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How to Start an Industrial & Commercial Sandblasting Business

These tips are perfect for those of you who plan on opening a industrial and commercial sandblasting business. Read these tips before you begin your venture.

Wondering how to start a industrial and commercial sandblasting business? We take you step-by-step from start to success.

Industrial and Commercial Sandblasting Business

Becoming an Industrial/Commercial Sandblasting Contractor

When it's time to clean commercial and industrial structures or equipment, businesses and government agencies frequently turn to commercial sandblasting contractors.

As a startup industrial & commercial sandblaster, it's likely that you will perform your services on-site with portable equipment designed to stand up to the rigors of the field.

But as your business grows, you'll need to invest in a warehouse or industrial facility. With as little as 1,500 sq. ft. of space, you can reduce travel time and on-site clean-up requirements, creating a more efficient and economical work environment.

Customer Acquisition Tips for Sandblasting Startups

The best commercial sandblasting contractors offer a range of sophisticated sandblasting services including soda blasting, dry ice blasting, aluminum oxide blasting, sponge jet cleaning, hydro blasting, etc.

But a diverse palate of services isn't enough to land major clients. As a new contractor, you'll need to aggressively pursue targeted clients and offer them a reason to five your sandblasting startup a shot.

In many geographies, emerging sandblasters are forced to compete against market leaders to acquire customers. Although it is never easy to compete against companies that are firmly entrenched in the marketplace, the key is to find ways to differentiate your business from existing sandblasting contractors.

To do that, you'll need to research the competition to identify their vulnerabilities. For example, if the market leader primarily serves large industries, there may be an opportunity for your business to specialize in serving small- to medium-size clients.

Creating a First-Rate Industrial & Commercial Sandblasting Company Business Plan

Business plans play a central role in the strategic formation of a startup industrial and commercial sandblasting business.

A solid business plan should include verifiable industry data. If your business plan is based on unrealistic assumptions and best case scenarios, you will have done your industrial and commercial sandblasting business a major disservice.

Instead, commit to creating the most precise business plan possible. If you're still not convinced, consider what the experts say about business plan writing.

Review the Competition

Prior to opening a industrial and commercial sandblasting business in your town, it's a smart move to see how strong the competition is. Use the link below to get a list of local competitors near you. Complete the form by entering your city, state and zip code to get a list of industrial and commercial sandblasting businesses that are close by.

Gain a knowledge of how existing firms have positioned themselves in the marketplace, and then design your business in a way that sets you apart from the others.

Getting Advice from Experienced Entrepreneurs

After you've evaluated your local competitors, it's essential that you learn from folks who are already in business. If you think owners of nearby industrial and commercial sandblasting businesses will give you advice, think again. The last thing they want to do is help you to be a better competitor.

On the other hand, an individual who has a industrial and commercial sandblasting business in a different city can be a great learning resource for you, as long as they don't view you as a competitive threat. Indeed, many experienced entrepreneurs enjoy offering advice to startup entrepreneurs. It can take a while to find an entrepreneur who is willing to talk, but it's well worth the effort.

What's the best way to find an owner of a industrial and commercial sandblasting business who is willing to talk to you but doesn't live nearby?

It's easy. Here's a link you can use to find a mentor outside of your area.

Tips for Buying a Industrial & Commercial Sandblasting Business

Many startup industrial and commercial sandblasting business owners ultimately set aside their startup plans and instead, purchase a industrial and commercial sandblasting business in the business-for-sale marketplace.

An acquisition isn't necessarily a bed of roses. You'll need to thoroughly evaluate the factors involved with buying a business. Right away, you'll want to make sure the business is capable of meeting your ownership expectations.

If the business appears to meet your requirements, you'll need to verify your impressions through broker-assisted due diligence and legal research.

Don't Forget About Franchising As an Option

The odds of achieving your primary goal of doing well with your venture are substantially improved if you opt for franchising and benefit from the prior work of others and their lessons learned.

As part of your process in starting a industrial and commercial sandblasting business, you may want to check out whether franchise opportunities in your space might be the right move for you.

The link below gives you access to our franchise directory so you can see if there's a franchise opportunity for you. You might even find something that points you in a completely different direction.

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