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Amy Bax

Amy Bax is interested in providing innovative informational resources to entrepreneurs. She is currently an MBA student at the University of Missouri - Columbia.

Articles written by Amy Bax

Among other topics, Amy loves to write about the interplay between social networking and entrepreneurship.

  • Advantages of Social Networking Sites - Social networking sites have become increasingly popular. Here we examine why small businesses should take advantage of social networking sites to benefit the company.
  • Considerations In Territory Realignment - Sales territories grow as a company grows. These territories may eventually become misaligned and disproportionate, creating a need for territory realignment. If this is the case, here are a few benefits and things to consider when going about realigning your sales territories.
  • Controlling Gossip in the Workplace - It is something we have all participated in at one time or another. But why is it so bad? What can be done to stop it?
  • Deciding on a Marketing Message - When starting a new marketing and promotions campaign, there are many factors to take into consideration. This is a look at several main things you should research before rolling out a new campaign.
  • Effective Facebook Practices in the Workplace - How do you determine when and how to bridge the gap with Facebook and other social networking sites, and your workplace? This article discusses the various things to consider before mixing work relationships into your social networks.
  • Evaluating the Success of a Marketing Plan - Measuring the success of a marketing plan is a task that many business owners overlook, dooming their organization to repeat previous marketing mistakes. Here's how to evaluate whether your marketing plan got the job done.
  • Expanding your Business to a New Market - Now that you've become established, who else will benefit from your product? What factors does your business need to consider during expansion?
  • Following Up After the Sale - The purchase of a product should not always be the end of a sale. Learn how making a connection with the customer afterwards can make all the difference.
  • Goals of Your Advertising Message - What should a strong advertising campaign include? What do you want your customers to find out through your advertising efforts?
  • Helping Employees Balance Work and Family - In the workforce today, there are many families where both parents work, single-parent households, and other types of family structures that put stress on the balance of work and family. Here are a couple ideas in helping your employees reduce this stress.
  • How to Market During a College Sporting Event - Having trouble reaching the college-age market? Find out what they do and where they'll be and take advantage of it. College sporting events can be a great place to get started and find a large crowd.
  • How Viral Marketing Can Be Good for Business - Looking for a new way to market online? Creating a buzz on the Internet is easier than you think. All it takes is a little bit of viral marketing.
  • HR Issues After Downsizing - Downsizing causes stress for those who leave the company and those employees that remain. Keeping up the morale of these survivors is important. This article discusses a few ways to address issues and keep the company on track.
  • Importance of Customer Relationship Management - What is customer relationship management? How can small businesses benefit from it? How should entrepreneurs go about implementing it?
  • Importance of Social Networking - What is the importance of social networking? Does your small business really need to become an active participants in social networks? We examine the role of social networks in faciliating business growth.
  • Increasing Traffic to Your Company Blog - So, you have decided to start social networking online to promote your business. Now how do you attract readers? We've got some great tips on how to create awareness and get people to read what you have to say.
  • Marketing an Image - The image a company establishes is one of the first things a customer will use to create a first impression. Knowing how to create the right image will help a company in attracting the market they want.
  • Marketing to Children - Marketing to children has become a hot topic. Not that long ago, children were generally not thought of as a demographic to advertise to. But, marketers now recognize that kids have buying influence that needs to be courted.
  • Marketing to Niche Markets - If you have a large target market, it might be beneficial to narrow down your market even more. Knowing more about niche markets in your industry can be beneficial and cost-effective if you know how to properly market to them.
  • Marketing to Teenagers Effectively - Are teenagers a viable sector to market to? How do you grab their attention? Here are some things to include and be cautious of when marketing to this segment.
  • Measuring Employee Performance - How do you decide what should be included in an employee evaluation? Here are some things to consider when listing the criteria an employee should accomplish in the job.
  • Picking a Target Market - You have a good idea. Now, who's going to benefit from it? Narrowing the market down makes it easier to succeed. Considering a few important factors can make a big difference.
  • Running an Effective Focus Group - Having outside information on a new project can be a valuable resource when trying to cater to a certain audience. Learn how focus groups can achieve this, and what to watch out for with focus groups.
  • Selecting the Best Evaluation Method for Your Company - Because each company is different in the way that it is set up, the industry it is in, and the type of employees they have, there is no best way to conduct an employee evaluation. Here are a few different methods to consider, and advice when setting up your own method.
  • Selecting the Right Traditional Media - Has the internet completely overshadowed other types of traditional advertising? Is it still worth investing money into? Here is a quick guide to why certain types of traditional media are still effective, along with their disadvantages.
  • Social Networking Ideas for Restaurants - Even if you are a smaller business in the restaurant industry, that does not mean you cannot have a powerful online presence. Find out some ways to get started when it comes to social networking and creating online awareness.
  • Social Networking in the Healthcare Industry - If you are a locally-owned business in the healthcare industry, that does not mean you cannot have a powerful online presence. Find out some ways to get started when it comes to social networking and creating online awareness as a member of the healthcare field.
  • Social Networking in the Retail Industry - If you are a locally-owned business in the retail industry that does not mean you cannot have a powerful online presence. Here are some simple ways to get started when it comes to social networking and creating online awareness.
  • Social Networking Marketing Programs - So you've decided to use social networking to help promote your business. What's the next step? Find out things to consider and include when writing up your communications plan.
  • Starting a Blog for Your Company - Is your business blogging yet? If not, it may be time to take a serious look at blogging and what it can do for small business growth?
  • Starting a Business in a Small Town - Many aspiring entrepreneurs fear starting up businesses in small towns because they feel there is no room to grow or be profitable. We discuss the benefits of starting up your business in a small community and offer advice on what to be careful of when starting a business in a small town.
  • Starting an Employee Incentive Program - There can be nothing better than a simple "thank you" for a job well done by your employees. But sometimes, it is a nice incentive or motivational boost to do something a little extra to reward hard work. If you want to know how to create effective employee motivation progams, here are a few considerations to think about before you start.
  • Using Buzz Marketing to Grow a Business - For small or new businesses, marketing and advertising budgets may be small. Spreading the word via buzz marketing can be a cost-effective way to get your message out to potential customers.
  • Using Sex Appeal in Advertising - This is a short guide in use of sex appeal in advertising and marketing campaigns. Is it really effective? How should a company use it? What are things to be aware of?
  • Viral Marketing and Facebook - How does viral marketing work with Facebook, and how is viral marketing effective on Facebook pages? Here we take a look at those questions, and how you can optimize your marketing strategies on the popular social networking site.


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