August 11, 2020  

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Social marketing isn't the next big thing. It's BIG now.

Blogs, Twitter, RSS, Facebook,'s enough to make your head spin. But those businesses that invest in and excel in Social Marketing Optimization (SMO) will reap big rewards as folks turn to their trusted communities for buying recommendations.

If you are new to social networking and social marketing, these articles will get you started. For you wizards, we've got a few advanced tips that you'll fund useful.

Social Marketing Optimization

  • Effective Facebook Practices in the Workplace - How do you determine when and how to bridge the gap with Facebook and other social networking sites, and your workplace? This article discusses the various things to consider before mixing work relationships into your social networks.
  • Social Networking in the Healthcare Industry - If you are a locally-owned business in the healthcare industry, that does not mean you cannot have a powerful online presence. Find out some ways to get started when it comes to social networking and creating online awareness as a member of the healthcare field.
  • Facebook Marketing Research - According to new research from Rice University's Jones Graduate School of Business , small businesses that market themselves to customers by using the popular social-media site Facebook can increase sales, word-of-mouth marketing and customer loyalty significantly among a subset of their customers.
  • Social Networking in the Retail Industry - If you are a locally-owned business in the retail industry that does not mean you cannot have a powerful online presence. Here are some simple ways to get started when it comes to social networking and creating online awareness.
  • Social Networking Marketing Programs - So you've decided to use social networking to help promote your business. What's the next step? Find out things to consider and include when writing up your communications plan.
  • Most Active Social Networking States - We've ranked the states by how actively they appear to be embracing social networking. If you think California will be#1, think again.

  • Viral Marketing and Facebook - How does viral marketing work with Facebook, and how is viral marketing effective on Facebook pages? Here we take a look at those questions, and how you can optimize your marketing strategies on the popular social networking site.
  • Importance of Social Networking - What is the importance of social networking? Does your small business really need to become an active participants in social networks? We examine the role of social networks in faciliating business growth.
  • How Viral Marketing Can Be Good for Business - Looking for a new way to market online? Creating a buzz on the Internet is easier than you think. All it takes is a little bit of viral marketing.
  • Advantages of Social Networking Sites - Social networking sites have become increasingly popular. Here we examine why small businesses should take advantage of social networking sites to benefit the company.
  • Importance of Business Networking for Entrepreneurs - Business networking is an art form. As an entrepreneur, you'd do well to master that art, and we've got some great networking tips for you to get you started.
  • Increasing Traffic to Your Company Blog - So, you have decided to start social networking online to promote your business. Now how do you attract visitors? We've got some great tips on how to create awareness and get people to read what you have to say.
  • How to Utilize Social Networks for Business Referrals - Social Networking is not going anywhere and by all indications, it is becoming more and more popular each and every day. Companies that learn how to effectively market using social networks are getting in front of millions of potential prospects for less money than just about any other marketing method in existence. This article will give you solid, easy to follow techniques to help you begin using social networking as one of the foundational marketing tools for your business.
  • Twitter A Valuable Business Tool - Twitter is the social networking site frequented by celebrities and non-celebrities alike. But does it work as a business tool? We talk to writer Roger Povey about Twitter and the value of the Tweet.
  • Promoting on Twitter: Building Your Twitter Audience - Twitter has taken the world by storm with Twitter updates that are only 140 characters long. Those 140 characters enable a business owner to let the world know what is going on with their business. So how can you use Twitter to benefit your business?
  • B2B Social Networking - : Many of us communicate on social networking sites such as Facebook in our leisure time. They're a good way to keep up with our friends' news and they give us the opportunity to stay in contact with people we may otherwise have little contact with. Used for B2B marketing social networking is turning out to be very lucrative.
  • Facebook Fan Page Promotion - Discusses the benefits of using a face book fan page to promote your business.
  • Going Viral on Twitter - Twitter has had a dramatic effect on the way information gets shared online. They key to using it successfully? Getting people to retweet you! Here's how
  • Why Social Networking Is Hot - There is no question that the biggest buzz the last few years has been social networking websites. This article will explain why.
  • Social Networking Ideas for Restaurants - Even if you are a smaller business in the restaurant industry, that does not mean you cannot have a powerful online presence. Find out some ways to get started when it comes to social networking and creating online awareness.
  • Twitter and Business Building - Up until recently, Twitter services were primarily used for personal communication. However, it has expanded greatly now to encompass business communication that has helped entrepreneurs and small business owners greatly.
  • Twitter Tips for Small Business Owners - What's your small business social marketing strategy? If you don't have one, it's time to get busy. To get you started, here are some tips on how small business owners can use Twitter to be more successful.
  • How to Market Products on Twitter - Twitter is a fast and effective way to market your products because it gives you the ability to reach your entire audience with ease. These ideas will help you reach out to your consumers and increase interactivity.
  • Does Your Business Need Social Networking - Facebook & Twitter have recently dominated small business activities as entrepreneurs and small business owners try to increase their customer engagement and eventually sales through the use of online social communication strategies, but does your business really benefit these efforts?
  • How to Optimize your Twitter Account for Maximum Impact - It takes more than setting up a Twitter account and blasting your link to have success with Twitter. This piece explores a little about what you should do with your Twitter profile to ensure maximum activity for your Tweeting efforts.
  • Marketing Your Business on Facebook: What Every Business Owner Should Know - Before you put all of your effort towards a Facebook marketing campaign, first read this article for some helpful tips to help you use the social networking site correctly to market your business.
  • Targeting New Customers on Facebook - Currently, there are millions of users on Facebook just waiting for you to market your product. Because of methods offered by Facebook that enables you to market to your target audience, it is time for you to use what they're offering.
  • Building Social Communities to Push Products - Social communities and social networking has taken the Internet and the business world by storm. More and more businesses are utilizing this broad method of communication to push their products. So how can you use social communities to push your own products?
  • Marketing with a Facebook Contest Page - Discusses the benefits of a Facebook contest page in order to promote your business. Gives a detailed process on how to get the page up and running.
  • How Twitter can Help Business - As an entrepreneur, you're probably pretty good at utilizing the fashionable social media like Facebook and MySpace to help promote your company. But what about Twitter? There are several Twitter sources that may be able to add value to your business.
  • Appropriate Social Media Platforms For Brand Building - Social media has become the preferred method of marketing for many online business owners. Even though social media has been around for quite a while, it is still going strong.
  • How to Market A Small Business on Facebook - Facebook is transforming the online experience for consumers. But how you can your company use Facebook to market your products and services?




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