Ways for Kids To Make Money

Selling Candy at School

Selling candy at school is a great way to make money if you are a kid. We explain how a kid can make money by selling candy.

Most kids need to make money to buy something they really want.

Selling Candy at School

Maybe you need money to buy Justin Bieber concert tickets or want to get money to buy a cell phone or to buy an Ipod Touch.

One fast way to make money if you are a kid is to sell candy at school. You can sell candy at a lot of other places too - on the school bus, at the playground and other places.

The first thing you need to do is buy some candy. You can go to Sam's Club, Costco or Walmart or a place like that to buy the candy that you are going to sell.

If you don't have money to buy the candy, you'll have to borrow some money or use another of our ways to make money if you are a kid in order to get the first batch of money you'll need to start your candy selling business.

OK, so you've got your cash in hand and you're ready to buy your first supply of candy. What kind should you buy?

Buy a few different kinds of candy because some kids might like one kind of candy but not like another kind. If you don't have a lot of money to start with, then you might only be able to buy one type of candy. Pick the kind of candy that you think kids will like the best.

Buy the candy in bulk. It's cheaper that way. You can buy a big bag of candy bars, for example, and it will cost a lot less per candy bar than if you just bought one. This will help you make more profit on your candy selling venture.

Some of the more popular candies to sell are chocolate bars, Air Heads, Skittles, M&Ms, Sour Patches and bubble gum. Make sure you don't buy candy that will melt on you on a hot summer day. That would be horrible, wouldn't it?

The other thing is don't buy loose candy. Make sure it's wrapped because kids don't want to buy germy candy that other people have touched. Yuck!

Once you've got your candy, bring it to school and start letting people know that you've got candy to sell. Keep your pricing simple. Try selling the candy for either 50 cents or a dollar.

You'll be amazed as the money starts rolling in. Really, this is one of the easiest ways to make money if you are kid.

Find kids that love candy and they might become regular customers, buying candy from you every day. You also should sell candy when kids are hungry, like around lunch time.

Depending on how big your school is you can probably make around $15 or $20 per day doing this.

So in ten days you can make $200! There you have it. That's how kids can make money fast!

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Do you have advice on how to sell candy at school? What kind of candy sells best at school? How much do you charge for the candy you sell? Why are you working so hard to make money? What are you going to buy with the cash you make from selling candy at school?

  • $man posted on 4/26/2010
    awesome article. Im going to do this right away. Although last time i tried, i ate all the candy before i sold it, and in the end, lost money. This is the fault in your business plan. Especially when you have a dad like mine.
  • Yousef posted on 5/31/2010
    Well im currently selling ton's of candies at school like skittles, starburst's,Hershey's, recees, 3 musketeers. Jolly Ranchers are actually my main money making source, usually sell about 200 a day. People are willing to pay 25 cents a piece, of course i dont do that. Your guide is perfect. Thank you. My total income after buying the candy is about 20-25$ some days 15$ at minimum..... THANK YOU
  • MEGA..DD posted on 8/18/2010
    The thing im worried about is getting caught with the candy at school because people start crowding around you when they know your selling candy and the teachers come to see what they are looking at and then i would get in trouble at school and home and ugh! And im worried about the candy getting stolen or something while we are at lunch or something then i would acctually loose money.... IDK i guess ill try it but i have some terrible snitches in my classes so i bet im going to get in trouble but idc.
  • ALANNIS posted on 10/25/2010
    I have been selling candy since 4th grade and i'am now in the 8th. I sell suckers. Blowpop suckers. Everyone loves them!!

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