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Starting a Business in King City, Oregon

Thinking about starting a business in King City, Oregon? This step-by-step guide walks you through the major decisions you should consider before opening a new business in King City.

Are You Sure You Want to Do This?

Being an entrepreneur is hard work, much harder than working as an employee. Are you positive you have the stamina and skills to succeed on your own?

With so much at stake when you start a business, we strongly recommend you do the following before you proceed:

  • Speak with other entrepreneurs in King City. Ask them candidly what it's like to run a business.
  • You should read The Entrepreneurial Personality. It's a good read for those who are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur.
  • Reach out to a trusted acquaintance. The people who know you best are often in the best position to tell you bluntly whether you will be a good entrepreneur.

Is a Franchise Opportunity Right For You?

As you drive around King City, it's apparent that franchising has become a very popular way to start a business. Should you be giving franchising serious consideration?

We advise the entrepreneurs we work with to consider franchising as an option. To help you learn more about franchising, we've gathered a ton of articles on franchising, including Franchise Marketing Support. Get a thorough education on franchising by browsing all of our Articles on Franchising.

To learn about specific franchise opportunities, check out our Franchise Directory.

Representative franchise opportunities include U-Save Auto Rental and Kampgrounds of America Inc.. Alternatively, you can browse franchise categories, such as Seafood Restaurant Franchises and Baby Franchises.

Note on King City Franchise Opportunities: You will need to contact franchisors directly to see if their franchises are available in King City.

Have You Considered Buying an Existing King City Business?

If you have some capital to play with, you may want to Buy a Business in Oregon. Follow that link and you may find several good businesses for sale in King City.

If you are serious about buying a business, you may want to read this article: How to Buy a Business.

Picking a Company Name

A big decision when starting a company is choosing a company name. Believe it or not, choosing a good company name can be a big contributor to your business success.

Company names should be fun to say, and they should help people to understand what you do and how you differentiate yourself in the market.

Numerous company naming issues are discussed in more detail in this article: Naming a Company.

On a final note, given that you are opening a business in King City, it's critical that you ensure that no other Oregon company is using the business name you want to use.

Forming a Company in King City, Oregon

It's very important that your business is formed as a legal entity that is separate from its owners. Among other things, forming a legal entity for the business limits your liabilities.

The entity you form can be a corporation, LLC, sole proprietorship, partnership or other structure.

Incorporating is a very popular way to form a business. A key decision is whether to form and S-Corp or a C-Corp, and you also must decide in which state you will incorporate. If you are starting a business in Oregon, you don't necessarily have to incorporate in Oregon. In fact, you can incorporate wherever you want. For example, it's very popular to incorporate in Delaware, and incorporating in Nevada has become very trendy as well. Don't forget, though, that you will have to register as a foreign entity in all states that you do business in.

There are many nuances to forming a company. To learn the fundamentals of company formation, browse articles on our site, such as C Corp Versus S Corp. You should also consider getting professional assistance from your business lawyer. Finally, if you are starting a business in King City, Oregon, our information on Incorporating in Oregon may be a useful resource if you decide to incorporate in Oregon.

The Art of Selling

Do you know how to sell? In order to attract customers to your new King City business, you need to focus on sales.

Good selling involves demonstrating that your wares meet your customer's needs. The good news is we can help you to make selling a big competitve advantage for your new firm.

Why Salespeople Fail offers some helpful tips on how to sell. It's one of several good articles on our site regarding Entrepreneurial Selling.

Next Steps

As an entrepreneur in King City, you won't be working for the boss anymore. You are the boss.

Owning your own business will be a daunting task, but you can do it.

Our goal here is to promote the vitality and growth of small businesses in King City and throughout the United States . We believe entrepreneurship is an amazing engine for job creation in King City, neighborhood development and overall economic health.

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