trending Topics on Twitter are great for social networking because they help users keep up to date with the latest news. These tips will help you use them in ways that will efficiently grow your company.

What is a Trending Topic?

Trending Topics appear on the sidebar of your home page each time you log into your Twitter account.

Use Twitter Trending Topics To Expand Business

They are words or phrases that are being talked about the most on the network. The 10 most popular topics appear each day, and they are constantly changing. They change so much that all 10 topics for one night may change into 10 completely different topics by the next morning. When there is a holiday or major nationwide event going on, it will most likely appear as a Trending Topic.

These topics sometimes appear with a pound (#) sign in front of the word, or they may just be words alone. When you click on a Trending Topic on the sidebar, tweets from all users over the network will be displayed that contain those key phrases. You can also use the search tool on your sidebar to find phrases that aren't Trending Topics.

How it Can Benefit Your Company

Mentioning these phrases in your tweets can help you gain followers when they click on one of the Trending Topics in their sidebar. They are most likely viewing Trending Topics because they are interested in finding more information and looking for people to chat about them with. It gives those who stumble on your page a reason to follow you because they will see that you are up to date in the network. It can also help grow the relationship of you and your current followers by sparking conversation.

It's easy to incorporate Trending Topics into your daily tweets. Say one of the topics is Apple. Simply find an interesting article about Apple, possibly about their latest products or consumer reviews, and post the link in your tweet. Don't forget to include the word "Apple" somewhere when you update.

Things to Avoid

Keep in mind that although you want to discuss trending topics with your followers, there is no need to spam. Don't repeat the same tweet twice because it can easily be mistaken as advertising. Be sure to check spelling when discussing topics as well, since other users will not find your tweet in the Trending Topics page if there is a typo for that specific phrase. It also appears unprofessional.

Don't feel like you need to mention every single Trending Topic in your tweets. If something completely does not relate to your company, or you simply don't have any interest in it, there is no need to discuss it. While mentioning Trending Topics, you want to keep your tweets genuine.

Anna Lempereur is a freelance writer interested in writing about small business. She is currently a Journalism major at the University of Albany in New York.

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