August 5, 2020  
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Global entrepreneurship is alive and well! Here, we explore how entrepreneurs are doing around the globe and how entrepreneurship is contributing to the national economic growth of myriad countries across every single continent on Planet Earth.

Global Entrepreneurship

  • Going Global for Your Business - Is your business suitable to be taken overseas? We discuss some characteristics of successful global start-ups.
  • Social Entrepreneurship - India - India as a country has two starkly contrasting facets. While one is making impressive strides in the global arena, the other is bereft of even basic necessities like nutrition, education and health care. Government mechanisms have fallen woefully short of addressing these issues. However, the civil sector and social entrepreneurs could bridge the gap in delivery of these basic services.
  • Entrepreneurship in England - We examine the status of entrepreneurship in England, including how to get your start as an entrepreneur in England. What do you need to know to become an entrepreneur in England? We help you out with a look at the latest trends.
  • French Entrepreneurs - French entrepreneurs? Entrepreneurs in France are a scarce commodity. We examine why France is less entrepreneurial than many of its peer countries.
  • Entrepreneurship in Ireland - Irish entrepreneurship is on a roll. Find out why Irish entrepreneurs are so optimistic and how Ireland has emerged as a global leader in entrepreneurial spirit and resilience.
  • Raising Capital - India - A rising demand for products and services due to higher disposable incomes and availability of better technology is spawning a new generation of start ups. Accessibility to capital is an important prerequisite to foster entrepreneurship. This article highlights the sources and availability of capital in India for budding entrepreneurs.

  • Entrepreneurship in India - Entrepreneurship in India is on the rise. Here's are take on Indian entrepreneurs and how the landscape is changing for India and entrepreneurship.
  • Emerging Sectors - India - While the world may recognize India for its IT and biotechnology capabilities, there are other sectors of interest to small to medium entrepreneurs which have made impressive strides in the last few years. Here's a look at a few of them.
  • Entrepreneurship in the Philippines - Mark, a Filipino entrepreneur, gives us his view on entrepreneurship in the Philippines. Key takeaway: for many Filipino entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is a necessity.
  • Business Environment - India - It is extremely important for entrepreneurs to understand the business environment i.e. the bureaucratic set up, growth prospects, political stability, judiciary effectiveness etc in their region of business. This article focuses on India from this perspective and will provide an overview of some pertinent factors.
  • Entrepreneurship and Denmark - Denmark’s entrepreneurial spirit is in the air. We discuss below how certain initiatives have kicked off the trend of setting up new ventures in Denmark.
  • The Indian Diaspora's Effect on Entrepreneurs - Entrepreneurs in India are getting support and inspiration from non-resident entrepreneurs who have left India. Learn how Indian expatriates are blazing an entrepreneurial trail abroad while fostering entrepreneurship back home in India.
  • Resources for Entrepreneurs - India - Apart from access to venture capital funds and angel investors it is important to have access to good networks of entrepreneurs as these present vast pools of experience and expertise in the domain which the new comer aims to target. Ample availability and access to such networks helps overcome many 'start up' problems.




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