August 6, 2020  
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Letting workers go is never a pleasant task. Moreover, fired employees sometimes will counter with a wrongful termination lawsuit. Fortunately, our articles on terminating employees help you to understand how to fire employees properly, with dignity, and in a way that avoids potential problems.

Terminating Employees

  • Firing an Employee - Letting an employee go can be one of the hardest parts of managing a small business. If an employee is consistently exhibiting sub-par behavior, there comes a time when you have to let them go.
  • Firing Employees - Need to know how to fire an employee? It's not as simple as just handing them a pink slip.
  • Laying Off Employees - The balance between laying off your workforce versus keeping them on until better times can be tricky. Properly managing this balance can greatly improve your company in a time of need.
  • Severance Packages - Firing an employee isn't pleasant but severance packages can soften the blow. This article offers helpful guidance on providing severance packages for laid-off employees.
  • Laying Off Employees - Laying off employees is never pleasant. Most entrepreneurs hope they never have to conduct layoffs. If you find yourself needing to layoff employees, make sure you do it right.
  • HR Issues After Downsizing - Downsizing causes stress for those who leave the company and those employees that remain. Keeping up the morale of these survivors is important. This article discusses a few ways to address issues and keep the company on track.

  • When to Fire CEOs - Since CEOs are expected to perform an abundance of tasks, making mistakes are quite common. Here is how to identify minor mistakes from the ones that can be deal breaking.
  • Managing Team Dynamics After a Layoff - How do you handle a team that just lost one of their teammates? There are many right ways to keep team dynamics together after a layoff. However, if handled incorrectly, the team can really suffer.
  • When to Fire an Employee - Giving assistance to problem employees can be beneficial to any business. But at what point is it time to say enough is enough?
  • Fires Burn, and Firing Someone Can Hurt - Sometimes employees become detrimental to the workplace or consistently underperform. This can be a major detriment to a small business. In an expense driven market the one operating today, you need to know when to cut the cord. This article briefly explains some keys to a successful parting of ways.
  • Layoff Letter - These sample layoff letters are worth looking at if you are about to layoff employees. We reference several example layoff letters that were used in the real world.
  • Keeping Employee Loyalty During Layoffs - If an entrepreneur's company falls on hard times, downsizing may be required. But some business owners focus too much on the layoffs themselves. It is just as important to maintain the loyalty of employees who do not lose their jobs.
  • Reduction In Workforce Notice - Sometimes workforce reductions are unavoidable. Many displaced workers have certain rights under federal law, including the right to receive proper advance notice that a layoff is imminent.
  • Second Warning Letter To Employee - Employee relations sometimes require employers to take action for poor performance. Second warning letters are the linchpin of an extended termination process and here's the information yours should contain.
  • Termination Agreement Letter - The termination of a business agreement should be easy. But if you bungle the termination letter, you could create controversy, hard feelings and maybe even legal repercussions.
  • Termination Letter Excessive Absenteeism - Excessive absenteeism is one of the most common reasons for employee terminations. Although your company is not legally required to retain absent workers, the content of your termination letter is critical in protecting your business from litigation.
  • Termination Of Employment - The process of firing or laying off employees is never fun. But it can become even more grueling if you aren't careful about the content you include in the termination letter. Here are our tips for writing effective termination of employment letters.
  • Termination Of Employment Violation Drug - Substance abuse is a problem small business owners can't ignore. Sometimes it's necessary to terminate the employment of an employee with a history of drug or alcohol problems. Here's how to do it.
  • Warning Letter Notice Of Probation - When an employee's performance or behavior isn't up to snuff, it's time to establish a probationary period and the way it's done is with a warning letter notice of probation.
  • Indefinite Layoff Letter - Layoffs are probably the hardest things you'll do as a business owner, especially when they're indefinite. A well-written indefinite layoff letter respects your workers and the process. Here are a few suggestions about how to do it right.
  • Instant Dismissal Letter - Someday an employee is going to do something so egregious that it demands an on-the-spot termination. When that day comes, you'll be glad you took the time to prepare an instant dismissal letter in advance.
  • Layoff Letter - Layoff letters are more than just notifications. They are legal documents that can either help or hinder your company's legal standing. Here are a few tips about how to create and leverage a layoff letter in your business.
  • Severance Rule of Thumb - Severance pay is a touchy subject for employers. Although a severance policy is attractive to new recruits, determining severance pay and benefits can be challenging.
  • Firing an Employee That Customers Love - An employee that is bad for the company and needs to be fired may have close relationships with key customer accounts. Here's how to let an employee go when the employee is close to your customers.




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