August 12, 2020  
  Advice for Retailers is a daily online magazine covering small business news. We help entrepreneurs transform ideas and innovations into greatness.

We provide great advice for retailers. Retail businesses have unique issues as a result of having a storefront. We explore those issues in these helpful articles for retail business owners.

Advice for Retailers

  • Getting Customers to Your New Store - New merchants and restaurant owners still make up the majority of new small business owners in this country even though retail and the restaurant business are the two most competitive business environments. Getting customers to come to your business is a mission critical step for thriving in these hypercompetitive markets.
  • Retail and RFID - Looking for info on RFID and what it means to the retail industry? You've come to the right place.
  • Power Failure in the Store - What's your store procedure for a complete power loss? If you don't have a power failure plan in place, you are making a big mistake.
  • Store Meetings - Holding a store meeting every morning before the customers arrive is a great way to make sure everyone on your staff gets the latest info and is aware of your store policies.
  • Transform Your Retail Customers Into Copywriters - Who's writing your product copy this holiday season? If you have strong customer loyalty, consider letting your customers do your copywriting.
  • Retail Mistakes to Avoid - We all know a bad retail store experience when we see it. Here are some common retail gaffes that you will want to steer clear of.

  • Avoiding Bad Checks - Retailers lose $12 billion a year to bad checks with over 450 million bad checks being written. Here are some great tips to help you avoid accepting bad checks.
  • Improving Store Sales Through Better Store Design - Is your store design helping you to maximize your sales? We examine the effect of store image on customer decisions and offer a few tips to help you improve store design at your shop.
  • Competing With Big Box Stores - You're a small retailer and a bix box chain store is coming to town. Here's how to survive the challenge and live to tell the tale.
  • Retailers and Product Recalls - Is your retail business ready for the next wave of product recalls? The pace of product recalls is accelerating so you need to know how to handle a product recall.
  • How to Create a Retail Enterprise - The success stories of retail empires like Walmart and JC Penney are all too familiar -- everyone is appreciative of the fact that the founders of these retailing giants invested lots of effort and sacrifice to create these household names from scratch. You may have the ambition and passion to create a successful retail enterprise of your own -- what are the factors for success that you should be keen on?
  • How to Create Customer Enthusiasm - Ensuring that your customers get a memorable shopping experience every time they visit your premises is one of the surest ways of securing repeat business and by extension new business from new customers who've been told about you. What are those things that you should start doing to create customer enthusiasm?
  • Business Plan SWOT Analysis - SWOT analysis is used in business plan development to vet the feasibility of a proposed business idea with respect to its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. What does this analysis technique involve?
  • Open Bar Coding for Your Retail Business - We all have seen bar codes on all the products we buy from supermarkets and other retail businesses. These products are automatically identified as such through the open bar coding system. What are the benefits that you can accrue by incorporating this system into your own retail business?
  • Survive as an Independent Store When a Supermarket Opens on Your Street - The independent store who has had the monopoly on custom will undoubtedly suffer if a supermarket opens in their catchment area. Can they attempt to compete on price or do they need to offer something different?
  • Retail Window Displays - Retail window displays can draw customers into your store and create a strong brand. We offer advice on how to make the most of your store window displays.
  • Effective Sales Clerks - If your sales clerks in your store are hard to find, odds are your store isn't doing well. Here are a few tips to make sure sales clerks are accessible and helpful to customers.
  • Product Recalls - True or false: When there's a product recall, you can be held liable if you don't get the products off your shelves within 24 hours?
  • Store Burglaries and Robberies - As a retail store owner, your profits can disappear in a heartbeat if you become a burglary or robbery victim. We answer a few basic questions about burglaries and robberies.
  • How to Inspect a Check - Counterfeit checks, NSF checks, stolen checks -- these are just a few contributors to retail check fraud. Learn how to inspect a check to avoid bad checks at your store.
  • Dealing With Retail Employees Who Steal - Retail theft is a big problem. The sad truth, however, is that thieving employees are the biggest cause of retail theft. Here's some excellent advice on how to prevent employees from stealing.
  • Why Do Customers Buy Local? - The "buy local" movement encourages consumers to support the local businesses in their communities instead of patronizing national chain establishments. How can an entrepreneur leverage the buy-local sentiment and convert it into new customers for his or her business?
  • 2010 Retail Holiday Shopping Statistics - The holidays are over, but the big question on everyone's mind is whether Santa was good to the U.S. retail sector.
  • 2011 Retail Forecast - Retailers turned a profit during the 2010 holiday season. Now the big question is what the retail forecast looks like for 2011.
  • 2011 Retail Trends - According to the experts, we're looking at a slow period of economic recovery over the next several years. How will that affect the retail sector and what retail trends do they see emerging in 2011?
  • Pop-Up Stores - Does it seem like small retail stores are popping up everywhere lately? It's an intentional retail strategy called pop-up retailing and pop-up stores are presenting major challenges to traditional brick and mortar retailers.
  • How to Open a Pop-Up Store - Pop-up stores are taking the retail industry by storm. Here are the key ingredients you'll need to leverage this retail model for profit or other business benefits.
  • Retailer Reactions to Price-Checking Consumers with Smart Phones - Smartphones are a consumer phenomenon that is changing the retail landscape. But how are retailers reacting to consumers who use their mobile devices to check prices?




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