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Starting a Business in Tifton, Georgia

Thinking about starting a business in Tifton, Georgia? This step-by-step guide walks you through the major decisions you should consider before opening a new business in Tifton.

Which Business to Choose?

Choosing a business that is right for you is very important. To help you decide on a business type, we encourage you to read Free Business Ideas.

For step-by-step instructions on starting a variety of business types, visit the Good Businesses to Start section of our site. For example, you might be interested in our How to Start an Ornamental Aluminum Work Business guide or our Starting a Towers, Buildings, & Antennas Business guide.

Don't forget that your new startup will be located in Tifton. Some businesses will do better in Tifton than others. A critical consideration is whether Tifton demographics mesh well with your startup concept.

Tifton, Georgia Demographic Information

Tifton has an active business community that includes small businesses, mid-sized businesses and large businesses.

To give you a better feel for Tifton demographics for small businesses, we have tabulated the small business sizes, based on number of employees, for business in Tifton.

Business Size# of
1-4 Employees 1592
5-9 Employees 642
10-19 Employees 405
20-49 Employees 345
50-99 Employees 114
100-249 Employees 48
250-499 Employees 15
500-999 Employees 6
1000+ Employees 3
All Tifton Businesses 3170

As a new Tifton entrepreneur, you may also be interested in the table below. It shows how many businesses there are in Tifton for each business category. By looking at this chart, you can get a general sense for how much competition there is in the business niche that you are pursuing.

Business Type # of
Advertising Agencies 3
Aluminum Extruded Product Manufacturing 1
Animal (except Poultry) Slaughtering 2
Appliance Repair and Maintenance 1
Architectural Services 1
Automobile Driving Schools 1
Automotive Parts and Accessories Stores 11
Automotive Transmission Repair 2
Baked Goods Stores 1
Beauty Salons 9
Beer and Ale Merchant Wholesalers 1
Bowling Centers 1
Business Associations 3
Cable and Other Program Distribution 1
Cafeterias 3
Car Washes 5
Child and Youth Services 3
Child Day Care Services 14
Children's and Infants' Clothing Stores 1
Civic and Social Organizations 3
Claims Adjusting 2
Clothing Accessories Stores 2
Coin-Operated Laundries and Drycleaners 2
Collection Agencies 4
Commercial Lithographic Printing 2
Commercial Screen Printing 1
Computer and Software Stores 2
Computer Systems Design Services 1
Consumer Lending 6
Convenience Stores 12
Couriers 1
Court Reporting and Stenotype Services 2
Credit Bureaus 1
Credit Card Issuing 1
Credit Unions 2
Crop Harvesting, Primarily by Machine 1
Diagnostic Imaging Centers 1
Diet and Weight Reducing Centers 1
Direct Life Insurance Carriers 1
Discount Department Stores 1
Display Advertising 4
Document Preparation Services 1
Drinking Places (Alcoholic Beverages) 2
Educational Support Services 1
Electric Power Distribution 4
Electrical Contractors 10
Elementary and Secondary Schools 2
Emergency and Other Relief Services 1
Employment Placement Agencies 1
Engineering Services 3
Environmental Consulting Services 1
Exam Preparation and Tutoring 1
Exterminating and Pest Control Services 1
Family Clothing Stores 7
Farm Product Warehousing and Storage 2
Farm Supplies Merchant Wholesalers 6
Fertilizer (Mixing Only) Manufacturing 1
Fine Arts Schools 2
Fitness and Recreational Sports Centers 6
Floor Covering Stores 4
Flooring Contractors 2
Florists 5
Flour Milling 1
Food (Health) Supplement Stores 2
Food Service Contractors 6
Framing Contractors 2
Freight Transportation Arrangement 2
Full-Service Restaurants 32
Funeral Homes and Funeral Services 2
Furniture Merchant Wholesalers 1
Furniture Stores 7
General Automotive Repair 10
General Freight Trucking, Local 1
General Medical and Surgical Hospitals 1
General Rental Centers 2
General Warehousing and Storage 3
Gift, Novelty, and Souvenir Stores 6
Glass and Glazing Contractors 3
Golf Courses and Country Clubs 2
Grantmaking Foundations 1
Hardware Merchant Wholesalers 1
Hardware Stores 3
Hobby, Toy, and Game Stores 1
Home Centers 3
Home Furnishing Merchant Wholesalers 1
Home Health Care Services 4
Home Health Equipment Rental 2
Homes for the Elderly 2
Household Appliance Stores 2
Ice Manufacturing 1
Industrial Building Construction 1
Industrial Launderers 1
Insurance Agencies and Brokerages 29
Investment Advice 1
Janitorial Services 1
Jewelry Stores 5
Land Subdivision 4
Landscape Architectural Services 1
Landscaping Services 11
Lessors of Other Real Estate Property 2
Limited-Service Restaurants 33
Local Messengers and Local Delivery 1
Locksmiths 1
Logging 2
Machine Shops 2
Manufactured (Mobile) Home Dealers 4
Marketing Consulting Services 3
Masonry Contractors 1
Meat Processed from Carcasses 1
Medical Laboratories 1
Men's Clothing Stores 1
Metal Stamping 1
Mortgage and Nonmortgage Loan Brokers 2
Motor and Generator Manufacturing 1
Motor Vehicle Towing 1
Motorcycle Dealers 2
Musical Instrument and Supplies Stores 1
New Car Dealers 7
New Housing Operative Builders 1
Newspaper Publishers 1
Nursing Care Facilities 2
Office Administrative Services 5
Office Equipment Merchant Wholesalers 1
Office Supplies and Stationery Stores 2
Offices of Certified Public Accountants 10
Offices of Chiropractors 3
Offices of Dentists 8
Offices of Lawyers 25
Offices of Optometrists 4
Offices of Other Holding Companies 2
Offices of Podiatrists 1
Offices of Real Estate Appraisers 3
Ophthalmic Goods Manufacturing 1
Optical Goods Stores 1
Outdoor Power Equipment Stores 1
Paging 1
Paint and Wallpaper Stores 2
Painting and Wall Covering Contractors 3
Passenger Car Rental 3
Payroll Services 1
Periodical Publishers 2
Pet and Pet Supplies Stores 1
Petroleum Bulk Stations and Terminals 1
Pharmacies and Drug Stores 8
Photography Studios, Portrait 2
Portfolio Management 1
Ready-Mix Concrete Manufacturing 1
Real Estate Credit 5
Refrigerated Warehousing and Storage 1
Repossession Services 1
Residential Property Managers 2
Residential Remodelers 3
Retail Bakeries 1
Roofing Contractors 1
Sales Financing 1
Securities Brokerage 5
Sheet Metal Work Manufacturing 1
Shoe Stores 4
Siding Contractors 3
Sign Manufacturing 1
Site Preparation Contractors 4
Snack and Nonalcoholic Beverage Bars 3
Sporting Goods Stores 2
Sports and Recreation Instruction 1
Tax Preparation Services 4
Telecommunications Resellers 1
Television Broadcasting 1
Temporary Help Services 5
Temporary Shelters 1
Testing Laboratories 1
Tire and Tube Merchant Wholesalers 2
Tire Dealers 4
Title Abstract and Settlement Offices 1
Tour Operators 1
Travel Agencies 2
Travel Trailer and Camper Manufacturing 1
Used Car Dealers 8
Used Household and Office Goods Moving 2
Used Merchandise Stores 2
Vending Machine Operators 2
Veterinary Services 2
Video Tape and Disc Rental 2
Warehouse Clubs and Supercenters 1
Wholesale Trade Agents and Brokers 4
Wired Telecommunications Carriers 5
Women's Clothing Stores 4
Wood Container and Pallet Manufacturing 1
Yarn Spinning Mills 1

Have You Considered Buying an Existing Tifton Business?

If you have some capital to play with, you may want to Buy a Business in Georgia. Follow that link and you might discover several good businesses for sale in Tifton.

For anybody who wants to buy a business, we recommend reading this useful article: How to Buy a Business.

Forming a Company in Tifton, Georgia

A critical step is ensuring that you are forming a legal entity that operates independently from you. Doing so will shield you from personal liability for business debts and obligations.

When forming a company, you will decide among many company types, such as a corporation, LLC, sole proprietorship, partnership or other structure.

Incorporating is a very popular way to form a business. Of course, you have to decide which type of corporation to form and where to incorporate. If you are starting a business in Georgia, it doesn't mean you are required to incorporate in Georgia. In fact, you are allowed to incorporate wherever you want. For example, it's very popular to incorporate in Delaware, and incorporating in Nevada has become very trendy as well. Don't forget, though, that you will have to register as a foreign entity in all states that you do business in.

There are many nuances to forming a company. We recommend you read some of the educational articles about company formation that are availabe on our site, such as LLC Advantages. You may also want to seek the advice of an attorney. On a final note, since you will be starting a business in Tifton, Georgia, our web page covering Incorporating in Georgia may be a useful resource if you decide to incorporate in Georgia.

Where to Get Money to Start a Company

Raising money to fund your new Tifton business is very difficult due to the ongoing business credit crunch. If you don't have a rich uncle to fund you, you'll need to be creative in how you approach your fundraising efforts.

Take advantage of our many articles on raising capital, such as Only Idiots Send Venture Capitalists Business Plans.

For Tifton entrepreneurs who need startup capital, check out our List of Georgia Angel Investors and our List of Georgia Venture Capital Firms.

Marketing Your New Business

Whether your goal is to attract Tifton customers or you plan on selling elsewhere, you'll need to have a good marketing plan.

You can learn quite a bit about marketing on our site. Effective Direct Mail Campaigns is an article that will stimulate a few thoughts on your marketing plan. That's just a sampling of the many useful articles we have on Marketing a Small Business.

The Art of Selling

Do you know how to sell? In order to attract customers to your new Tifton business, you need to focus on sales.

Why should customers buy from you instead of buying from competitors? The good news is we can help you to make selling a big competitve advantage for your new firm.

Cold Call Selling is worth reading, as it may give you some good ideas on how to sell your products or services. We have many more good articles on selling that you may enjoy reading.

Now It's Up To You

As an entrepreneur in Tifton, you won't be working for the boss anymore. You are the boss.

If you choose the right business and love what you do, you will greatly increase your odds of success.

Our goal here is to promote the vitality and growth of small businesses in Tifton and throughout the United States . We have a wealth of experience in business start-ups, financing, marketing, sales and more...and we've made all of our knowledge available to you.

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