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Anne Hauser

Anne Hauser is a freelance writer who is currently a double major in Magazine Journalism and English at the University of Missouri.

Articles written by Anne Hauser

In her articles for our site, Anne Hauser has covered a wide variety of topics of interest to entrepreneurs. She enjoys writing about anything and everything related to small businesses, including tips for non-profits organizations, niche market opportunities that entrepreneurs can tap into, and business profiles of successful entrepreneurs.

  • Benefits of an Entrepreneurship Degree - Have you ever thought about earning an entrepreneurship degree? What are the benefits of an entrepreneurial major? We take a look at studying entrepreneurship and how it can help you achieve your goals.
  • Branding and Finding Your Niche - Finding a niche market is important when you start a business. Don't try to be all things to all people.
  • Brigham Young University - We take a look at what Brigham Young University offers to students who are interested in entrepreneurship and considering pursing an entrepreneurship degree.
  • Business Naming - What's in a name? Everything. Choosing a business name that's memorable and intriguing can put you ahead of the pack in the race to grow your business.
  • College Students Who Started a Business - If you've wondered how to get cheap textbooks, or are tired of paying high textbook prices, there are two college students who understand. Two brothers started a used textbook company that offers students cheap textbooks. Learn what the college students did to start their business.
  • DePaul University - Chicago - An entrepreneurship degree in Chicago is easy at DePaul University. Here you can learn what it takes to survive and succeed in the entrepreneurial world.
  • Ellis College's Online Programs - If you're looking to expand upon your small business knowledge, Ellis College offers students an online program. This is useful for existing small business owners and would-be entrepreneurs as well!
  • Featured Entrepreneurs: Duds by Dudes - What could be better than learning by example? Here, we explain how two California entrepreneurs started their own small business. They offer their advice for new entrepreneurs.
  • Going Green in Business - Ready to go green? Should saving money through environmentally friendly methods be a priority for your small business? You bet!
  • Good Entrepreneurial Degree Program - Ball State University offers a good entrepreneurial degree program for undergraduates. It is now recognized as one of the best-known places to learn about entrepreneurship.
  • Hiring an Office Manager - Hiring an office manager is a task that should not be taken lightly. We offer some excellent tips on how to hire an office manager.
  • How to Build a Green Business - Trends indicate that more and more businesses are building more environmentally friendly enterprises. Take a look at what you can do to create your own "green" business.
  • How to Overcome Business Weaknesses - The common ways businesses fail can be overcome with advice on how to avoid common new business mistakes.
  • Jones International University's Online MBA - Jones International University boasts that it is the first university to receive online accreditation in the U.S. Here we take a look at what makes it a great school for entrepreneurship.
  • Lead Generation - We offer a few simple tips on lead generation. If your sales team is hungry for leads, this is worth reading.
  • People to Learn From...Barack Obama - Barack Obama is blazing a trail in politics. So what can entrepreneurs learn from his campaign? Quite a bit, as it turns out.
  • Planning for Success - Be careful what you wish for. Business success can tank your business if you are not prepared for greatness.
  • Resource to Start a Business - The Minority Professional Network is a great resource to help start a business.
  • School for Entrepreneurs: University of Colorado-Boulder - If you're looking for a college that offers an entrepreneurship degree, the University of Colorado-Boulder is a great choice. We explore how this university is promoting environmentally friendly business initiatives.
  • Simplicity in Business - Keep it simple, stupid. It's good advice in life, and it's especially good advice for business owners.
  • Starting a Business in Alabama - How do you start a business in Alabama? The Alabama Entrepreneurial Research Network can help.
  • Starting a Business in Kansas - How do you start a business in Kansas? The Kansas Small Business Development Center is available to meet your entrepreneurial needs.
  • Starting an Environmentally Friendly Business - Starting a reusable bags business proved to be a great business idea for Jenna Wagner and Wade Hauser. By starting a business in college, they've also gotten some great entrepreneurial experience at a young age.
  • Veterans Starting a Business - War veterans are able to effectively start a new business with a little help from the government.
  • What a Garage Sale Can Teach a Business Owner - A good entrepreneur knows how to use every situation as a learning experience, or an opportunity to improve their product or service. Here we take a look at what an entrepreneur can learn from a garage sale.


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