August 11, 2020  
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If you are an office manager, executive assistant or administrative assistant, you'll enjoy these articles on running a small business office. In fact, all administrative professionals will love our office management tips and advice.

Administrative Professionals

  • Setting Up a Conference Call - Setting up conference calls is so easy these days, with free conference call services like Learn how to do conference calls on the cheap.
  • Bosses' Day Gifts - Looking for a few Boss Day gift ideas? With Bosses' Day just around the corner, we've got a few good gift ideas for the boss.
  • Administrative Tips on Taking Meeting Notes - Taking meeting notes is not as easy as it sounds. We offer some advice on how to take meeting notes that we've garnered from talking to top administrative assistants.
  • Running Good Meetings - Running a good meeting is something that every administrative professional must master. Here are some more great tips for running good meetings.
  • Advice for Executive Assistants - Executive assistants and administrative assistants are very different. We discuss the different roles that administrative assistants and executive assistants play within an organization.
  • Office Ergonomics - If office ergonomics isn't a focus of somebody in your small business, odds are you may find that your healthcare costs are higher than you'd like and that sick days are on the rise. Take a moment to think through your office ergonomics and maximize employee comfort and productivity.

  • Useful Websites for Administrative Assistants - Looking for good online resources for administrative assistants? We've scoured the web to create this list of good web sites for administrative assistants. Enjoy!
  • Hiring Office Adminstrators - Never understimate the power of an exceptional office adminstrator. We provide some tips on hiring good administrative professionals for your business.
  • Small Business Conference Calls - Make sure your office makes the most of its conference calls. We offer some tips on effective teleconferencing for the SMB market.
  • Hiring an Administrative Assistant - Hiring an administrative assistant is not a task that should be taken lightly. Follow our advice on how to hire an administrative assistant and you can't go wrong.
  • How to Buy Office Supplies - Wondering how to buy office supplies? It's not as easy as you might think, and when things go wrong, there's plenty of blame to go around.
  • The Office Break Room - Your office breakroom is strategic to your business? Yes, that's right. The way you set up an office breakroom can actually have a material effect on your revenues and profitability.
  • Office Meetings - Are your office meetings meeting your expectations? We offer tips and advice for planning and running productive meetings.
  • How to Prioritize Tasks - Task prioritization and effectively managing to-do lists are essentially skills for success. We offer six steps to prioritize tasks efficiently.
  • Office Supplies - Buying office supplies is an important responsibility if you are managing an office. Here's some advice on how to buy office supplies for your business.
  • Administrative Assistant Role - Administrative assistant jobs are a vital part of the economy. The role of an administrative assistant is to keep an office organized and ensure that everything runs smoothly.
  • Common Administrative Assistant Complaints - If administrative assistant complaints are commonplace in your office, listen up. Smart entrepreneurs recognize that every complaint provides insights on organizational weaknesses that need to be addressed.
  • Screening Calls For The Boss - Screening calls for the boss? How do you know which calls are legit and which calls are simply trying to bypass you to get to your boss?
  • Administrative Assistant Tips - Looking for office management advice? These seven administrative assistant tips will help office managers and administrators be at the top of their game.
  • Administrative Assistants - Effective administrative assistants handle responsibilities once reserved for managerial and professional staff. We offer some helpful tips on how to hire an office assistant.
  • Admin Salaries - Wondering how much to pay your new administrative assistant? Looking for an admin job and want to know what to ask for? We discuss the salaries of administrative professionals.




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